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How to convert an scenario from MH1 to Gold

A Tutorial for Making History: The Calm & The Storm


V2 15d
  • - Added "The maintenance cost problem" section

Learn a method that can change everything in the modding community of this old game.

Hello, welcome to this tutorial on how to convert an scenario from Making History The Calm & Storm (Standard Version) to the Gold Edition.

Understanding what makes an scenario from MH1 different to one from MH Gold

Gold adds new units to the default scenarios which are the next ones: 
  • MechanizedInfantry3
  • MechanizedInfantry2
  • MotorizedInfantry3
  • MotorizedInfantry2
  • Partisans
  • EarlyBombers
  • EarlyCruiser 
  • EarlySubmarine

The partisans is the most notorious addition, they appear every time a country is being invaded and they try to liberate occupied territory.

How to make an MH1 Scenario work on MH Gold

There are two files in the scenarios where the units appear, which are: sharedDataUnitTemplates.xml & sharedDataUnitTemplateSprites.xml

So basically if you want to make an scenario from MH1 on Gold, you'll need to replace these two files with the ones that come in the default Gold scenarios.

You can find them here

Or in the next location in the game files: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Making History Gold\Modern Europe\system\ScenarioDefaults"

However, if you created a new unit in your original scenario it needs to appear on the Gold Unit files that you are injecting in your scenario, for that I suggest to create a new scenario in Gold, add the new units via the editor and copy the two files to the MH1 Scenario making sure you have the same units in both plus the Gold exclusive units.

There is an useful tool called WinMerge which allows you to compare both folders (MH1 Scenario and MH Gold). The program shows each difference between both and that way you can make sure you have everything right.

How to make a MH Gold Scenario work on MH1

To achieve this, the concept would be similar, copy the default unit files from an MH1 scenario to a Gold one, or in case the Gold scenario has new units, you'll need to add them to the MH1 unit files, and that can be easily done via the editor.

These files can be found here or in the next directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Making History The Calm and The Storm\Modern Europe\system\ScenarioDefaults"

Color difference
One of the other main changes from MH1 to Gold is the country colors. In Gold they are less saturated and even the sea color changes. The color file is named "gamestate.xml" and contains other important data. Replacing the colors in the scenario that you want to convert is not essential, but an scenario with saturated colors in Gold would not look that good in comparison to one that uses the default Gold colors for main countries.


You can copy the HEX codes from a default scenario into yours but remember replacing the scenario info in all the file. This can be done using Notepad++ and replacing the word in the whole file and once it is replaced, copy the HEX codes to your scenario's gamestate.xml

This is an example of a HEX code applied to a country in the gamestate file:
		<object type="Player" name="objPlayers">
			<property name="strName" value="Chile"/>
			<property name="sidShortDescription" value="SID.Game.Country.Description.TheModernWorld.Chile"/>
			<property name="bNonPlayable" value="false"/>
			<property name="colCountryColor" value="#4D458DFF"/>
In this case "TheModernWorld" is the internal scenario name that would need to be replaced in case the scenario that your want to apply the HEX codes has a different name.

You need to check that the line "bNonPlayable" matches in the both files if you are mass coping the HEX codes from the default files from Gold or MH1 into your scenario gamestate.xml file.

The maintenance cost problem

At least in my port of The Modern World scenario, the maintenance cost of the infrastructure went automatically up, crashing every country's economy with the same values in the files.

My scenario has the current world population, therefore, the cost is naturally higher, but I managed to make the economies work at least on the first turns on the MH1 version.

To fix this I suggest decreasing in 90% the cost in the last part of the file sharedData.xml
		<object type="TransportationLevel" name="objTransportationLevels">
			<property name="nLevel" value="1"/>
			<property name="sidName" value="SID.Game.TransportationLevel.Name.Level1"/>
			<property name="nMoveSpeedBonusPct" value="25"/>
			<property name="nResourceProductionBonusPct" value="10"/>
			<property name="nCost" value="200000"/>
			<property name="nSteps" value="30"/>
			<property name="nMaintenanceCost" value="20000"/>
I removed one "0" in the line "nCost" and "nMaintenanceCost" and the economy works well now.
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