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How to restore TF2 voicelines for PF2 - A Tutorial for Pre-Fortress 2


download fix and clarification 4mo
  • BugFix Fixed the vo folder download link
  • Addition Included a stipulation in the beginning of the tutorial
Before starting - please note this only works on a local server that you can create from the main menu. If you want this to work in multiplayer, you need to set things up serverside. There is no workaround that I'm aware of, sorry.

You will need:

1. Step 1

Download both files above
#1 The voice lines from tf_port (needed as they are all .wav, the extension pf2 uses)
#2  game_sounds_vo.txt which tells the game when to use which voice line.

2. Step 2

Once downloaded, navigate to Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\pf2.
  1. create a folder titled custom if there isn't already one.
  2. Inside custom, create another folder named workshop.
  3. Inside workshop, another folder named sound. Extract the vo folder from the first link to this new sound folder.

3. Step 3

  • Place game_sounds_vo.txt, obtained from the second link, to Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\pf2\scripts
  • Alternatively, you can put the game_sounds_vo in custom\workshop\scripts, If you want to avoid altering the games actual files.

And done. All TF2 voicelines should now work.
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    I understand that the mod only works in multiplayer if the server allows it. I hope there will be  such a dedicated server sometime. But the mod doesn't even work on a local server no matter if I put the txt in the game files or in the workshop one :(. The only thing it does is remove the regular pf2 medic call but strangely the pf2 hurt sounds are still there
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    I wasn't able to get this to work by putting it in the custom folder. I had to overwrite Pre-Fortress 2's files to see a change. Also, it appears that you can't use this mod on servers, which makes it kinda pointless.
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