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How to make a Sonic Boll sprite - A Tutorial for Sonic Boll.

    1. Recommended Programs
Before we actually start, I'm going to go over the programs you should use when printing. 

Gimp 2 is listed first as it's really good with working with pixel art. It's not complicated when you get used to it, especially when you're just doing pixel art. Making the background transparent and making a colormap isn't difficult either.

If you're on mobile, Pixly (make sure the image isn't indexed or it won't open) and Pixel Studio work well. Yes selecting pixels is a pain but, to be honest, if you're on mobile, that's the best you got.

Aseprite is a good application too.. though I have no experience with it so I can't really go into detail on it
    2. Getting started

As Sonic characters are the most popular with this style I'll be going over that and then I'll explain other characters in separate tutorials. Now, When designing a sonic character you want a reference to go based off of. Since it's a canon character or probably a pretty popular fan character you can google an image and go based off of that. When it comes to ocs, It's best to draw out your character instead of starting with sprites or else you'll end up with a bad result.

    3. Starting Spriting 

After getting your reference, It's best to start with a muzzle. Though Tikal is an echidna like knuckles, her muzzle doesn't pokes out as much as knuckles, so I started with Tails' and recolored it.

    4. Head

After finishing the Muzzle, You want to build a circle/oval shape off of it to form a head. Don't draw on dreads or spines yet at it will set you off and make you stressed out. After you are comfortable with the head, you can start on the eyes

    5. Spines and Dreads

Before We start, You need to make different colors for different sections of the head

Now you can start drawing the spines/Dreads (or whatever) in a different color. If you mess up, don't give up, just make fixes. Tikal's dreads are pushed up on her head instead of naturally sitting on it, So I decided to move them up by a pixel.

    6. Body, Legs, Shoes, Arms, and Hands

Usually, the body should be 4-7 pixels long, but depending on your character, it could be shorter or taller. 

Legs and Arms are 3 pixels wide (one technically, it goes.. Black, {color}, Black) with whatever length is acceptable with you

Hands are kinda hard for me, and it's usually a problem with artists and spriters. With Tikal I just put the normal Sonic hands on her. Feet or shoes are usually round at the top and go flat at the bottom. With Sonic shoes, it's not round when facing forward yet the pixels go down at a diagonal angle. 

    7. Color Palette

Sonic Boll's palette is not hard to figure out. The fur is 3 colors, with 2 being custom and the last being black. Everything else can be at least 2 or 3 colors, you can add more if you want but avoid pillow shading as that ruins the entire style.

    8. Finishing

Now add finishing touches, now would be a good time to add accessories.

and Viola your own Sonic Boll Sprite! I do.. not know.. how to... end off a tutorial... so yeah that's it. ecks dee feature meh uwu :3
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