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How to install HD HL Skins/Sounds/Etc - A Tutorial for Half-Life


Updated 11mo
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Install mods for your Half-life.

Here is a short tutorial on how to install skins for Half-Life.

First, open up your Steam.
Then right-click the game, Half-Life and Select "Properties".
Select the "Local Files Tab", then click "Browse Local Files".

Before, you need to install mods in the mod directory.
But now, you can install your mods in another folder which includes the mod's name and underline and "hd".
Find the "valve_hd" folder and open it.

The "models" folder are for:
v_models, w_models, p_models, player/character models and prop models.

The "sprites" folder are effects like: Muzzleflashes, explosion, fire, rain, HUD etc.

Download my weapon mod for this tutorial.
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Open the zip using 7z and go back to "valve_hd" folder.
In the archive, open "Files" folder.
After the "Files", open "valve_hd" folder.
Select the 2 folders and drag them in "valve_hd" folder.
Note: Other authors have different formats, but my structure is pretty much the same all over the years.

Now select "Replace All" to install the weapon mod.
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Then, browse "[Hand Selections]" folder.
I added many hand models done by Kylie (thanks man! you awesome!)
Open "Bare Hands" folder. Let's say we choose that at the moment.

Click and drag the "v_rpg.mdl" to "models" folder then click "Replace".
Open the "v_rpg.mdl" and check if it's installed.
Once you get the hang of it, you don't need to do this anymore.

You need a model viewer, like Paranoia2 Model Viewer

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    nice tutorial
    but i have question
    do you know how to modeling
    if yes can you do tutorial how to change barney (hd version) to player model and other for hassassin please :D
    URL to post: