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How to swapping all maps?

A Tutorial for Splatoon

not for cemu

Hi you, if you are here it means that you are wondering how to play online on such and such a map, or how to play on all maps in dojos mode? Anyway, no matter why you're here, today I'm going to teach you how to live your dreams!

To start, you must have already hacked your wii u at least once and use tcp gecko at least once (THIS TUTORAL ALSO WORKS WITH GECKIINE).

To follow my tutorial you therefore need TCPGecko and This program

Step 1:

Launch the homebrew launcher and start Tcpgecko (it works with haxchi as it can work with the internet browser) once it starts, note your local ip ( in my case) somewhere because you will need it later press x when the black menu with white word lines appears:

Step 2:

Just run Splatoon normally, when you are there and you are prompted to press zl and zr, don't do it and go to your pc. On your computer, right click on the previously downloaded app and click on "run as administrator"

always press s so that your local ip is registered (if you press c you will have to retype it each time).

Step 3:

Type the local IP of your wii u (the one you wrote down in a box during step 1) and press enter.

Press the y key on your keyboard press enter to confirm, your wii u and your pc are now connected!

here you have to select the map you want to swap, for example: if you want to change the skatepark by the shooting range you have to write 7 then press enter.

Now , you have to select the map which will replace the one you have just chosen, here is a list of the names of the maps:

green = safe
red= crash or probably crash

  • 1.Fld_Tutorial00_Ttr=

    The tutorial map at the start of the game
  • 2.Fld_TutorialShow00_Ttr=Same as the first but crashes the game because it is just used for the camera angle when the inkling makes a super jump before arriving in the square

  • 3.Fld_Plaza00_Plz = Plaza/Square

  • 4.Fld_MatchRoom_Mch = this map is used for the hub in which we choose the mode (private match, turf wars, ranked) probably crash

  • 5.Fld_ShootingRange_Shr=ShootingRange

  • 6.Fld_World00_Wld=Octo Valley but crash in online because the map file is too big, it may be possible that it will work if you insist but you will crash after a minute and 10-30 seconds

  • 7.Fld_EasyHide00_Msn=Stage 11: Inkvisible Avenues  (I am not sure that the map works in online mode)

  • 8.Fld_EasyClimb00_Msn= ? (map of story mod)
  • 9.Fld_EasyJump00_Msn=? (map of story mod)
  • 10.Fld_Geyser00_Msn=? (map of story mod)
This list is incomplete at the moment (I would say it is just under 5%) I will update it a bit everyday until it is complete, don't hesitate to come back consult it from time to time!

take the number of your map (for example 7), type it, press enter and voila!


you can now load the map as usual and ... OH!

As you can see, ancho v games is replaced by "? ShootingRange"

it is because the map has a value which contains its name in the private / ranked / normal / dojo modes (surely for the devs to test the maps).

example of the result you can get:

Some info to finish:
  1. What happens if I start a game in a private match (or in public online, EVEN WORSE!) When I am the only one to have modified the maps: you will be banned in 3 to 4 days (not required but likely ) and if you are less than 5 in the game, you will see the other inklings doing strange jumps and movements before crashing after a minute of play. (this is related to the networking function of the game which has a client not managing players if they are in a warp zones (maps) different from other players)

  2. Can I use your technique to play online on a custom map that replaces the shooting range?: Yes, if you use Geckiine or inject the mod with ftp iiu enywhere

Thanks for following my tutorial, I hope you find it useful!


End the list of map names in the program High Priority
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Tutorial Creator
This man created the program that allows you to exchange maps


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