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How to Run M.U.G.E.N on a Chromebook

A Tutorial for M.U.G.E.N

How to Run MUGEN on a Chromebook.

So, for anyone wanting to run Mugen on their shiny new Chromebook they may see it as impossible. However, theirs a way. And it runs perfectly fine! So, without further ado, here's how to do it:

Beginning Setup:
  1. Make sure you have the "Play Store" installed on your Chromebook. If not, look up how to install it. 
  2. Search for "Crossover" and download the app called "CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta"
  3. Next, download a text editor either on the Web store or the Play store. Personally I recommend this one:

  4. Okay, now we can start. Download Mugen 1.0 (1.1 doesn't work) and extract it so that it's not a .zip file and just a folder. 
  5. Now, open crossover and search for "MUGEN".  On the bottom it should say "Install Unlisted Application", click that. 
  6. Now: click select installer, open your "Mugen" folder, and scroll (well, press and drag down) until you see "mugen.exe". Install it. 
  7. Mugen may open up, if so, close it. Now it should say the Download is done or the loading just keeps looping. Either way click back. On the home screen there should now be a crossover logo with "MUGEN" under it. Click on that.
  8. Now you want to click on the arrow next to "Launch". Click "File Explorer" . Now it should say "Launch File Explorer", Launch it. 
  9. After a while a Windows-Esq file explorer should pop up.  Click into the "Mugen" folder and click on "mugen.exe". Now it should launch as normal. I recommend going into Options, and changing the controls (under key config). Play around, it should work!
Adding things:
  1. Okay, now onto the whole point of getting Mugen, customization!  To start, close mugen by clicking "Exit". If you don't close it like this it can still run in the background and won't stop until you log out. 
  2. Go into the "Files" app. and open the "mugen" folder. Go into "chars". Now that you're here, find a character you like online, and download it. Place the file in the "Chars" folder. Not the .zip. Now that it's in the "Chars" folder, go into "data" and click "Select.def" . Don't open it yet. On the top click the arrow next to "Open" and then click "Change Default". Change it to your Text editor. Now just edit the file as usual. If you don't know how, there's plenty of tutorials out there.   

  1. As stated before, if you don't press "Exit" it has a tendency to glitch and keep running in the background.  To end it, log out by holding Ctrl,Shift and Q twice. All at the same time.
  2. Sometimes your cursor will just be a black square. Don't worry about it.
  3. Win Quotes just will not show up. 
  4. If you use the Text editor I provided, make sure to click the three lines on the side and exit out of all of you're previous edits often. This can be done by: Clicking the three lines, and hovering over the file name. For this example i'll use select.def. Hover over select.def and click "X". Now, keep doing that until the only one left i the one you're working on. If you don't do this, it will open the wrong .def file a lot. 
  5. Adding music to a stage is not recommended. It can and will glitch out and skip.
  6. Also don't add characters with a lot of effects. It can slow down the game to a point where it's annoying to play.
  7. Finally, if you open a characters ".zip" file and there's no folder, simply make a new folder that's the same name as the ".def" file. Then copy and paste (or drag and drop) the contents of the ".zip" file into the new folder. Then, add as usual.  

Well, I hope this helped. If you have any questions, ask away. I'm all ears!
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Setting up Mugen


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