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Viewmodel Tilting when Strafing

A Tutorial for Half-Life

So lets start by opening your client workspace and opening view.cpp.

1. Registering New Console Variables

On the top you will find some cvar definitions. After cvar_t *cl_chasedist; we will add these three new cvars.

cvar_t *cl_rollangles;
cvar_t *cl_rollspeed;
cvar_t *cl_tiltextra;

Now in the bottom find void V_Init (void) and before the end of the function add

cl_rollangles = gEngfuncs.pfnRegisterVariable( "cl_rollangles","0.65", 0 );

cl_rollspeed = gEngfuncs.pfnRegisterVariable( "cl_rollspeed","300", 0 );
cl_tiltextra = gEngfuncs.pfnRegisterVariable( "cl_tilt_extra","1.3", 0 );

So i will explain what these cvars do

cl_rollangles is the intensity of the gun tilt.
cl_rollspeed is the speed of the tilt.
cl_tilt_extra will be multiplied with the tilt.

2. Implementing The Weapon Tilt

Now find the V_CalcViewRoll function.

void V_CalcViewRoll ( struct ref_params_s *pparams )

and then change it to this

void V_CalcViewRoll ( struct ref_params_s *pparams, vec3_t &angles )

Now inside the function you will find these lines

side = V_CalcRoll ( viewentity->angles, pparams->simvel, pparams->movevars->rollangle, pparams->movevars->rollspeed );

pparams->viewangles[ROLL] += side;

and change it to look like this

side = V_CalcRoll ( viewentity->angles, pparams->simvel, cl_rollangles->value, cl_rollspeed->value )*4;

// pparams->viewangles[ROLL] += side; // delete the comment if you want viewroll

and also add this line below the new code

angles[ROLL] = angles[ROLL] + side * cl_tiltextra->value;

Now inside the CalcNormalRefDef function and inside the function find

V_CalcViewRoll ( pparams );

and change it to this

V_CalcViewRoll ( pparams, view->curstate.angles );

Now it should like like this

Play around with the values to suit your taste.

I also recommend using this with Admer456's Advanced View Bobbing tutorial since it looks like a more modern view bobbing.

If you have any problems please tell me in the comments.
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