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(Relatively) Simple Texture Modding Guide

A Tutorial for Among Us


Rev 2.5 5d
  • Addition Added multiple warnings on not uploading the sharedassets file.
Rev 2 9d Addition

A guide on how to mod Among Us

This is a.. hopefully relatively simple guide on how to replace textures in Among Us. You'll need Unity Assets Bundle Extractor (UABE). If you're sharing your mod, DO NOT upload the sharedassets0.assets file.

1. Opening the asset file

Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Among Us\Among Us_Data, and open the file sharedassets0.assets in UABE.

When you get this dialog, just scroll to the most recent one and click okay.

1.1. Sidenote: Installation

If you just want to install an already compiled mod for yourself, select 'Load Package File' under File instead of Open.
Make sure that all of the options are checked off, and that the base folder is set to the aforementioned data folder. Once you do that, just follow the Exporting your Mod directions below. Otherwise, keep reading to find out how to make your own.

2. Finding the textures

After you open the file, you'll see a screen like this. I'd recommend switching it to sort by Type so all the textures are next to each other. Then just scroll down until you see the chunk of assets that are the Texture2D type.


3. Exporting the texture

Once you find and select the texture you want to edit (They're all named pretty descriptively, for example, the sprite sheet for the game's hats is just named 'Hats), click 'Plugins', which will bring up this menu.

Select 'Export to PNG', and save the file somewhere where you can access it.

4. Editing

Edit your texture (in this case, hats) however you feel like. Do note that the game's sprites seem to be pretty specifically shaped around these textures (at least on hats), so try not to make things too big or differently shaped to the originals to avoid cutoff and overlap.

5. Importing your edit

Click the 'Plugins' button again on the same texture, but this time select 'Edit'.

That will bring up this menu. Ignore most of the settings if you don't want to change how the game uses the texture, and just press the 'Load' button at the bottom. Find and open your texture, and press OK. When the game asks for a quality setting, just leave it Basic. I don't really know what this does, but you probably shouldn't mess with it.

6. Exporting your mod

Go to File > Save and export your modified sharedassets0.assets. In my experience, you can't save over what you're currently editing, so you might need to save it somewhere else and then paste it in the Among Us_Data. If you did all this correctly, you should be done.

6.1. Sidenote: Sharing your mod

If you want to upload your mod to Gamebanana or share it anywhere else, I recommend making an EMIP file with UABE. While you're still in the asset file you're changing, go to File > Mod Maker and select 'Create installer package file'. DO NOT SHARE THE SHAREDASSETS0.ASSETS FILE. It's easier to upload this way, but it prevents the mods from being mixed or matched, increases the file size, and hosts the majority of the game's assets on GameBanana for no good reason.

In this dialog, make sure (just like loading a mod) that the base folder is set to your Among Us data folder. You should also check in the change list to make sure your mod is actually part of the file (denoted by Replace PathId [the id of the file(s) you changed]). Then press OK, save the file, and share it wherever you feel like!

7. Have fun :)

Enjoy your customized Among Us!


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  • I made an account here to say that, when I try to open the sharedassets0.assets file in UABE, it says, "Unable to open the streamed data file!", the only option is "OK", so when I click that, it says, "Unable to convert the texture data!".
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    3D Modeler
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  • WholesalePringals avatar
    WholesalePringals Joined 10mo ago
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    i can't replace sharedassets0.assets because i need administrator and when i press continue it keeps saying i need permission
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    a bub
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  • i have a different question. what is UABE

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  • ada322 avatar
    ada322 Joined 3d ago
    this is a great tutorial, but is there any way i can resize the bounding boxes for the hats? i made some helmets that i wanna put on the crewmates but most hats are placed on the top of their heads and makes it look really strange
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  • Hi! When trying to export the PNG for hats the program tells me "Unable to convert the texture data!" and then closes the plugins menu.
    Why are you looking at me
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    I apologize if this sounds demanding but could you maybe make a video demonstrating how to install Gamebanana Among us mod/Creating one please?
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  • KBX12 avatar
    KBX12 Joined 3mo ago
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    Can you post the jotaro hat mod?
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  • Michael188977 avatar
    Michael188977 Joined 6mo ago
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    When I try to export to png it say that I can't
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  • Orcacle/Fish avatar
    Orcacle/Fish Joined 9mo ago
    230 points Ranked 56,066th
    Done exactly what's been said here, but sadly the game does not open. When I do open it, I get a loading bar about Among Us Unity [version number], then once it finishes loading it just ends the process. Steam no longer says "game running" or "stop" after this, it simply returns to "play". Very unfortunate, I hope you can help
    Fish fish fish
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  • Help, when i try to export a texture it says "Unable To Open The Streamed Data File!" an then "Unable To Convert The Texture Data" 

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