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Loading Mods with Luma and Citra - A Tutorial for Fire Emblem Fates

Citra as rolled out their new mod loading system, and after getting questions about it my, I've decided to write a guide to loading mods on the 3ds for Luma or in Citra. This guide is focused on Fates however it should work with any 3ds game.

1. Luma Method:

Luma CFW uses a method commonly called LayeredFS or Layered File System. This method can be used to load mods without having to edit and rebuild your whole rom.

To load mods hold select when booting your 3ds and make sure "Enable game Patching" is turned on. this option will stay on after enabled so you only have to do this once.

To install mods put your SD card in your computer then navigate to SD:\luma\titles\[Title ID]\ In this folder you'll have to make a romfs folder. 

The Title IDs for fates are:
0004000000179500 - EUR Birthright
0004000000179700 - EUR Conquest
000400000017A800 - EUR Special Edition
0004000000179400 - USA Birthright
0004000000179600 - USA Conquest
0004000000179800 - USA Special Edition
000400000012DC00 - JPN Byakuya Oukoku / Birthright
000400000012DD00 - JPN Anya Oukoku / Conquest
000400000012DE00 - JPN Special Edition
For other games Title IDs check here

Most mods go in the romfs where as code patches in the Title ID folder itself and must be called code.ips. The folder layout should look kinda like this:
luma\titles\[Title ID]
    - romfs
        - mods go here
    - code.bin/code.ips (if needed)
    - exheader.bin (if needed)

2. Citra Method:

Citra now includes it's own version of layeredFS so make sure you version of Citra is up to date before trying this out. Loading the mods is very similar to luma and even works with mods structured for luma.

To get started open Citra and right click on Fates and choose "Open Mods Location".

This will bring you to load\mods\[Title ID]. from here you need to make a romfs folder and an exefs folder. just like Luma most mods go in the romfs folder but your code patches will go in the exefs folder instead of the Title ID folder.

Alternatively you can make a luma folder in you load\mods folder for Citra and Citra will load mods the same way Luma does as seen above.

you folder should look like this:
load\mods\[Title ID]
    - exefs
        - code.bin/code.ips (if needed)
        - exheader.bin (if needed)
    - romfs
        - mods go here
or like this:
load\mods\luma\titles\[Title ID]
    - romfs
        - mods go here
    - code.bin/code.ips (if needed)
    - exheader.bin (if needed)