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Beginner's Guide to Modding Persona 4 Golden - A Tutorial for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Rudiger's Overhaul 3mo
  • Overhaul Completely rewrote the guide from beginning to end. Old links and info have been removed or updated as necessary.
  • Addition Loads of resources added for people who want to get involved with making mods.
  • Improvement Much easier to follow!
Updated for R2 v1.7, Aemulus 8mo Improvement Addition Pixelguin's Overhaul 10mo Overhaul Updated for Mod Loader 12mo Addition

Step-by-step instructions for setting up everything you need to install and run P4G mods, plus resources for those who want to make their own!

1. Introduction

This guide will walk you through the setup required to play Persona 4 Golden on PC with mods.

Before we begin, it's worth noting that this guide isn't the only way to get set up. If you’re mostly interested in quality-of-life mods and fixes, consider checking out the P4G Community Enhancement Pack (CEP) instead. The CEP uses the same tools detailed here, but it's preconfigured for a simplified installation and the most popular mods are preinstalled.

No matter which method you choose - this guide or the CEP, the mods available to you will be the same.

For those of you looking to make your own mods and contribute to the community, a second section can be found at the end of this guide with a list of helpful resources.

2. Installation

To save yourself a lot of wasted time now, please make sure you’re using a legally purchased copy of the game from Steam before attempting to follow these instructions. 

We say this not as the "internet police", but because pirated versions are prone to issues when using mods and more often than not it’s impossible to troubleshoot them. We can't help you if something doesn't work.

2.1. Requirements

Please begin by downloading the following applications. You will need the latest release of each for this guide:

When downloading Reloaded-II and Aemulus Package Manager from GitHub, make sure you download the release .zip/.7z files named above and not the source code.

2.2. Setup

First, let's prepare your PC to get modding-ready! Completing these steps will minimise the chance of you facing any issues later on:

  1. Disable automatic updates for P4G in Steam.

    We don’t expect Persona 4 Golden to ever get another update on PC, but if it does, it’s possible your mods will stop working until the mod creators can update them. Disable automatic updates now to avoid any nasty surprises in the future.

  2. Set the game's language to English in Steam (if it isn't already).

    The vast majority of mods for P4G are only compatible with the English-text version of the game. If you are using the Korean, Traditional Chinese or Japanese-text version, switch to English now.

    Please note: changing this setting does not affect character voices. English and Japanese audio can be switched between in-game and both work with mods.

  3. Make sure you're using the latest, stable Steam version of the game by opting out of betas.

    Beta versions aren’t compatible with mods. Opt out by right-clicking on the game in your Steam library -> Properties -> Betas -> set “Select the beta you would like to opt into” to “None”.

  4. Verify the integrity of your game files.

    This will compare your local P4G files to the version on Steam's servers and re-download any that have been changed. Important.

  5. Close/Stop the following applications from running if you have them installed:

    - Razer Cortex
    - RivaTuner Statistics Server / MSI Afterburner's Overlay
    - MSI Dragon Center / Control Center
    - Any other random "game booster" type applications

     They are known to cause the game to freeze and stop working correctly when mods are enabled.

  6. Disable Special K if you have it installed (most people won't).

    The Special K software is incompatible with P4G's mod loader and the game is likely to crash if you try to use them together.

    To disable it, open your P4G installation directory (typically this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden) and delete dxgi.dll before following the rest of this guide.

  7. Run the All-In-One Prerequisite Installer (AIOP). 

    This open-source tool will download every Microsoft distributable and runtime required to use mods, and launch each installer sequentially.

    Please install (or repair) everything you are prompted to according to the instructions in the console window, whether you already have them installed or not. (Yes, you need both the x64 and x86 versions of each!).

    If you are asked to reboot your PC at any point, please wait until the AIOP installer has completely finished before doing so.

  8. Install 7-zip (if you don’t already have a program installed for extracting .zip/.7z/.rar files).

  9. To keep everything tidy and contained, create a dedicated folder somewhere on your PC for all of your P4G modding stuff (tools, mods etc.).

    You're free to put this folder wherever you want, but do not use a location that requires administrator-level access (e.g. C:\Program Files) or a location that's synced to a cloud backup service (OneDrive, Dropbox etc.).

    For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be creating a folder named P4G Mods in my profile's Documents folder (NOT OneDrive\Documents). If you're not sure where to put yours, I recommend you do the same.

    Within this folder, I've created another called Tools (as pictured). This is where I’ll install all of the applications used to mod the game, as well as my mods. I'll refer to it multiple times in this guide.

    Lastly, within that I've created two more empty folders for the tools we'll be installing:

    - Aemulus Package Manager
    - Reloaded-II

    Note: if you have an anti-virus application installed that tends to complain about perfectly safe programs (*cough* Norton *cough*), whitelist these folders.

  10.  That's it! Your installation environment is set up and ready to go. The next step is to configure the tools themselves, starting with Reloaded-II.

2.3. Reloaded-II

Reloaded-II is an open-source application with DLL injection features. We'll be using the Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader (p4gpc.modloader) and Steam Hook (reloaded.universal.steamhook) features to load mods.

Before we configure the application, it's helpful to understand the following distinction:

  • Reloaded-II mods are extensions that hook into Reloaded-II to manipulate the executable. These are installed in Reloaded-II\Mods.

  • Mod Loader mods (AKA "Aemulus packages") are files loaded dynamically by the mod loader from a folder in your game's installation directory. Typically this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\mods.

I appreciate that having two types of mods can be a little confusing, but don't worry for now! It should make a lot more sense as you progress through this guide.

  1. Download the latest release of Reloaded-II (see "Requirements" at the top of this guide) and extract the contents to your newly created Tools\Reloaded-II folder as pictured.

  2. Run Reloaded-II.exe by double-clicking the file.

    If you can't find Reloaded-II.exe or it doesn't launch, your anti-virus is most likely to blame. Try making an exception/whitelisting the application and its folder, then re-download and try again.

  3. On first launch, Reloaded-II may ask you to download and install some prerequisites. If it does, install all of these as prompted before continuing.

    Note: If you experience any issues with Reloaded-II, try running it as an administrator (right-click Reloaded-II.exe -> "Run as administrator").

  4. Now we're on the main Reloaded-II screen, disable “Show Console” by changing the red plus to a grey minus.

    Some mod creators may ask you to enable this for troubleshooting purposes, but generally you’ll want it disabled since it can negatively impact performance.

  5. In Reloaded-II’s left column, you should see a plus icon. If you hover your mouse over this, it will say “Add an Application”. Click this to open a file selection prompt.

  6. In this Windows Explorer window, find and click on your P4G.exe to highlight it (typically this will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden). Then click “Open” to proceed.

  7. After selecting the P4G.exe, you will be returned to the main Reloaded-II window. You should notice that there is now an icon for P4G in the left column (yellow, the protagonist's face):

  8. The next step is to download the Reloaded-II mods we need. In the left column, click the “Download Mods” icon (pictured):

  9. In the list of mods shown, find and select "reloaded.universal.steamhook” then click “Download”:

    A smaller window will likely appear confirming the packages to be downloaded. Click “Download” again here:

  10. Now do the same again, this time for “Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader”. Download it from the list:

  11. Now that both are downloaded, click on the “Manage Mods” icon in the left column (pictured):

  12. In the “Manage Mods” view, highlight “Steam Hook”. From here we need to enable p4g.exe by clicking on the grey square icon to the left of the text.

    Do the same for "Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader" too. The boxes should change to red when enabled:

  13. As shown in my screenshot above, you may also have a third mod installed: “Reloaded II Shared Lib: Reloaded.Hooks”.

    Do not enable p4g.exe for this one - leave this unchecked (grey).

  14. Finally, click on the yellow P4G icon in the left column (the protagonist’s face) to enter the "Configure Mods" view.

    In this view, enable both mods as pictured below:

    - “Steam Hook
    - “Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader

    Once enabled, check that Steam is running on your PC and click “Launch Application”.

    With this quick test, we just want to make sure P4G boots successfully. If the game loads without issue, we're good. Close the game.

    If it doesn't, see the "Troubleshooting" section of this guide below for help before continuing.

    Important: Whenever you want to play Persona 4 Golden with mods, you must launch the game via Reloaded-II and Steam needs to be running in the background. Launching the game without doing this will run the game with mods disabled.

    To make future launches simpler, you can create a Reloaded-II-specific desktop shortcut for P4G with the “Create Shortcut” option.

    If you'd like to add a Reloaded-II shortcut to Steam, you can follow the instructions here.

  15. We’re now ready for the final steps: installing a Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader mod with Aemulus Package Manager!

2.4. Aemulus Package Manager

Aemulus Package Manager is an open-source application that makes installing, managing and updating your Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader mods super simple. Most downloads on GameBanana are structured specifically for it.

You can identify a mod made with Aemulus-compatibility in mind from the red “A” logo on the preview image (e.g. "Detailed Descriptions"). Mods without this graphic tend to be older and may cause issues.

  1. Download the latest release of Aemulus Package Manager (see "Requirements" at the top of this guide) and extract the contents to your P4G Mods\Tools\Aemulus Package Manager folder as pictured:

  2. Open Aemulus Package Manager by double-clicking AemulusPackageManager.exe.

    ou shouldn't need to run this application "as administrator" but if you experience any issues, give it a try.

    If you can't find AemulusPackageManager.exe, it doesn't open, or you're getting some errors about missing files at launch, your anti-virus is most likely to blame. Try making an exception/whitelisting the application and its folder, then re-download and try again.

  3. At first launch, the application will look something like this:

    You’ll know if you’re in the correct mode if the buttons are yellow and “Persona 4 Golden” is selected in the drop-down menu.

  4. Since this is the first time we’ve used the program, we’ll need to configure it. Click the yellow “Configure Paths and Settings” icon in the top bar:

  5. You will be presented with a smaller window asking you for three paths:

    - "Output Folder"
    This is the location Aemulus will copy your built mods to. This must be the mods folder in your game’s installation directory. Typically, this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\mods (see screenshot). If a mods folder does not exist in this location, create one.

    - "P4G.exe Path"
    This must point directly to Persona 4 Golden’s main executable. Typically, this path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\P4G.exe (see screenshot).

    - "Reloaded-II.exe Path"
    This must point directly to Reloaded-II’s main executable. This will be C:\Users\YourUsernameHere\Documents\P4G Mods\Tools\Reloaded-II\Reloaded-II.exe (see screenshot).

    Note: It’s critically important that these paths are correct, so triple-check them before continuing. The contents of "Output Folder" will be completely deleted whenever you make changes to your mod loadout, so selecting the wrong path here could have major consequences!

  6. You will notice a few check boxes at the bottom of this Config window with additional options.

    For now, enable these three:

    - “Use CPK Structure
    - “Enable Mod Updates
    - “Update All On Refresh”.

  7. Finally, before we close this window make sure that “English (data_e.cpk)” is selected in the drop-down menu, then click “Unpack Base Files”.

    If you’ve set your paths correctly, you should see the console window update with messages about various files being extracted before completing with a "Finished Unpacking!" message:

    This may take a little while to complete. Click “OK” to close the pop-up message, then close the Config window.

    Note: If you experience any errors when trying to unpack base files, your anti-virus is most often to blame. Whitelist the Aemulus folder/program, re-download it and try again.

  8. We’re now ready to install a mod!

    For this example, I’ll be using Pixelguin's "P5 Strikers Font". For the purposes of this tutorial, please make sure you download the mod with the green, manual "Download" button and not the "Aemulus Package Manager" (one-click install) button.

    (Once you've completed this guide, feel free to experiment with the Aemulus button when downloading mods, but for now it's important that you understand how to manually install one first!)

  9. Click on the “Open Package Folder” icon in the top bar (pictured). This will open a Windows Explorer window at the following location: Aemulus Package Manager\Packages\Persona 4 Golden. This is where all of your Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader mods will be installed from now on.

  10. Let’s take the P5 Strikers Font .zip we downloaded and open it with 7-zip. We can see that that the root folder within is P5 Strikers Font. Drag this folder into your Packages\Persona 4 Golden directory:

  11. With any mod you install, it’s important to always check the folder structure to ensure it will work properly with Aemulus. All mods installed in Packages\Persona 4 Golden need to follow this general structure as a minimum:

    <mod name>\<a “data0000x”, "data_e", “SND” or “movie” folder>\<the mod files>

    With this in mind, let’s check the font mod to see if it looks correct:

    P5 Strikers Font\data_e\init\...

    This looks good! We have the main folder named after the mod, then a data folder (in this case data_e), then everything else within.

    You may have noticed two more files here in the root... These files aren’t required but are useful to have and most mod developers will include them:

    - Package.xml contains metadata for the mod, including version number and the author's name.
    - Preview.png is a preview image for the mod.

    Both are used to display additional information about the mod in Aemulus.

  12. Now that we know the mod is structured and installed correctly, let’s go back to the main Aemulus window and click the “Refresh Packages in Grid” icon:

  13. You should now see the font mod listed! To enable it, click the check box in the "Enabled" column on the left:

  14. With the mod enabled, we’re ready to build and try it out in-game! Click the “Build and Merge Package Loadout” icon in the top bar.

  15. Again, the console at the bottom will update and after a few moments a “Finished Building!” message will appear:

  16. So, what’s actually happened here? If we go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\mods, we can see that Aemulus has built our mod load-out and placed it here, ready to be used in-game.

  17. Now to try it out! Simply launch P4G via Reloaded-II. You can do this directly in Reloaded-II, from a shortcut (if you created one earlier) or with the “Launch Persona 4 Golden” rocket icon in Aemulus:

  18. As you can see from the screenshot below… it works! The font has been replaced and now uses the one from Persona 5 Strikers!

  19. ...And we’re finished! You’re ready to start downloading and using mods with Persona 4 Golden. Whenever you download a new mod, just follow the process detailed in step 8 of this section onwards.

    Remember, you must click the "Build" button (hammer) whenever you make a change to your enabled mods in Aemulus for your modifications to appear in-game.

    It's recommended to always keep your mods and tools up-to-date for the best experience. Aemulus will automatically check for any available mod updates whenever you open the application or refresh.

    Need some mod recommendations? Check out Pixelguin's "PC Fixes + Quality-of-Life Mod Directory".

2.5. Troubleshooting

  • "My controller isn't working."

    Some controllers (particularly the newer ones; PS5, Xbox Series), don't seem to work with P4G by default. To force the game to recognise all controller types, try enabling Steam Input:

    1. In the game Properties window, select Controller.
    2. Set Override for Persona 4 Golden to Enable Steam Input.

    If that doesn't work, try launching the game with mods as an administrator or via an alternate shortcut. As noted in the guide above, you can:

    - "Launch Application" directly from Reloaded-II.
    - Click the yellow rocket ship icon in Aemulus.
    - Launch the game via a Reloaded-II-specific desktop shortcut you've created.

    It's possible that one of these options may allow your controller type to be detected properly while the others do not.

  • "I'm getting an Aemulus error that says: The requested operation requires elevation."

    Run Aemulus Package Manager as an administrator and try again.

  • "I'm getting an Aemulus error that says: Failed to unpack everything from Persona 4 Golden! Please check if you have all prerequisites installed!"

    Run the All-In-One Prerequisite Installer again. You need exactly the versions that application installs. If it wants you to install .NET Core 3.1.10, that's what you install. Not 3.1.9, not 3.1.11 - 3.1.10! Remove them all and reinstall if you have to.

  • "I'm seeing an error in the Reloaded-II console that says: Assertion Failed: Couldn't fit all the environmental variables in allotted space."

    This isn't an error. If you're experiencing issues, I can assure you this isn't the cause.

  • "P4G crashes/freezes immediately when I launch with modloader enabled."

    - Launch P4G directly through Steam to see if it works without mods. If you still get the issue, then mods aren't the problem and you'll probably need to reinstall the game.

    - Make sure all of your mods are *correctly structured* according to Step 9 in the Aemulus Package Manager section of this guide. This is very important. If in doubt, reach out to the mod author.

    - If you are are running any of the following applications on your machine, close them, then try again: "Razer Cortex", "RivaTuner Statistics Server (MSI Afterburner's Overlay)", "MSI Dragon Center (Control Center)", "Special K", or any other random game booster type programs.

  • "Nothing happens when I launch P4G via Reloaded-II."

    Make sure your P4G.exe path is correct in Reloaded-II. It's a common mistake to forget to include P4G.exe at the end of the file path.

  • "Reloaded-II isn't reading the right Apps/Mods folders."

    Reloaded-II keeps a file in AppData (ReloadedII.json) that tracks a single folder each for Apps, Mods, and Plugins. This is necessary for its functionality, but it means you should only have one Reloaded-II folder/install on your computer.

    To reset Reloaded-II's folder paths, delete every Reloaded-II folder on your computer except the one you want to keep, then launch the remaining Reloaded-II.exe.

  • "Cutscenes are laggy/being skipped entirely."

    There are a few possible fixes for this issue:

    - Most often, it's caused by having too many Reloaded-II mods installed resulting in an out-of-memory error (this is unrelated to how much RAM you have installed). If you've recently installed an extra/non-essential Reloaded-II mod like "Persona 4 Golden XP Share", try disabling it and see if that helps.

    - Make sure Windows Media Player is correctly installed and enabled. ATLUS themselves address this issue here.

    - If you are using a laptop with both an Nvidia graphics card and Intel integrated graphics, try forcing the use of your dedicated GPU for P4G. Windows might be choosing the weaker Intel graphics automatically to save power. You can find this setting in your NVIDIA Control Panel application under "Manager 3D settings" -> "Program Settings".

    - Try using the "Low" setting under "Animation Quality" in-game (Config).

  • "My save data disappeared!"

    Don't panic - this is a known bug related to how P4G and Steam exchange information. You can safely get your save data back. You can usually fix this by simply launching P4G without mods, but if that doesn't work for you please try the following steps:
  1. Close P4G. Open and paste a link to your Steam profile to find your Steam ID. We just want the big number at the end of the steamid3 value.

    For example, my steamid3 value shows [U:1:103594589], so my Steam ID is 103594589.

  2. Back up the remote folder from your \userdata\YourSteamIDHere\1113000 directory. Keep it somewhere safe.

  3. Launch P4G (with or without mods, it doesn't matter) and start a New Game. Skip through the opening scenes until you reach the first save point in the Shopping District.

  4. Save the game on all 16 save slots. Don't worry, you aren't deleting your actual save data forever because you made a backup of your remote folder. We'll restore this next.

  5. Close P4G. Delete the remote folder in \userdata\YourSteamIDHere\1113000.

  6. Copy the remote folder from your backup into the 1113000 folder.

  7. Your save data should now work again. Unfortunately, we don't know much about why this bug happens or how to prevent it. If you do, let us know!

  • "My issue isn't listed here..."

    Start by checking the dedicated page for the application you're having issues with. It's possible your query has been answered before in the troubleshooting section or comments there:

    - Aemulus Package Manager
    All-In-One Prerequisite Installer
    - Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader

    If you think your issue might be unrelated to mods, try checking the PCGamingWiki article for P4G.

    If you're still stuck after working through the options above and you know how to say "please" and "thank you", feel free to ask for help in the #p4g-help channel on the "Persona Modding" Discord server or comment below this guide.

    Please make sure you let whoever you're speaking to know that you're following this guide and at which step you encounter your issue. The more information you can provide, the better.

2.6. FAQ

  • "Will installing mods break Steam achievements for the game? Can I get banned?"

    No. P4G doesn't have any kind of anti-cheat system. Using mods from GameBanana will not get you banned or break Steam achievements.

    There are a few mods out there that adjust the parameters for achievements slightly (e.g. "Ultimate Persona - Compendium Registration"), but none of them should outright break anything.

  • "Is it possible to disable the in-game motion blur?"

    There isn't a mod to disable it outright, but the higher the game's framerate is, the more motion blur is reduced. If you have a PC that can run the game at a high framerate, try the following:
  1. Launch P4G and go to the Config from the main menu.
  2. Go to the Graphics tab and set the Vsync setting to Off.

    If you can get 100+ FPS, the motion blur effect will be basically unnoticeable.

3. Making Mods

3.1. Unpacking Persona 4 Golden

For everything but music modding, you'll need an unpacked version of the game files to work from. The recommended tool for unpacking Persona 4 Golden on PC is TGE's "preappfile"

  1. To unpack the game with preappfile, start by downloading the latest build\ from AppVeyor (download).

  2. Open the you downloaded and extract the contents to somewhere on your PC. For the purposes of this guide, I'll be using a directory called P4G Mods\Tools\preappfile.

  3. Before we unpack anything, verify the integrity of your game files in Steam. This will compare your local P4G files to the version on Steam's servers and re-download any that have been modified.

  4. Now that your files have been validated, navigate to your P4G installation directory (typically this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden). Here you will find a few files we need.

  5. Select the following files and copy them to your P4G Mods\Tools\preappfile folder:

    - data_e.cpk
    - data00000.pac
    - data00001.pac
    - data00002.pac
    - data00003.pac
    - data00004.pac
    - data00005.pac
    - data00006.pac

    If you have a data00007.pac in there too, ignore that one. data00007.pac is a mod-generated file that we won't want for this.

    The data_e.cpk is an index for the English-language version of the game, containing information on which files are contained within each .pac. The .pac files themselves are archives containing file data.

    There are multiple .cpk files for data, each for a different language (English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean), plus sysdata.cpk and movie.cpk too. Preappfile unpacks the .pac files according to the .cpk, resulting in an unpack that's accurate to how the game loads the files.

  6. In your P4G Mods\Tools\preappfile folder, drag-and-drop your copy of data_e.cpk onto preappfile.exe (as pictured):

  7. You should see a console window pop-up immediately and begin extracting files from the .pac's. This will likely take a little while to complete.

    If the window pop-up appears for a second but then immediately closes, you're most likely missing .NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime. Reinstall the prerequisites and try again.

  8. When finished, the window will automatically close and you'll notice a new folder in your preappfile directory: data_e.

  9. And that's it! Your files are unpacked. Time to start digging through and see what you can find.

    You might have noticed that there were a couple of other .cpk/.pac combinations in your game installation directory that we didn't cover: movie and sysdat.

    You can follow the same unpacking process detailed above for those if you're curious. The movie files contain the animated cutscenes.

3.2. Identifying Files

Now that your game is unpacked, you're probably looking at this huge directory of files in data_e and thinking, "I know I want to mod X, but where is it???".

The primary method for identifying files is through the use of the Reloaded-II Console. When enabled, this can show you real-time information on files that are currently being accessed by the game. This can be incredibly useful - esecially when trying to identify models, textures or scripts that you can't easily locate when looking at the raw game files:

  1. Enable the console by opening Reloaded-II and clicking the "Show Console" checkbox. When enabled, the checkbox will change to red.

  2. Now that the console is enabled, we need to configure it. Click on the p4g.exe icon in the left column (the protagonist's face, yellow) to go to to the "Configure Mods" view.

    From here, highlight "Persona 4 Golden PC Mod Loader" and click "Configure Mod".

  3. A smaller window will pop-up and you'll be presented with a list of options (pictured). However, the only option we're interested in here is "Verbose Mode". Tick this box to enable it, then click the "Save" button:

  4. With the console enabled and configured, let's take a look at an example use-case. For this tutorial, I will be trying to identify the file responsible for Kanji Tatsumi's portrait in the S. Link menu.

  5. Launch the game via Reloaded-II. If your game is in windowed-mode, you should immediately see a new, second window appear alongside it with a lot of white text. This is the console:

    If your game is not in windowed-mode, go into the game "Config" and enable it.

  6. From here, load your saved game as normal. Once in-game, open the "S. Link" menu option and select Kanji Tatsumi from the list:

  7. You've probably noticed by this point that whenever you perform an action in-game, lines of text will stream across the console window. These are mostly paths to files being accessed in the game's .pacs.

  8. Let's take a look at the lines that appeared when we opened Kanji's S. Link profile as pictured above:

    Here I've highlighted one of the paths to make it easier to read:

    - data00001 refers to the pac being accessed. When comparing to your unpacked game files, you can interpret any data0000x location as your data_e folder.

    - commu¥bustup¥com_kyara06_a_s.tmx is simply a path with a different formatting. You can interpret "¥" as "\" when comparing to your unpacked files.

    So, all together this path reads as data_e\commu\bustup\com_kyara06_a_s.tmx. Let's check this location in our files and see what it contains.

  9. Since this file is a .tmx, I'll be using Amicitia to open it. You can find this tool in the "Tools" section of this guide below.

    As expected, it's the portrait we were looking for! We now know that this is the file we need to modify if we want to make a mod that changes how this portrait of Kanji appears in-game!

    I hope this gave you a general idea of how the console can be helpful. I recommend playing with some examples of your own to better understand how it works. When you're not using it, feel free to disable it again from Reloaded-II.

    If you want to find out more about how mods are packaged for use in-game and sharing with others, I recommend downloading and inspecting some examples from GameBanana, and checking out the main Aemulus Package Manager page too.

    Note: The Reloaded-II Console is not always a catch-all, perfect solution for finding the files you need. For some things like tables and files embedded within a .bin for example, the console won't be able to help you and you'll need to do some manual digging of your own. Check out the tools and resources below for help with this.

3.3. Modding Resources

  • Amicitia Wiki
    This site has lots of information on file types, structure, tables and the tools required to work with them generally.

  • P4G Music Manager
    If you would like to learn how to replace music tracks in the game or create your own song packs, check out T-Pose Ratkechi's tool and the accompanying guide. This is the recommended method for general music modding.

  • GameBanana Tutorials and Questions
    A few tutorials for the most common modding tasks have been written and you can find them here. "Questions" too is another section worth checking if you have a query you think may have been answered before.

  • ShrineFox's Flowscript Documentation
    If you're familiar with software development and are interested in creating something like "Custom Sub Menu" or "Dojima's Coffee", start here! The relevant tools are linked below (see "Atlus Script Tools").

    You can also find a video on the subject from ShrineFox on his YouTube channel. It's a little outdated now, but the fundamentals remain the same.

  • ShrineFox Forum
    Modding discussion and support for various Persona games, P4G included.

  • "Persona Modding" Discord Server
    Discussion and support for a variety of Persona games, P4G included. Virtually every active modder is in there.

3.3.1. Tools

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    I made this account just to ask a question but I don't know where to download preappfile on AppVeyor only thing I could download is the log file.
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  • Downloaded preappfile, copied the eight files (data_e.cpk and the seven .pac files, 0-6) to the folder, and upon dragging data_e.cpk to preappfile.exe the command prompt window opened then immediately closed. No new folder created.

    What went wrong?
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    I can't download steamhook at all. That image tutorial at 2.3 is litterary blank after I clicked Gear+ icon.
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  • The mod loader mod isn't showing up in reloaded-II
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    I think this is bugged on my side, since I tried this yesterday and it worked fine, but whenever I go to download mods, it just shows a blank screen that doesn't load any mods to download.
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    The first step says to extract p4gpc.modloader.7z but that file doesn't exist in the Reloaded or P4G Mod Loader release zips.
    Also, there's a newer version of the mod loader without a release zip.
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    Hi. I've tried to follow along but reloaded's console gives error code.
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    Tutorial is a little outdated, but the UI for Reloaded hasn't changed much, so I'm sure it's fine.
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    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I followed the guide several times trying to uninstall and reinstalling the game as well as the mod loader, reloaded II and Aemulus but whenever I try to launch the game through reloaded II nothing happens. I even watched a video guide and they show after installing everything (minus aemulus) when the Atlas logo shows up it should be surrounded by Jack Frost heads.

    Am I doing something wrong? I'd really appreciate the help!

    Now every time I try to open Reloaded I get this error before it crashes

    Edit Edit:
    So I don't really know what I did. I tried again, redownloaded Reloaded but this time I did v1.1.6 where Reloaded updated itself and now it works!
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    I have a bit of an issue. With the way these files work, I can't have folders of the same name in the same place. If I rename them, they don't even work. Even if I simply add a (2) or (3) to their names. I also can't put them in folders within the mods folder. So the amount of mods I can have installed are very limited. Unless there's something I'm completely overlooking. If anyone is willing to help, that'd be great.
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