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How to Make 3D Doors! - A Tutorial for Baldi's Basics

This is my first tutorial made in GameBanana, And i will teach you how to make 3d doors!

Step 1

Load your Door Texture, For Example, Baldi's Office.

Step 2

Now. Select the Entire door.

Step 3

Make a new layer And Copy the door in the bottom layer.

Tip: Use Ctrl + C To copy it too. This is a fast method to do it

Step 4

Paste the Selected door in the Top layer.
Tip: Use Ctrl + V To paste it. It's The same method

Step 5 

Delete The Selected door in The Bottom layer.
Tip: Press Supr or Delete Key to remove the selected door

Step 6

Click The Top layer and Go to Layers > Rotate Zoom

After You clicked it. It will appear a window like this

Step 7

Rotate the door to 80 degrees And size the door with a suitable size

Step 8

Move the door close to the wall.

Step 11

Click Merge Layer down Icon to combine the layers in one

End Of the Tutorial!

I hope You enjoyed The Tutorial!
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    I would recommend showing people how to remove anti aliasing using the magic wand tool.
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    Ummm, you can just select the door and then scale it down to on the x and then triangle remove the sides on the top and bottom, it gives you the game result
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    To make it much easier so that you don't have to go to the bg layer and delete the original door, just Ctrl+X that door, make new layer, Ctrl+V
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