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Opening Models with Model Viewer - A Tutorial for Half-Life

A quick tutorial

Render Mode:

Useful for checking mesh, shading and normals.
To change the direction of the light:
Hold "Ctrl" key while dragging your LMB.

Toggle Boxes:

'Show Hitboxes' - Displays hitbox of the model usually used in player models.
'Show Bones' - Displays the FK bones.
'Show Attachments' - Displays a point where a sprite is positioned. Like Muzzleflash, shell ejection, etc.

Viewport (Bindings):

'V' - Switch to Free Roam and First-Person view.
'L' - Switches from left hand to right hand or vice-versa. (FP view only)
'Shift + LMB' - Moves view by location.
'RMB' - Zooms in or out.

Show Attachments:

Command: $attachment sprite_event "bone_name" "x y z"
Sprite Event - Uses number to indicated sprite category:
'0' is for Muzzleflashes and '1' is for Shell ejection.
XYZ - Number of the coordinates from x, y, and z axis to position the sprite.
NOTE: On view models, sprites are assigned to bones.

Body and Texture Groups:

Command: $bodygroup { studio "REF_SMD" }
Bodygroups - Used to toggle between many SMDs. Mostly used in hands and weapon attachments.

No bodygroup - Uses only one reference SMD: $body "name_for_ref" "reference_filename"
NOTE: They are also the same for Texture Groups.

Textures Tab:

This is where most beginners are having fun with.
Chrome - Makes the texture act as a matcap.
Additive - Makes the texture act as an additive overlay.
UV Maps - Shows and overlays UV Map on the texture.
NOTE: Try experimenting with it.

Sequences Tab:

This is where you can check the animation sequences and speed.
Sequence # - Sequence number by line in the QC file.
Frames - Number of frames of the animation.
Blends - Number of blends mostly used in player animations.
# of events - Number of sprite events on the active sequence.

Editor Tab:

This is where you can position the origins, muzzleflash, hitbox, etc.
Change the "Real Model" to "QC Source"
Edit Type - Selects what part of the models to move.
Step Size - Number of increments when moving.
Move Buttons - Pretty self-explanatory.

This video is a broad tutorial that only covers common knowledge.
Experiment with the model viewer, command lines are applied on the QC file. QC files are made through notepad and a Half-life model can generate a QC after being decompiled.