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Add TMP quickly - A Tutorial for Baldi's Basics

Add TMP text into your decompile!

Note: If you can't see the images, Click here to download them. They will be numbered 1-5 and this tutorial will tell you which one to look at with '(Image *number*)'.

So, If you want to add TextMeshPro (pixelated Baldi's Basics text) into your decompile, You may think you have to add change 'text' into 'tmp' in every single script. Nah, That takes way to long.

So I present you this quicker way of adding TMP! (This works for every single Unity game if it has TMP/TextMeshPro.)

The Unity Editor (this tutorial may be different depending on your version of Unity.)
TextMeshPro (Built in with the reccomended version of Unity for 1.3.2 decompiles)
Any C# editor

The script
First of all, Create a script called 'SetText' or whatever you want it to be, As long as you change the name properly.

Here is the script:
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using TMPro;
public class SetText : MonoBehaviour
    public Text Original; // The normal text
    public TMP_Text Itself; // The TextMeshPro text
    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        Itself.text = Original.text; // It sets the TextMeshPro text to the normal text's text.

After you have that script in your decompile, Open the TextMeshPro editor.
(Window>TextMeshPro>Font Asset Creator)

If you don't have the TMP Essentials, Download them. Then get back to the Font Asset Creator and set the settings to this:

(Image 1)

Source Font File: Set that to the font you want to have TMP'd!
Sampling Point Size: The Custom Size is up to you, You set it to what looks best in your opinion. (Regenerate if you want to see the result.)
Atlas Resolution: If certain symbols are missing (It will tell you!) then change this to something that's bigger.
Font Style: If you need bold or italic versions of your TMP font, Change 'Normal' into what you want.

If you have your options set, Click on 'Generate Font Atlas'. If you don't like the look of it, Alter the options and generate the font atlas again.

Getting text into the game

(Image 2)

Do this and it will appear in the Hud. Position the TMP text where you want it to be. (For this tutorial we are doing the Notebook Count.)

(Image 3)

When you position the text correctly, Then it should look like this. Then click on the normal text (the normal notebook count or the normal text you want to have tmp'd.) and set the color to this.

(Image 4)
(This is invisible. Also make sure its RGBA.)

Now, Click on the TMP text you put into your Hud and drag the 'SetText' script into the Inspector.

(Image 5)

It should look like this. Now, Drag the normal text you want to have TMP'd into the 'Original' part of the script. And drag the TMP text into the 'Itself' part of the script.

And now... You are finished! Awesome! If you are having any problems with it, Just ask me.