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How to make voice mods in Super Mario 3D World

A Tutorial for Super Mario 3D World

So you want to make mods for Super Mario 3D World, huh? Alright then, I'll be your guide. Before we continue, of course you'll need the required materials...

SARC Extract(there isn't any other links for it, so I'll lend you mine) -

VGMToolBox -

Looping Audio Converter -

NW4F Wave Converter(in MK8 Voice Tools) -

Hex Editor(HxD) -

Uwizard(this is also in MK8 Voice Tools, so no download link!)

WARNING: It's also required you download Audacity. Don't worry, IT'S FREE! -

Note: Make sure to pin all of these folders to Quick Access, on the left hand side of File Explorer. It makes it easier to access your folders.

Now that you have the required materials, LET'S TEACH!!!

Go to the SoundData folder, there should be 3 .sarc files:


SeResourceStd1st has sound effects in the game.

SeResourceStd2nd has the rest of those sound effects and the character's voices.

SeResourceStdSystem are sound effects for the menu of the game.

For this tutorial, we'll focus on SeResourceStd2nd.

Copy the SeResourceStd2nd.sarc and paste it into the SARC-ARC-PACK-BARS-BGENV-SZS Extractor folder. Then, move the file to the SarcExtract.exe.

A folder with the .sarc's filename will pop up. Go in it and you'll see 1 .bfgrp file. A .bfgrp file contains a butt load of .bfwavs that we can convert to .wavs.

Copy the SeResourceStd2nd.bfgrp and paste it to the VGMToolBox folder. Click the VGMToolbox.exe

If you go into VGMToolBox, click Misc. Tools, Extraction Tools, Generic, and Advanced Cutter/Offset.

Click the Presets box on the upper right hand corner. You should be looking for the Nintendo Wii U - FWAR  Wave Archives & FWAV streams. If you do not have these listed, it is because you did not download those xml files. To download them and continue, Click Here. After downloading them, move the files to plugins/AdvancedCutter in the VGMToolBox folder.

Close VGMToolBox and reopen it, following the procedure from above.

If you do have it, we can continue! Since we are looking for .bfwav files, we should go with the Nintendo Wii U - FWAV streams option. Click it and press the Load button under it.

Drag and drop your bfgrp file into it and a folder will be created. The name of the bfgrp file will be integrated in the folder, just in case you don't know where the folder is.

When you look into this folder, you notice there's over 1000 sounds in this folder. It might be a little overwhelming so I made an organized list so it's easier for you to tell where the characters voice clips are...


MARIO = A5A - A5F, A9A, A57 - A64, A92 - A99, 6A0 - 6FD, 61A - 69F, 620 - 699 (Total = 251 sounds)
LUIGI = A6A - A6F, (Total = To Be Announce)
PEACH = A7A - A7F, (Total = To Be Announce)
TOAD = A8A - A8F, (Total = To Be Announce)
ROSALINA = To Be Announced


MARIO = BC - C3, E5 - E6, EB(Total = 11 sounds)
To Be Announced
PEACH = To Be Announced
TOAD = To Be Announced
ROSALINA = To Be Announced

If you do not have the exact number items like the one above, then you probably made a mistake. You should go back and check again. If you do have these numbers, we can continue.

Make a folder for the character your modding(put the character's name) in the VGMToolBox folder(not the SeResourceStd folders). Then copy and paste the specific .bfwav files for that character in the (Character's Name)folder.

(Hint!) Do this by increments; Whenever there's a space between sound clips, just copy and paste what you already have selected into the (Character's Name)folder, so you can move on to the next increment. This makes it easier for you!

Now, copy all of these .bfwav files and paste them into the LoopingAudioConverter folder.

Move all of the .bfwav files you pasted into the LoopingAudioConverter.exe. When it opens, you'll see that the .bfwav files are already into the box.

LoopingAudioConverter has a output format option. You can convert them to either mp3, wav, or ogg(but I recommend .wav). After choosing an output format, click Start.

LoopingAudioConverter will then convert those files. The LoopingAudioConverter also has it's own output folder, so just go there.

If you click the files, you'll be able to listen to them.

We can't continue unless you have audio files at your disposal. a great place to get them is at the Sounds Resource! -

If you have the audio files and Audacity, then we can continue.

When editing the audio files in Audacity, make sure you

1. Make the hertz size(it affects how clear it sounds) 28000. It's the one that says "Hz" at the bottom left corner.

2. The audio file can't have a bigger file size than the original. It must either be the same size or less...however, in this case, the audio file must be the same file size as the original or the game will crash.

When you're done replacing all of the files, copy all of the replaced files and paste them to the WAV to BFWAV folder.

Put the files in the N4FW_WaveConverter.exe. .bfwavs with the same name will pop up. Delete the .wav files.

Welp, thIS iS wHeRE tHE fUn bEGinS!!! This is the hard part. This may look complicated, but if you follow my directions, I won't lead you astray.

Open HxD and put the SeResourceStd2nd.bfgrp in HxD. It should be in the SARCExtract folder. This should give that file it's own tab.

Make 2 windows in File Explorer: the (Character's Name)folder and the BFWAVS to WAVS folder. The (Character's Name)folder has the original sounds and the BFWAVS to WAVS folder has the modded ones.

Move the first original sound file in the (Character's Name)folder to HxD. This should give that file it's own tab. Move the first modded sound file in the BFWAVS to WAVS folder to HxD. This should also give that file it's own tab as well.

Go to the original voice clip's tab. Press Ctrl + A on your keyboard. This command covers everything on that tab. Then, press Ctrl + C.

Go back to the SeResourceStd2nd.bfgrp tab. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard. This command will allow the Find box to pop up in the program.

Click the Hex-values tab. Next, make the search direction All. Click the Search for box and paste everything you've copied from the original voice tab. Press Enter on your keyboard. This will find the original voice file in the .bfgrp file.

Once it is found and something is selected, go to the modded voice clip's tab. Press Ctrl + A on your keyboard. Then, press Ctrl + C. Go back to the SeResourceStd2nd.bfgrp tab and press Ctrl + V.

If a message pops up saying that you'll change the file size and if you still want to replace it, press No. If you are receiving this message, it's because the modded sound file isn't the same file as the original's. If it's bigger than the original, go back to make sure the file is the same file size as the original. You might need to make the file smaller with Audacity.

If you are receiving the same message yet the file is smaller than the original, then you can change it in HxD. Go all the way to the bottom of the modded voice clip tab. Next, type enough 0's for it to match the file size of the original. If something pops up, click Yes. Don't add TOO MUCH, just enough for it to be the same size.

If you pressed Ctrl +  V and nothing popped, you did it right! Congrats. Close the original and modded voice clip tabs. If something pops up asking you to save the edited modded one, press No.

Seems simple enough right? Well, here's where the fun part come this for ALL OF THOSE FILES IN THE FOLDER. It's simple once you get the hang of it but it's very, VERY, tedious.

Once you've completed that, replace this new .bfgrp file with the original. Save it and close HxD.

(Note) For some odd reason, when HxD makes a new file, it makes a .bak file of the old file. Go to the SeResourceStd2nd folder in the SARC-ARC-PACK-BARS-BGENV-SZS Extractor folder. Find the .bak file and delete it.

Now, go to the Uwizard folder. Thank God, we're almost done! Click the Uwizard.exe On the top right corner, click "Archive Manager."

Select "Pack SARC." Something will pop up, allowing you find the directory for the folder of your choosing. Find the SARC-ARC-PACK-BARS-BGENV-SZS Extractor folder and SeResourceStd2nd folder. Click it and press OK. a SeResourceStd2nd.sarc will pop up, and now you are done! Just paste it into content/SoundData.

Any further questions? Post it in the comments. This is a thread after all!
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