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How to Make a Texture Mod

A Tutorial for Minecraft: PS Vita Edition

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For all Your texturing needs...

Ok, So, The First thing You're going to want to do is to dump Your game, to get the textures to edit, I'll walk You through This.

1. Dumping Your Minecraft

1.1. Open VitaShell and navigate to ux0:patch/

1.2. Then, with Your cursor over Minecraft, open the menu by

Pressing Triangle, and select "Open decryped" with X.

In the USA, Minecraft is PCSE00491
In Europe, Minecraft is PCSG00302
In Japan, Minecraft is PCSB00560

1.3. Get off ".." by pressing the Down Arrow, and open the

Menu and select "Mark all" then "Copy"
(The menu will close after selecting "Mark all", You will
have to open it again.)

1.4. Now navigate to ux0:Data/

1.5. Open the menu, Go down to "New" and select It, next, select

"New folder" and name it whatever you want,I named mine
 "Minecraft decrypted."

1.6. Enter this New folder, Open the menu, And select "Paste"

This will take some time.

1.7. Once that is done, connect to Your computer. 

1.8. On Your computer, Go to Data 

(or ux0/data if using FTP, I don't recommend it, it's slower than USB) and Move the Folder You just made somewhere else.

You can now safely disconnect Your Vita, You've dumped your game!

There are actually modifiable textures baked into the game, so I'm
see what they are. I'll post a link to a pack of them once I get them
cobbled together.

2. Making Your mod

I recommend You back-up Your game files to somewhere, so You
don't have to get them again from Your Vita.

You can safely delete these files and folders, We won't be
changing them here, but You're welcome to try.
(Windows will say they are system files, they are not.)

You can change basically anything in Common\res\TitleUpdate\res\
and Common\res\1_2_2\ and things will change in game, but, for the
 sake of the tutorial, we'll be changing the sun into a pepper.

There are certain textures that cannot be gotten from dumping
Your game.

2.1. Download the Textures from here:
We will be using them.

I'll also assume You use gimp, Because that's what I use.

extract 1_2_2 to Common\res\and go into it.

2.2. go into "terrain" and open "sun.png" with Gimp

click the paintbrush tool, and select the pepper brush.
I think size 21 will do.

Since Windows treats it like a system file, We need
to delete it before We overwrite it, or it won't

2.3. now tell Gimp to overwrite sun.png.

It should look look like this:

3. How to Install Your mod

Make sure you have RePatch on Your hacked PS Vita,
This will make the mods work.

anyway, let's say you started off on square one, just hacked your vita moments ago, and just now have RePatch installed.

3.1. Prepping Folders and files

3.1.1. Open VitaShell and connect to your computer by pressing SELECT.

3.1.2. Navigate to ux0: (skip this step if using USB)

3.1.3. Create a new folder called "rePatch"

3.1.4. in it, make another folder with the same name as Minecraft's.

In the USA, Minecraft is PCSE00491
In Europe, Minecraft is PCSG00302
In Japan, Minecraft is PCSB00560

in this folder create a new folder called Common.

3.1.5. Keep on going until you get to where the sun is.


3.2. Installing your Mod

3.2.1. Copy sun.png there.

3.2.2. Disconnect from Your PC and close VitaShell

Open Minecraft: PS Vita Edition.

Your result should look like this:

This is perfect, There's a Pepper in the sky.
The perfect mod for whoever wants to be looked down on by a produce.

4. Conclusion

Well, I hope You found this guide on how to make a texture mod useful, I worked hard on it, and it took Me a good while before actually getting this knowledge together. 

I hope to see this community flourish, But maybe that's asking too much...

4.1. Remember this:

Including files you didn't edit in the RePatch folder will slow down loading times, so it's not recommended.

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