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How to Make custom Skins - A Tutorial for Fallout Shelter

  • Requirements

  1. Notepad++
  2. Photoshop CS2 or CS6
  3. Base Outfit Files
  4. CustomOutfitMod

  • Basic

First of what we need to do 

is to install the customoutfitMod by doing this tutorial or this
after that open Photoshop 
 and extract the outfit.rar (which are the base files for a custom outfit)

the folder has a json and a png which are we gonna edit with photoshop
the json has all scripts we need to edit something quick with json

so let's begin with the png 

rename the png to the mod you're making or the main Idea you're doing you're mod 
and rename the json to the mod you're making only the names
not the formats of the files

now if you open the png you would see this, now I would update the png to something that makes more sense but here this should be a good example

every body part has a dead line so you have to rescale and rotate and posing
you can't make it bigger

you may see repeated textures but
no the right has male
the left has female

and if you see there is a red box in the image
that's the Storage Icon that will show when trying to craft the item
and yes soon we're going to edit the stats of the armor and crafting needed items
so change up the image and perfectly line up the textures
also you can delete like the helmet and not really needed things if you want to make it more realistic
and you can make a render and replace it with the storage Icon if you want to

and save to the same format png
now use notepad++ and edit the json so Here is a tutorial for the json again this is important to do this or it would not read the png file

so edit the filepath name of the file to the current name of the file

and change the IDs to similar named after the mod you made so as the atlas shown in the picture

so all the ID's need to be changed
only names not the names
there also the stats section where you can add S.P.E.C.I.A.L
just keep it the same but if you want to change it, change it

  • id: Can be SPECIA or L.
  • value: The value of the stat.

after changing the all Id's
we should make a way on how to craft it, but in base files I already made it
but if you want to modify here


  • component: The ingredient component. Possible values are: steelclothcircuitryglasssciencewoodplasticblingadhesive and leather.
  • rarity: The rarity of the component. Possible values are: commonnormalrare and legendary.
  • count: Count required.
The game will lookup junk which matches the type of component and rarity. For example normal leather is a baseball glove.

also we need to change

display name and the rarity too since those are important

now you may see these scripts like this one

"displayName":"My outfit",
"stats": [ ... ],
"craft": [ ... ],
  • id: The actual ID of the outfit.
  • displayName: The display name of the outfit, this will be shown on storage and item selector screens in game.
  • rarity: The rarity of the item (affects required OutfitWorkshop level, crafting time and cost). Possible values are: commonnormalrare and legendary.
  • stats: A list of stats which is given by the outfit. See below.
  • maleAtlas: A texture ID which contains the male version of this outfit.
  • maleAtlasSlot: The texture slot releated to the male version of the outfit.
  • femaleAtlas/femaleAtlasSlot: Same as above (more info on them below).
  • itemTexture: The ID of a storage item which describes how the outfit looks like.
  • craft: (Optional) If it's present the item will become craftable (more info below.).
  • craftStat: SPECIAL stat required to craft possible values are SPECIA and L.
  • sellPrice: The sell price of the outfit in nuka caps.
  • hasSkirs: Indicates if the outfit has a skirt or not.
  • color: The color multiplier of the outfit. The format is standard RGB hexadecimal. White (FFFFFF) means the outfit color is not changed, for example blue (0000FF) makes the whole outfit blue.

and this one too


  • id: A uniqe ID for this storage item texture.
  • atlas: The texture which contains this storage item (a texture is looked up with this id).
  • x/y/width/height: These define a rectangle which is the storage item in the texture. This way it's possible to pack multiple item textures into one physical image file.

this is the dead line what I was talking about if you're wanting to make the 
dead line bigger change the width and height to fit the size of the body part texture
the first one that appears is a storage Icon

the others will have their names later on

male gloves, helmet etc

so after doing that and changing the ID to you're name of the mod just to verify
use            _   instead of space bar when trying to type in the id

but if you want more of explanation of what it is 

  • id: A unique ID for this texture. This will be used by other stuff to point to this texture.

should be clear enough 

after editing the .json
take you're time to confirm 
and then save
after that make sure you renamed everything to what mod you're making !
the png and the .json and the IDs and filepath and display name in  .json

so after that

(this part is where you need to know about the custom outfit mod and download it,I expect you to already know this since I said it in the beginning)

so if you did what I said and downloaded the custom outfit mod and used the tool and followed the tutorial on how to set it up

good job so drag the png and json to custom outfits folder and load up fallout shelter

and now you can find it by crafting it or find it
I recommend to use a Maxed out vault to craft the armor
by going to the armor crafting room (you know what Im talking about)
craft something make sure to max the room out since if you made the rarity of the armor 
legendary you must upgrade it to the next level to able to craft legendary armor so
if you do find it craft it and equip take screenshots and bam now to package

  • Packaging the mod

select the json and png we modded and add it to archive using winrar
most  recommended +

and now upload you're mod and bam that's all
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