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Using Unshared Victory Themes with Sm5sh Music Mod - A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Instuctions on how to have Unshared Victory Themes with your Sm5shMusic Mods

Unshared Victory Themes edits the bgm_property.bin and ui_bgm_db.prc files, so it will not work with any current Sm5shMusic mod you are using. The fix is very simple, and just requires you to add the Unshared Victory theme files to your music mod, and make a series of edits in the ui_bgm_db.prc after you build your mod using Sm5shMusic.

Step 1. Build the Unshared Victory Themes into your Sm5shMusic Mod.

Start by launching Sm5shMusic tool and loading up the music mod you wish to use.

Simply Import the new Victory Themes to your Sm5shMusic Mod. Make sure you have Show Hidden Songs checked.

Import the song. The only thing required is a Game Title, which can actually be whatever one you want. Internally, the Victory themes do point to the proper franchise, but if your new ones do not, it will not cause any problems. Uncheck the box that says Sound Test.

Build your Mod like normal, and move on to the next step.

Step 2. Convert ui_bgm_db.prc to xml

Navigate to the new ArcOutput folder and locate the ui_bgm_db.prc file in ArcOutput/ui/param/database/. Make a copy of the file, and either utilize the tools BenArthur_7's prc tools or join the Smash Ultimate Modding Discord and use jam1garner's Conversion-Bot channel, to convert the file to .xml.

Step 3. Edit ui_bgm_db.xml

Open ui_bgm_db.xml with your preferred editor (I used Notepad++) and use Ctrl + F to search for your new Victory themes.

If your theme is looped, you don't have to change anything here. If it is not, edit the loop byte and fadeout bytes to 0.

Use Ctrl + F to search for the character name of the themes you want to no longer be shared. To find them quickly, type ui_chara_nameofcharacter (daisy, richter, chrom, samusd, ken, wolf, miifighter, miiswordsma, or miigunner). This will bring you right to their victory theme entry.

Simply replace the data line with the name of your new unshared theme, and move on to the next.

For Giga Bowser, an additional listing needs to be made. Scroll up to the top of this section, or Ctrl + F fighter_jingle to get there quickly. Edit the list size from it's current number (as of Version 11.00 this number is 91) and add one number to it (for Version 11.00, this will be 92.)

If you are reading this after Pyra and Mythra's release, these numbers might be different. Simply just increase the number by one, since we are adding an additional entry to the list.

Scroll down to the bottom of this section, and copy the last victory entry and paste it right below. Ensure the formatting is the same as in the picture, and that the brackets are intact. Replace the index number with the list number, minus 1 (for 11.00 this will be 91). This is because Mario's index is 0 and counted in the list. Replace the ui_chara_id entry with ui_chara_koopag and replace the song title with your new one.

Save the .xml file and move on to the next step.

Step 4. Convert back to .prc and replace

Using the preferred method you chose in Step 2, convert the file back into a .prc file and replace the ui_bgm_db.prc in your ArcOutput folder with the new one. If the conversion failed, it's likely because your new entry for Giga Bowser was not formatted correctly. Please consult the picture in the above step to ensure it was formatted properly.

Step 5. Install

Move the ArcOutput folder into your ultimate mod folder, and load your Sm5shMusic Mod to have all your new songs, plus unshared victoy themes. Do not load the original Unshared Victory Themes mod with your Sm5shMusic Mod, your Sm5shMusic Mod is now functioning identically to what Unshared Victory Themes did, so you will no longer need the Unshared mod.

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