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How to replace any of the game's videos - A Tutorial for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Hotfix requirement removal 11mo
  • Removal Due to the game updating to use Hotfix 3, there is no longer a need to opt in to using the hotfix to fix cutscenes stuttering
Hotfix_01a Requirement 12mo Addition Generalization Update 12mo Overhaul Addition

Replace the opening video and more!

1. Before you start...

You'll need to have set up Reloaded II & the Persona 4 Mod Loader; see MadMax1960's tutorial on getting started with modding here!

1. Choosing what video cut-scene to replace

All of the video cut-scenes in the game are stored in .pac files, that being movie00000, movie00001, and movie00002. Find the video you want to replace down below, and follow the steps after that accordingly. That being said, these are ALL of the cutscenes, which means that if you haven't finished the game yet, continue at your own risk.

1.1. movie00000

p4ct001 : Igor welcomes you to the Velvet Room for the first time (Japanese)
p4ct001_c : Igor welcomes you to the Velvet Room for the first time (Chinese)
p4ct001_e : Igor welcomes you to the Velvet Room for the first time (English)
p4ct001_k : Igor welcomes you to the Velvet Room for the first time (Korean)

p4ct002 : Rise's "Quelorie Magic" commerical, Yu boards the train and arrives in Inaba

p4ct003 : Yu sticks his hand in the TV for the first time

p4ct004 : Yu, Chie, and Yosuke fall into the TV for the first time

p4ct005 : First Shadow Encounter; Yu awakens his persona

p4ct006 : Shadow Yosuke transforms

p4ct007 : Shadow Yukiko's "I'm gonna go score myself a hot stud" midnight channel show

p4ct008 : Teddie takes off his bear suit 

p4ct009 : Namatame mumbling to himself about saving people in front of the TV

p4ct010 : Dojima & Namatame car chase scene

p4ct011 : Namatame merges with shadows

p4ct012 : Bad ending train departure

p4ct013 : 0 seconds of black screen?

p4ct014 : Adachi transforming into Ameno-Sagiri

p4ct015 : The investigation team confronts Izanami

p4ct016 : Post-Izanami scene; "World inside people's hearts"

p4ct017 : Regular Ending Credits (Japanese)
p4ct017_e : Regular Ending Credits (English)

p4ct018 : The friends talk after Yu leaves; Teddie speech; Yu looks at the photograph they took

p4ct019 : Saki death reveal

p4ct020 : Morooka death reveal

p4ct031 : Fireworks festival

1.2. movie00001

p4ct032 : Driving to the beach scene

p4ct033 : Girls at the Amagi Inn hot springs

p4ct034 : Happy New Year with friends

p4ct035 : Ski resort scene

p4ct036 : Margaret grabs Chie into TV; Hollow Forest intro

p4ct037 : Hot springs with Marie; Teddie and Yosuke destroy the barrier

p4ct038 : Accomplice ending cutscene

p4ct039 : Timeskip sushi reunion

p4ct040 : Junes Concert

p4ct041 : The friends talk after Yu leaves; Teddie speech; Yu looks at the photograph they took

p4ct042 : Golden True Ending credits (Japanese)

p4ct042_e : Golden True Ending credits (English)

p4ct043 : Yu Leaves (Used for Golden Ending)

p4ctop1 : Original PS2 Opening

p4ctop3 : Persona 4 "The" Golden Opening (Japanese)

1.3. movie00002

p4ctop3_e : Persona 4 Golden Opening (English)

2. Obtaining your video // Video Requirements

So you'll obviously need a video to replace the opening video. The video NEEDS to be 1080p, and if it's any lower (I'm not sure about what happens if it's a higher quality), it'll result in this really weird crossed-eyes effect that kinda ruins the video. The video also has to be in the .wmv file format, so you'll need to convert your video into a .wmv using one of the many websites available that do so, or a video program that allows you to export to a .wmv. 

3. Putting your video into the game

For the sake of this tutorial, we'll be replacing the English Golden opening cutscene. If you're changing a different one, change the folder name and the file name to that of the one you want to replace from the list above.

Navigate to your \Steam\steamapps\common\Day OR Persona 4 Golden folder and then open your mods folder. Create a folder named "movie00002" and then drag and drop your .wmv video inside. Rename the video "p4ctop3_e" and then change the file extension from ".wmv" to ".usm"

3.1. File Name Extension

If you can't see the file extension, you'll need to navigate to the "View" tab on the top of the window, and then check the box that says "File Name Extensions" towards the right.

4. You're finished!

This is probably one of the easiest ways to "mod" this game. That being said, don't spam the Gamebanana page with millions of these since they're so easy to churn out. Otherwise, hopefully this'll pique some of your interests and throw you further into the world of modding this game, we need more content! Oh, and just to make sure, if you're going to download someone's original content off of YouTube and post it onto Gamebanana, make sure you ask for permission from the original creators first, and then credit them accordingly. That's pretty much it, get moddin'!