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Audio Modding Tutorial - A Tutorial for Among Us

How to make audio mods

1. Opening the asset file

Open the sharedassets0.assets with UABE. It usually should be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Among Us\Among Us_Data.

Select the latest version.

2. Finding the audio

A window like this will show up. Sort by type and find the assets type AudioClip.

3. Exporting the audio

Find the audio you want to mod (Like in the texture tutorial, the audios' names are descriptively, but a bit more difficult to find).

3.1. Exporting the Dump

Now you've selected the audio you want, click 'Export Dump' and save the .txt somewhere easy to find.

3.2. Exporting the sound file

Unlike last step, this is just if you want to edit the sound that the game already has instead of using another sound; or just to use it somewhere else. Select the audio you want and click 'Plugins'

Click OK and save it somewhere easy to find.

4. Editing

4.1. Mods folder

Go into the Among Us_Data and create a folder called 'Mods'.  The M needs to be capitalised.

4.2. New audio

Once you have the new audio you want to replace the old with, place it inside the 'Mods' folder.

4.3. Audio Dump

Open the .txt you exported earlier, we'll need to edit some things here. It should look like this:

The things we'll need to change will be:
m_Channels = 1 if the audio is mono and 2 if the audio is stereo.
m_Frequency and m_BitsPerSample if they are different, with their respective values.
m_Length = the length in seconds, it doesn't need to be that precise, just don't make it lower than the actual length.
m_Source = "Mods\audio's file name and it's extension"; for example, if the audio is uuhhh.wav, it should look like this: "Mods\uuhhh.wav"
m_Offset = 0
m_Size = The size of the new audio file in kilobytes multiplied by 1000.
Now click on File -> Save.

5. Re-importing the Dump

Go back to the UABE and select the audio, now click on 'Import Dump' and select the .txt you've just edited.

6. Exporting the mod

This is like exporting any other type of mod. Go to File -> Save and export your modified sharedassets0.assets. Now replace the old sharedassets0.assets with the modded one. Congratulations! You've finished the mod!

6.1. Publishing the mod

If you want to upload your mod to GameBanana or share it anywhere else, go to File -> Mod Maker -> Create installer package file and fill in the information. This window will pop up:

In base folder, put the Among Us_Data folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Among Us\Among Us_Data, fill in the other info if you want, then hit OK and save it somewhere you can access it. Now create a zip containing the emip and the audio. Note: DO NOT SHARE THE SHAREDASSETS0.ASSETS FILE! Now when sharing, share the zip file.

7. Installing sound mods

Follow the same steps as texture mods:

Now, if you haven't created the 'Mods' folder in Among Us_Data yet, create it (The M needs to be capitalised) and put the audio you extracted there. Done, have fun!
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  • PogWar avatar
    PogWar Joined 3mo ago
    it works on assetstudio?
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  • globlob avatar
    globlob Joined 7mo ago
    7mo 7mo
    hi i followed and i swaped the imposter kill sound
     and now i don't hear it at all please help
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  • ¡Hola! Gracias por el tutorial

     pero tengo un error o no sé que pasa con mi UABE, lo que pasa es que modifico un efecto de sonido (exactamente el de Kill impostor) y cuando quería guardarlo no aparecía la pestaña de guardar. ¿Hay alguna solución para esto?

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  • EmberOW avatar
    EmberOW Joined 8mo ago
    148 points Ranked 69,864th
    How Do I Do This For Themes?
    Bananite avatar
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  • YN0T avatar
    YN0T Joined 8mo ago
    171 points Ranked 64,673rd
    I tried changing the AmongUsTheme file and I got it to work but for some reason, the song keeps looping only after a few seconds? I changed the m_Length correctly, and when it didn't work I tried changing it from 155(the correct length) to 1550 but it didn't do anything and it continues to loop only after a few seconds.
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  • Takira avatar
    Takira Joined 8mo ago
    8mo 8mo
    Don't get the 4.2 should I dowload a MP3 audio?

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  • An emip file was outdated so im trying to masnually plug in audio, And the only thing i do not understand is this "m_Frequency and m_BitsPerSample if they are different, with their respective values."
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  • VacaPolaca avatar
    VacaPolaca Joined 9mo ago
    Make a video plesase, because i dont understand xd

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  • R3241 avatar
    R3241 Joined 2y ago
    Great tutorial, but i wanna change the sound when the body is reported. I spent 30 minutes searching and i didn't find the sound. Can anyone give me the sound name?
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  • blindgod avatar
    blindgod Joined 9mo ago
    This doesn't work the game just crashes.
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