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Textures Modding Tutorial

A Tutorial for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

This tutorial was made for the PC version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, I have no clue on editing stuff from the PS4.

    To edit "Fall Guys" textures, you'll need a specific tool called "Unity Assets Bundle Extractor" AKA "UABE". You need the game files too which can be found where you installed the game from Steam, inside a folder called "FallGuys_client_game_Data". The installation should look like this:
"{Steam_location}\steamapps\common\Fall Guys"

You can get Unity Assets Bundle Extractor  here.

1. Getting access to the textures.

Once you've got the tool, run "AssetBundleExtractor.exe" and you should get this :


Click on the "File" tab and click "Open", the tool will ask for the files directory. If you followed it correctly, you should have plenty of unknown files:


These unknown files are simply Unity3D archives!

Now select all the files from "globalgamemanagers" to the last one ("sharedassets35.assets.resS") and click "Open".

    Once you've done that, a new windows should open asking for a database version. The reason it asks is simply because Fall Guys was made using "Unity 2019.3.14f" but this package isn't installed and available on UABE. Select the last one "U2019.2.0f1" and click "Okay":

UABE should process through all the files you've selected and will open a new window:

    Here you will find all the assets used by the game, but for this tutorial, we only need textures. In Unity3D, textures will mainly be called "Texture2D" or "Sprite" for UI/HUD Textures. I recommend you to click on the "Type" tab to sort everything by types, so you can easily find what you want.

You can scroll down until you reach the beginning of the "Texture2D" type:


    Okay now select all the textures (Except the Texture3D!) and on the right side, click "Plugins" and "Export to .png". (Or "Export to .tga" if you want.). Select a destination folder and you're done! Textures will be exported!

If you get one or few errors, make sure you've opened the {File_name}.assets.resS files with the others.

2. Textures replacement

So, I assume you've found your textures where you exported them, and you got a new texture. (the same size and name as the original you want to replace.)

Here, I'll replace those two travolator diffuse textures as an example:


(For better results, you should change all the textures related to the diffuse, including the Normal Map, and Specular Map.)

    I edited mines and saved them at the same directory where I exported the textures. You can save them anywhere, but I'll show how to use the "Batch Import" later on so if you're following the tutorial exactly then save the textures at the same directory or replace the old ones.


Once you've changed all you wanted, you're done for that part!

3. Imports/In-Game Tests

3.1. Batch Import (Importing an entire folder)

    Good! Now go back onto UABE and this time go to plugins (With all the textures previously selected!) and click "Batch Import", it should open the same directory where you exported the textures and click "Select" (If you only have one or two textures changed then skip to the Simple Import) :

A new window will open, just ignore this one a click "Okay".


Once again, UABE will process through all the textures.

3.2. Simple Import/ Single texture import

    If you want to quickly replace a texture, then simply go to the name of you're texture in the list and click "Plugins" again, then "Edit". At the bottom of the new opened window, you will see a "Load" button :

Open you new texture click "Okay" (Do not change anything else!) If it ask for a quality settings, simply leave it as its default value:


If all goes well, a "*" symbol should appear on the "Modified" tab:


Once you've imported everything, you can click on "File" and "Save"! Every assets files you've changed will be saved. Now this is important.

Make sure to do a backup of the original game files! if it doesn't work and you didn't saved the original files... Well yes. You can reinstall the game.

You can overwrite the asset(s) by the new one(s) and launch the game!
Here is the result!

Hope this wasn't unclear or anything! :)
If you got any questions, ask in the comments! I might not be able to solve software issues tho.

Enjoy! :3

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    Awesome tutorial, thank you :) I added a table of contents for you.
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