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How to make a FGPD style minimap (Transparent BG) - A Tutorial for Baldi's Basics

Kinda difficult to explain in words I guess

Warning, mildly confusing tutorial ahead! If you aren't familiar with using unity don't follow this tutorial until you are ready.

Before I start explaining everything, this is for DECOMPILES only. You can't make anything like this in the base game. And this tutorial is for people who've used unity before and know exactly what things I am talking about. Now that that is out of the way...

And sorry, but if you are looking to get the components in order to do this first please see the end of this long line of text (Scroll down)

Welcome to my third tutorial, today I am going to teach you how to make a fully functional tile minimap from the Full Game of Baldi's Basics or, any of it's demos (and I mean the latest demos). Before I begin, if you would like to have the map appear when you walk in certain areas of the map, be sure to use Toffee's tutorial too, maybe just the tile enabling script OR... I can just provide one here. Anyway lets get started.

Step 1: Start by creating a worldspace canvas and then configure your scaling parameters to match mine (I highly suggest making a base of your map using the base tiles on a screenspace canvas before you perform this step, to make mini tiles on the canvas please follow the substep below) You can also come back to this picture here below :D

Step 1, part 2: Now we will get into making the tiles on the canvas, start off by creating an image (NOT A RAW IMAGE). Then getting your tiles, be sure that they are configured the same way as they are in my photo or else you wont be able to assign them to an image component on the UI.  (This here is my photo, also if you do not have tiles please pull them from the demo's or, just make your own :P)                                                                                                      

Step 2: You can now get to placing your tiles, do it on a Screen Space Canvas first, then please configure your transform's parameters once you've changed your canvas to a world space. After you've done that it's time to position your canvas onto your school. Now at your first exit place the canvas there [be sure to use snap settings], (the tiles can't be poking out of the school so please align those to the floor first before you elevate the canvas, you also will be elevating the canvas again later on in the tutorial so don't forget this) Be sure to color code the tiles too, they don't have to be the classical BB+ colors but you can do that if you want.

Step 2, part 2: Once you are happy with how the canvas is aligned you can completely use the floor of your school level as an outline for the rest of the tiles. Get ready.. it might take a while to finish this step. But if you prebuilt your map on your Screen Space Canvas you can already move onto step 3!

Step 3: The rotation on the UI is fairly simple to pull off, if you've followed Brackeys Minimap tutorial and you already have made a render texture for your minimap, it's time to completely customize its parameters (If your background on the render texture isn't see through yet we will resolve that soon later in the tutorial) If you input my exact parameters for the render texture you'll already have a render texture that is able to render a clear see through BG. See this image below:

Once you have this put in and your minimap on the canvas is complete, you then wanna size your render texture (Which should be a raw image) on the HUD canvas (This being not your minimap canvas) to be.... 5000 x 5000 (Don't use the scaling, use the Width and Height parameters and change the current ones you have.)

Step 4: Alright, assuming you've completely finished your minimap and fixed your render texture properly, it's time to make it render the Background as transparent, This is actually quite easy. Make sure your Minimap camera's projection mode is orthographic (also make sure you have a minimap camera or this won't work) Then set the clear flags to Solid Color, and then turn everything on the color picker to 0. And If this is done right you should have a fully transparent background, but you are probably asking yourself or me this question. Why is everything else still rendering on the camera? Well you still have to fix the Culling mask! Right now it's set to render everything so... If you uncheck everything... Everything stops rendering and you see nothing. BUT don't panic! You can fix this by only having it render on the canvas, set the camera's culling mask to UI only and then, it will only render components that are on the UI layer.

Step 5: Time to elevate your minimap canvas! Select the canvas and on the Transform position Y, replace the current value to at lease 70 - 90 (between those values), now your Raw image might render the minimap as too close... to fix this, move your camera up a bit until you like where it is. 

And please use these parameters for the camera if I wasn't specific:

(Optional) Step 6: If you'd like you could attach an arrow icon to the player and then Change the Layer to render on UI too, this is for when you want to make a sort of advanced map if you want. Just be sure that the arrow is centered. If you want it there.

And if you don't already have a minimap script be sure to follow Brackeys tutorial linked here: Minimap Tutorial

If you want the map to appear gradually follow ToffeeRecord's tutorial here: Click this now lol
(you do my version accept without using physical tiles, you attach the UI element tiles, to the collider you walk through that's where this other tutorial comes in)

And if you don't have full game public demo tiles already, please download them here: Tiles

All tiles on your canvas must be set to 32 x 32 on the width and height.

Oh, and I guarantee that I will be rewriting this because I know some parts are very confusing! Or.. not? Depends if any of you understand this well.