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Second Wind - SW Mask Quest Walkthrough

A Tutorial for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

A tutorial for the Mask Quests in the Second Wind mod. This is intended for new and experienced players alike.

Second Wind is a large scale expansion to the base game which adds new quests, content and tweaks to the game. One of these additions are side quests which allow you to obtain masks which are a reference to Majora's Mask. 

The masks added are as follows:
Deku Mask - Provides Shock Resistance
Goron Mask - Provides Flame Guard
Zora Mask - Allows Link to swim up waterfalls
Mask of Truth - Allows Link to obtain hints from Gossip Stones.

Below, is the tutorial showing you how to obtain these items in Second Wind. For the latest release of Second Wind, the latest version of BCML 3.0 is needed. To download Second Wind, join their Discord group and use the link provided there.

Second Wind Mask Quests - A Walkthrough

1: Introduction 

This walkthrough is intended for newer players and more experienced players alike. As you play through Second Wind, four side quests related to masks will appear in your adventure log. These quests are called SW Treasure: Deku’s Sadness, SW Treasure: Goron’s Despair, SW Treasure: Zora’s Regret, and SW Treasure: Hidden Truth.

To learn hints about where these masks are located, head to the Ranch Ruins at the Hyrule Field region of the Central Hyrule Province. It is south-east of Hyrule Castle, and west of Wetland Stable.

Once there, there will be a book showing you the hints. Below this text is the location of the book, and the hints for each mask quest.

After reading these books, your Adventure journal will be updated with these hints.

2: Deku Mask - SW Treasure: Deku’s Sadness

The place that is referred to as the “middle of a maze-like forest overlooking the world” is the Korok Forest. The Korok Forest is located in the centre of the Great Hyrule Forest in the Woodlands region. Inside the Korok Forest is the chest containing the Deku Mask.

Once you reach the Korok forest, climb to the top of the Great Deku Tree. It is recommended that you use stamina potions or Revaili’s Gale to get there. Once you are there, you will see the Korok NPC Walton who provides you with a side quest. Behind him is a wooden wall, and behind that wall is the Deku Mask chest.

Open the chest to obtain the Deku Mask, which grants Link shock resistance.

3: Goron Mask - SW Treasure: Goron’s Despair 

Next is the Goron Mask which is located in Goron City in the Eldin region. To get there, you’ll need equipment with flame guard or fireproof elixirs. The chest is located behind Bludo’s (Boss’) important house in the city. Opening it will give Link the Goron Mask, which gives him the Flame Guard bonus, making him able to withstand the heat of the Eldin region.

4: Zora Mask - SW Treasure: Zora’s Regret

This mask is located near Zora’s Domain at a place called Mikau Lake. Mikau was a Zora musician who was the lead guitarist of the Indigo-Go’s band which featured in Majora’s Mask. To reach this location, you should use Zora Armor to swim up the waterfalls. After you get there, use Magnesis to pick up the chest. Once you open the chest, Link will get the Zora Mask, which allows him to swim up waterfalls.

5: Sheikah Mask - SW Treasure: Hidden Truth

The Mask of Truth is located in Kakariko Village, near Ta'loh Naeg Shrine and the unmarked graveyard. Glide across to the chest and open it. Once it is opened, Link will obtain the Mask of Truth, which will allow him to talk to Gossip Stones. One such Gossip Stone is located in the graveyard beneath the chest. 

After this, all four Mask Quests are complete. Thank you for reading through this walkthrough. I hope that it has helped you enjoy Second Wind to the fullest. More walkthroughs will be made in the future as further updates to Second Wind are released.

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