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How to import custom models + collision (2020)

A Tutorial for Super Mario 3D World

How to import your own custom models!

1. Introduction

This tutorial will cover replacing and adding new models into 3DW.

2. Requirements

This tutorial requires Switch Toolbox and Spotlight. You should preferably also create a duplicate of your 3DW dump, and set Spotlight to use it.

3. Importing display model

Have your model prepared in a common 3D format, such as .obj or .dae, as well as your textures mapped. Exporting an existing model from another game with Switch Toolbox will do this automatically. You should also have the model you plan to use for collision in here as an .obj as well.

In Switch Toolbox, open the duplicated ObjectData folder (File > Open (Folder)). In this example, we'll be replacing EnterCatMarioStepA, the first platform of the first level, with the first platform in 3D Land. You can always check the name of objects in Spotlight. After opening the folder, search for EnterCatMario and select EnterCatMarioStepA, then close the search box. Quadruple click on it and it should expand into multiple files.


The main ones you'll want to worry about for model replacement are the kcl (the one that shares the name with the object) and bfres. The kcl is for collision, while the bfres is the display model. To replace the bfres, double click it to open it. Double click again to expand it. Open the models folder and right click on the model, then select "Replace".

Select your .dae or .obj that you want displayed. In the import settings window that will popup, leave them as-is and hit Ok. On the next one, change the game preset to "SuperMario3DWorld" and select "Use Material". Click on the red box underneath it, download this file, and select it. Make sure "Create Placeholder Textures" is disabled, and hit Save.

You should now see a loading screen for a few seconds as the model is imported, and then it will appear in the viewport. If it doesn't, you may be zoomed too far in or out. Right click the model again, and select "Calculate Tangents/Bitangents". Do the same for "Normals > Recalculate". You will notice that the textures aren't applied, so we'll now add some. Right click on the Textures folder in the bfres. If there are textures inside, select clear. To import them, right click and hit Import. Select all the textures used for your model, as well as these 2, and click Ok on the next dialog. You should now see your textures appear on the model! You're not done yet, though. Double click on InitModel.byml (within the szs) and check if there's anything inside it. If there's not, you're good to go, but if there is, right click on TextureArc and delete it. 

Deleting it tells the game to use the textures inside its own file, rather than another one. Be sure to click the save button after, which will be at the bottom of the box if you double clicked the byml. Stop here and move to Finalizing if you don't want custom collision.

4. Importing collision model

For the collision model, you'll want to double click on the kcl, and it should display in the viewport. Right click it and select Replace, then select your collision .obj. A box will show up that lets you assign materials to the kcl, making different sounds when you walk on them. This is for things such as grass and water, but we won't worry about that in this tutorial. Join the discord server linked at the end for more info about it. Select "Material by meshes", and make sure Game Select is set to 3D World and Platform is Wii U. Pressing Apply in the top left will generate the kcl.

That's all there is to the kcl!

5. Finalizing

Now we need to save the szs. Right click it and select Save. Save it in the duplicated ObjectData folder, as well as whatever folder you use for running mods. When it asks you if you want to compress with Yaz0, make sure you select Yes. Next, open Spotlight and open the level that the object is in. Position the replaced object to the location of your choosing, and save the level in your mods folder. Now, simply start the level, and voila! Your very own custom model.

6. Adding instead of replacing

In many cases, you might want to add objects instead of replacing them. To do this, the steps are largely the same, however you need to rename some files first. Rename the bfres to (insertyournewname).bfres, the kcl to (insertyournewname).kcl (make sure to rename before double clicking it, otherwise renaming will not work), and *Attribute.byml to (insertyournewname)Attribute.byml. Then, simply follow the rest of the guide as normal. When it's time to save, name your szs the same name that you named your bfres and kcl. In Spotlight, duplicate the object you had used to add a new one, and rename the ObjectName, to your own one. You should see the model change, and that's how you know it's worked. In general, you can add as many as you want.

7. Extra Information

For more information, visit The Cat Chat discord server. I and many other people will be there to help you out :)
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    Thanks for the great tutorial :) I did some minor formatting to some headings for you.
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    This is so much easier than doing it in discord! Thank you!
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    oh my god thank you. here there are very few tutorials and finally new one about impoprting models, thanks again
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    Yo sick!! Now i can finally start with custom models :)
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