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How to record a demo - Tutorial - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6.

Learn how to record demos!

How to record a demo - Tutorial
Most of this tutorial applies to most of the GoldSrc and Source games.

Demo is a video format in GoldSrc and Source games.
In Counter-Strike 1.6, some servers have an option which automatically starts recording a demo when you join and for example, if you get banned, you can send the recorded demo to the server  administrators for them to determine if you cheated or not, so they can unban you.

Demo will save only gameplay, not other activites such as using the main menu, options, playerlist... That means you can safely alt-tab out of the game without having the game recording that.

1.Join a game by starting  a local server or joining a server.

2.Open the console by pressing the "grave" button.(Some other similar games like CS:Source require enabling console in the options menu)

3.Type record [Name of the demo]...example: record demo123

4.To stop recording, just type stop in the console.

5.To play your demo, enter playdemo [Name of the demo]

Demo files are saved in Half-Life>cstrike in .dem format and they are usually not very big in size.

If you want to record with HLTV(Works only in GoldSrc games and currently doesn't work on all of them like Sven Co-op) the process is nearly the same:

1.Join a server, now only possible by typing connect [Ip of the server]

2.Type record [Name of the demo]

3.To stop recording type stoprecording.

Names of the demos can be whatever you want like demo123 but make sure they don't consist up of multiple words but just one.So demo 123 won't work, but demo123 will.

viewdemo [Name of the demo] command is used for some more advanced demo playback, can come in handy sometimes.