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How to Install Mods on Citra Android - A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. (3DS).

So here we are again but this time, on mobile.

So an Official Android port that allows you to run Citra Emulator and "*any of the 3DS library" on Mobile is now out on Google Play (as Early Access). So it's great news! But however, it's still unstable and you'll experience many framerate/performance drops depending on what phone and specs you have. Sometimes being incompatible like my Samsung Galaxy J8. :'(

So I'll be going to show you how to install mods on this Android port. Maybe as an alternative if your 3DS' SD Card slot is broken or something? Although, tutorial is basically the same as PC but this time, on mobile.

If you're 3DS is not modded, please follow this guide to install CFW on your 3DS. DO IT PROPERLY!
Come back here once you're done modding your 3DS.
I also don't allow to help people who pirate stuff either. So better make sure you have a 3DS with you.

1.  Requirements:

  • Modded 3DS with Luma CFW
  • Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS
  • Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS Update 1.1.7 (Optional: DLC)
  • SaltySD's code.ips
  • A mod that you want to install
  • Citra 3DS Emulator for Android (Available in Google Play)

2. Preparation:

  1. Installing Hacked 3DS and dump the game and update.
  2. Download the app on Google Play.
  3. Download SaltySD.

3. Dumping things from the 3DS:

Before you start playing the emulator, you have to dump the game and update. If you don't know how to dump game and update from the 3DS, here it is:

3.1. 3.1. Dumping Smash Bros digitally:

  1. Open Godmode9(requires CFW) by holding the START button while booting
  2. [A:]SYSNAND SD/title/00040000/000edf00/content/
  3. Select <8 digit number>.tmd
  4. Look at the bottom screen and select TMD file options and Dump CXI/NDS file

3.2. Dumping Smash Bros physically:

  1. Open GodMode9 by holding the START button while booting
  2. [C:] GAMECART
  3. Select 00040000000edf00.trim.3ds
  4. Select NCSD image options and Decrypt file (0:/gm9/out)

3.3. Dumping game's update:

  1. Open Godmode9 by holding the START button while booting
  2. [A:]SYSNAND SD/title/0004000e/000edf00/content/
  3. Select <8 digit numbers>.tmd
  4. Look at the bottom screen and select TMD file options and Build CIA (standard) or Build CIA (legit)

Once you're done dumping, insert your SD Card to your computer and you can get them on gm9/out folder.

4. Installing SaltySD:

Before starting, you go to Files and locate citra-emu folder. This is your Citra folder (equivalent to the PC version).
  1. Place your update.cia elswhere and open Citra Android.
  2. Select the folder and tap Install CIA.
  3. Locate your game update and wait until the icon of the game changes to 1.1.7.
  4. Then, go to Files and go to citra-emu folder.
  5. Create a new folder and name it load
  6. Inside load, create another folder called mods
  7. Inside mods, create another folder and name it to 00040000000EDF00
  8. Inside 00040000000edf00, create a folder called exefs and place your code.ips.

5. Additional Note (High Poly Code):

Since mods nowadays are require to use the High Poly Code by Super Smash Bros. Neos, it's basically the same way. You can get their code.ips here and download

6. Installing Improper/Unorganize Mods:

Well, I have to explain you people what considers an Improper/Unorganized Mod.
These are mods that have no direct path for the file, those that requires you to rename the folder (cXX, hXX, chr_00_<name>_XX.tex, etc), and those that are not in their right path (or using Wii U's path). Please use your brain and figure things out yourself.

  1. Download a specific mod that you like here on Gamebanana (Wii U sounds would work for 3DS but you have to rename them), GBATemp (mainly this one and this one), or other sites.
  2. Please check the files you download if the folders aren't in their right place.
  3. If they're in the right place (with correct path), skip this tutorial and proceed to Modpack/Proper/Organized Mods. If it's not, continue...
  4. Use the template as a guide so that you could place these files to their place. (Look at the Example and Contents below)
  5. Eject your SD Card and then insert to your 3DS
  6. Open Smash 3DS and wait for it to load (some modpacks like UsM-eM, Neos, and Turbo'd will load too slow when you first install them, depending on the type of SD card you use)
  7. Enjoy!

6.1. Example:

But since people have a hard time understanding things, here's an example.
I'll use N64 Mario as an example(this might get updated or trashed in the future).
If you look at the ZIP file, you can tell that it's not in its right folder which won't load the mod properly.

All you have to do is create a folder and name it model in smash folder.
Then, create another folder inside model folder and name it fighter.
Then, create another folder inside fighter folder and name it mario. (Case sensitive. No CAPS in the name)
Then, create another folder inside mario folder and name it body.
Lastly, drag c05 and h05 in the body folder.

So it will look like this:

All you have to do is create a folder and name it ui in smash folder.
Then, create another folder inside ui folder and name it replace.
Then, create another folder inside replace folder and name it chr.
Then, create five folders inside chr folder and name them:
  • chr_00
  • chr_20
  • stock_00
  • stock_90
Lastly, drag chr_00_Mario_06.tex to the chr_00 folder and vice versa.

So it will look like this:

Note: If you don't want to make folders, you could download the template.

6.2. Contents:

Path: saltysd/smash/model/fighter/<fightername>/body/<costumes>/

<fightername> (it has to be lowercase):

c00/h00 = Default
c01/h01 = 2nd Costume
c02/h02 = 3rd Costume
c03/h03 = 4th Costume
c04/h04 = 5th Costume
c05/h05 = 6th Costume
c06/h06 = 7th Costume
c07/h07 = 8th Costume
(Little Mac and additional costumes):
c08/h08 = 9th Costume
c09/h09 = 10th Costume
c10/h10 = 11th Costume
c11/h11 = 12th Costume
c12/h12 = 13th Costume
c13/h13 = 14th Costume
c14/h14 = 15th Costume
c15/h15 = 16th Costume
NOTE: If you are going to put a mod over an additional slot, follow this guide.

Normal path: saltysd/smash/ui/replace/chr/<chr files>/<chr>
DLC path: saltysd/smash/ui/replace/append/chr/<chr files>/<chr>

<chr files>:

Basically, it's the file inside <chr files>. So if the mod have chr_00_Mario_05.tex, then it should be like this: ui/replace/chr/chr_00/chr_00_Mario_05.tex

Ex: chr_00_Mario_05.tex
For <fightername>, it have to start with a captial letter. all lowercase for the fighter name will not load.

01 = Default
02 = 2nd Costume
03 = 3rd Costume
04 = 4th Costume
05 = 5th Costume
06 = 6th Costume
07 = 7th Costume
08 = 8th Costume
(Little Mac and additional costumes):
09 = 9th Costume
10 = 10th Costume
11 = 11th Costume
12 = 12th Costume
13 = 13th Costume
14 = 14th Costume
15 = 15th Costume
16 = 16th Costume

Wii U sounds works for 3DS but sometimes static.
Voice Clip Path: saltysd/smash/sound/vc/
Music Path: saltysd/smash/sound/bgm/ or luma/titles/<titleID>/romfs/sound/bgm
Sound Effect Path: saltysd/smash/sound/se/
For the names of the music file, go here.

7. Installing Modpacks/Proper/Organize mods:

So one person on the Discord server have a hard time installing a modpack because of instruction 2 above. So to make this fair and square for newcomers who are afraid to look at other folders inside the modpack, here's how you install modpacks and also proper/organize mods with arranged path:

  1. If the zip/rar file starts with smash folder, drag it to saltysd folder.
  2. If the zip/rar file starts with saltysd, just drag the entire file to sdmc.
  3. If the zip/rar file starts with a bunch of folders, drag it to smash folder.
  4. Open Smash 3DS and wait for it to load (some modpacks like UsM-eM, Neos, and Turbo'd will load too slow. That's normal)
  5. Enjoy!

8. Reminder:

I've been using "000edf00" on this guide because my game is US Region. If your game isn't US, here are some other IDs.
EUR: 000ee000
JP: 000b8b

9. Uninstall Mods:

Now look. This is by far the EASIEST way to unintall mods. But since there are people who are too afraid to touch a file or delete it and might get brick for no particular reason at all, here's how to uninstall mods if you don't want to play mods entirely.

  1. Go to load\mods\00040000000edf00\exefs and delete code.ips
  2. Go to sdmc and delete saltysd folder.

It's that simple. How hard could it be?
But if you want to uninstall one mod or keep it, there are two options, either delete the certain mod you don't want to use or rename smash folder to anything and create another smash folder for a different mod.

10. FAQ:

Q: Is this a legit Android port or is this a scam?
A: No. This is indeed legit and it's still on its Early Access.

Q: HELP! The mod I downloaded makes the emulator stop working.
A: I can't help if you don't specify which mod. Even then, it could be an emulator issue or a corrupted mod from the old times.

Q: I download and it's not showing except for the pause screen.
A: It seems you downloaded a mod that requires a High Poly Code. Please read the guide carefully on how to install High Poly Code on mobile.

Q: Can I play Citra Online with these mods?
A: No Netplay support.

Q: The game lags so much!
A: It depens on the phone you're using. If you have a decent specs, there will be some slow downs but some parts are full speed.

Q: Does model imports and custom stages work on this emulator?
A: Yes obviously.

Q: I can't load Turbo'd, Neos, USM-eM, any modpacks on this emulator.
A: Just like the 3DS, modpacks will load slow at start. Just wait for few minutes.

Q: Can I use this emulator to test mods like model imports or texture hacks?
A: Yes. You can use the emulator for testing purposes. It's easier to test on an emulator than reinsert your SD Card/Micro SD Card a dozen times.

Q: When I tried to update, I got this error "The file that you are trying to install must be decrypted before being used with Citra. A real 3DS is required". Send help.
A: That's because you illegally download that! No piracy and no, I'm not allowed to send you the .cia. Don't even DM me too. Either get a 3DS and dump it yourself or screw it and leave.

Q: I download a mod and it doesn't work!
A: There are alot of reasons why it doesn't work. Most notably, you didn't install the mod right as some mods don't have the right directory or missing a folder. Others have the folder with captial word like Smash or Luigi. Files are case sensitive. Some folders have to be lowercase. Also, check the file if it's correct or not. Some have cXX or hXX which require you to rename them to any slot.

Q: Will this work on older versions like 1.1.4 or 1.0.0?
A: No. SaltySD only support the latest version.

Q: HELP! I'm using Smash Selector/ModMoon and I can't see my mods!
A: That's because ModMoon don't work on emulators, sorta. It does transfer but pressing Launch button will just crash the emulator but the folder have been transferred to saltysd/smash. Any ModMoon issue, please visit USM-eM's Discord server.

Q: Can I use Wii U's .nud and .nut to the 3DS?
A: No because they're using different format. If you want to play Wii U imports on the 3DS, you should make a request and let someone port it to the 3DS.

There are plenty of questions asked. I'll update once you've got a problem or I made an error on the guide. Anyways, enjoy using them and play it on the go.
In my opinion, it's better if you just buy a 3DS than play it on mobile. 3DS are cheaper than you expensive piece of hot garbage anyway. I mean, would you prefer having high quality and low FPS or low quality and accurate FPS?

11. Screenshots:

Since Gamebanana removed Smash 3DS Hacking Discord Server invite link, if you have concerns and any technical emulator issues, please head on to the Official Citra Discord Server.
I will NOT entertain more questions in the future. You're on your own.

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