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How to make the "Apple for Baldi" item - A Tutorial for Baldi's Basics

Alright, making this tutorumial so yall can stop asking how make this item so here:

1. You need to first make the apple item, I have a tutorial this so check it out to make the apple item then come back.

2. In the GameControllerScript Make 3 AudioClip variables (1st for the "Apple for me? Thanks" and the second for the "Yum" and then the 3rd for the eating sound [well unless its already in the Yum sound but idrc)

3. Make a IEnumerator (make sure you're using System.Collections) and make sure you call it in the item code for the item.

4. Now make the animation for when he's actually chewing the item (In the Animation window) and also make an animation for when he's idle and about to eat the apple 

5. Make a GameObject and call it "Baldi with Apple" and then make a child gameObject and give it the SpriteRenderer & Animator, after that make it a Prefab and delete. Then after reference it in a GameObject variable in the GameControllerScript

6. Make a new Animation Controller and insert it into the Animator component slot

7. Now open the Animation Controller in the animtor and drag your animations there

8. Make a transition for the BaldiAppleIdle animation (or sprite) and then make a new parameter (Trigger) called "EatApple" and then make a transition from the Idle to the Eating Apple animation and give it that parameter

9. Now back in the code in the IEnumerator put this

baldi.GetComponent<BaldiScript>().enabled = false;
baldi.GetComponent<NavMeshAgent>().enabled = false;
GameObject baldiApple = Instantiate(baldiApplePrefab,  baldi.transform.position, baldi.transform.rotation)
Animator animator = baldiApple.GetComponentInChildren<Animator>();
yield return new WaitForSeconds (bal_appleForMe.length);
yield return new WaitForSeconds(bal_Yum.length);
baldi.GetComponent<BaldiScript>().enabled = true;
baldi.GetComponent<NavMeshAgent>().enabled = true;
yield break;

And your done! If I left something or are having trouble, let me know!And also if the yum sound is a one timething then you would do a for statement and cycle til your done same for the eating sound (if its a seperate sound)