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Custom Sound Effects in Earwax

A Tutorial for The Jackbox Party Pack 2


  1. Go to the directory to where Jackbox Party Pack 2 is located. On Steam, you can check this by right-clicking of Jackbox 2's entry is, and in the Manage menu, select "Browse local files".
  2. Go to the "games" folder, select the Earwax folder, and make a backup of it. Either make a .zip or other archive of the folder or copy it somewhere safe.

Adding Sounds

  1. Convert your sounds to OGG format with Audacity or another program/online converter.
  2. Add the converted sounds to the EarwaxAudio folder. Give them each unique ID numbers.
  3. Open the EarwaxAudio.jet file in a text editor like Notepad++.
  4. Copy the contents into a code beautifier like this one, and beautify the code. This will make the code more readable, and easier to modify.

All of Earwax's audio files are stored in a giant database in the EarwaxAudio.jet file. A standard entry looks like this:
        "x": false,
        "name": "lawnmower start/stop",
        "short": "lawnmower start/stop",
        "id": 23505,
        "categories": ["electronic/machine"]
Here's what each of the attributes in an entry do:

  • If x is set to true, the sound will not appear while the family-friendly filter is enabled.
  • The name and short attributes change what name the sound has. Usually, you can keep these the same.
  • The id should be set to the filename of the sound in the EarwaxAudio folder.
  • The categories attribute is an array and can contain any number of items separated by commas. Some of the ones used in the vanilla game are "voice", "household", "tools", "vehicle", and "cartoon", among other things. In particular, these are used by the "Bodily Malfunction", "Sound Body" and "Yada Yada" achievements.

Modifying the Spectrum Data

In addition to the audio data, each sound clip in Earwax has a "spectrum" file. These can be found in the  The Jackbox Party Pack 2\games\Earwax\content\EarwaxAudio\Spectrum folder. Just take one of the existing files, copy it, and rename it to be the ID of your custom sound. By doing this, the spectrum data seen in the game won't match perfectly with the audio as it plays, but feel free to figure it out yourself if you want.

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