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Change sound effects efficiently in Sonic R.

A Tutorial for Sonic R

Hello everyone, I had noticed and experienced by myself the complexity of editing the sound effects, in "Sonic R" at least, so, in this tutorial, i'll show you how to successfully change them without lowering quality, at least, in a way that isn't too noticeable.


I can't show you the screenshots in conjunction of the steps, I just can't figure it out, but I did upload screenshots to guide you, they're pretty simple, but hope you can keep up.

You will need:

  1. Any sound effect you want to use, even, I don't think matters too much the format of your file.
  2. You will need "Audacity" for this, it's totally necessary and it's a pretty useful tool.
  3. You need your copy of "Sonic R" with "Mod Loader" setup, also, you need to make a folder to file all of the files you want to edit, that's something I cannot provide you instructions.

1. Set Up Audacity.

To start, you have to run the program, and before opening your file, you have to set up some stuff, go down to the part that says "Project Rate (Hz)" and change the value to "22050", this is to make audio match to the other setting, the game doesn't support a higher value than this one.

2. Getting started.

This actually is more than simple than many think. Let's open our sound file, now we have to check some stuff, because in order to make everything work, the file has to be a "Mono" sound file.

If your file is a "Stereo" file like mine, you'll see quickly that there are two different parts of the sound. Select the properties of both of them in the little menu is right to your file's waves.

Click on the little arrow that is is right to the original name of the file, and you'll see another little menu, go to "Rate" option and set it to the same number we set the project's rate. And don't change anything in the "Format" option.

To finish this part, select "Split Stereo to Mono".

3. Set more details.

Now, after all this changes, you'll notice the file's frequencies or waves, look different, indeed, this affects the audio in question, but we are going to fix it and set options to make the file with an acceptable size for the game.

Now, select one of both wave or frequencies of your file, since it was a "Stereo" file and now it's "Mono", we gotta choose one of them, and the other one will be muted. Once you have decided, mute one of them in the same little menu is right to the audio by clicking "Mute".

Now, click in the "Selection Tool" and select both on the waves of our sound file, just in case, and now go and click up on the tool bar, click on "Effect", and click in the "Noise Reduction" option.
Then, you have to click in "Get Noise Profile" and the menu will close, but you have to click in "Effect" again and do the same, just with the difference, this time you have to click down in the "Ok" button.

4. Almost there.

Now that some of this option will help the sound a little bit, we gotta fix the audio itself, because if you play the audio, it will sound like... slow... and we don't want that.

So, what we have to do next, is going to effects again, and select "Change Speed", you can see a little set up I made in the screenshots, I don't think it is a universal set up, but, worked for me, all you have to do is, insert the value you think will work, and just apply the changes.
Now you can try a little bit the sound and play it in the program to check out how well it sounds.

Also, it's pretty probable that all of this did affect the volume of our file, so we have to go to effects once again and click in "Amplify", you can see a bar you can set it up or down in order to amplify your file and sounds a little louder.

5. Exporting the file.

Now that the file its done, let's export it to a ".WAV" file, even if your file was an ". MP3" it's going to work.
You can name it as you want, but... something that I'm not too sure, is if it can be in other kind of encoding, I choose "Signed 16-bit PCM" and that worked for me, you can try others if you want, but i'll keep up with this one.
It will pop out another menu, but, does not have any importance, just press ok.

6. You are done!!!

Just remember to name it as the original file, and now give it a try!!!
It's kinda complex, and more because I spent some hours to make this to work, but it's totally worth it.

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