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Create a Jumbot Waypoints (JRF file) - A Tutorial for Half-Life

A few years ago, I had created a master waypoint for jumbot (a file needed to play maps with the bots) although it was quite useful, it was not perfect.
Until recently, I found on the internet an old jumbot version, which included instructions to how to create waypoints!
After doing some tests, I decided to upload the tutorial with some advice from me.

Before explaining how to create a waypoints, I will first explain how jumbot works.
Unlike zBots from CS:CZ, these bots work with "reference points" instead of well-defined limits
Look at the screenshot to see what I mean

his has the advantage of not having to carefully mark ALL the limits of the map since bots can dodge walls without problems.
the disadvantage is that if the reference points are far apart, the bots are likely to get stuck.
keep this in mind when you create your own waypoints.

there are two methods to create your own waypoint
The first method is with the command "wp_autoplace 1"
this causes a reference point to be created automatically after a certain distance between one point and another. but as I said before, if there is too much distance, bots can get stuck.
To avoid this problem, there is a second method, the "makewp" command allows you to create a reference point manually.
With the help of these two commands, you must walk the entire map to create enough points of reference so that the bots can move smoothly, this may take several minutes, but the result will be worth it.

1. Always make sure each waypoint is visible from the previous waypoint and the next waypoint.
2. Make sure you stay crouched while placing waypoints in areas that require the player to crouch to avoid certain obstacles.
3. Try not to go off any ledges that you can't climb back up.
4. Try to place a waypoint close to each side of a door.
5. Place waypoints close to buttons that need to be used, so the bots will know to use them.
6. Place waypoints close to health/HEV suit rechargers if you want the bots to use them.
7. Don't get killed.

After you've finished constructing your waypoint file, use the writewpfile command to save the waypoints to a JRF file and then restart the level. The JRF will be automatically loaded each time the level is loaded from now on. If you don't like the job you did on the JRF and want to redo it, simply delete it from your Jumbot\wpfiles directory and reload the level. Each JRF file will have the same name as the level it is for (boot_camp.bsp is boot_camp.jrf, etc).

PD: the "*" must not be inserted in the console
Test it and done!

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    kanadali Joined 1y ago
    i can not thank you enough for this! i have been playing half life with jumbot for so long and could not figure out how to create jumbot waypoint files! Because jumbot is still best bot out there and yes i know the year is 2020 people are still playing this game and enjoying it.! thousands thanks for this mate..!
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