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Making Overview Mini-maps for Half-Life mods

A Tutorial for Day of Defeat

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This tutorial will teach you how to make minimap overviews for Half-Life mods (CS, DoD, etc).

Your mission, should you decide to accept it is to learn how to do what is described below. Just follow the directions.

Many maps do not have the overview minimaps. They are really not hard to make. Below is how to make them and you can contact me through steam chat if you have any questions.

Once you have made some overview minimaps and check them to be sure they work, zip them (the bmp and txt files) and upload them to the cloud. Post a link here so they can be downloaded and put into the server. We all benefit when we help each other and our community gets stronger.

How to make a DoD overview map/minimap

Most of the info comes from a video (, but is missing a few important steps, which I've figured out and included here. Once in a while, there are a few maps which don't line up correctly. those have to have their numbers tweaked in the description file. Once I get the maps done then I can go back and fiddle with those and post on how to do that too.

If you have any questions, just ask. :)

Before you begin, there are 3 programs besides DoD that you need to make an overview map/minimap:
 GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
You can get GIMP from:

The other programs are Notepad and MS Paint, which comes with Windows.

You may have your maps, overveiws, etc spread between two different folders: dod and dod_downloads

You want to cut or copy everything in the dod_downloads folder and put it into the dod folder

If you don't feel comfortable doing this, then note which folder the map is in, whether dod/overviews or dod_downloads/overviews

If your map that you are making the overview for is in the dod_downloads/overviews folder, then make sure that you save the bmp and txt files into the dod_downloads/overview folder. Hereafter, I will be referring to the dod/overview folder as the main focal point.

Let's begin :)
[Step 1]
* Open Day of Defeat
* Open Options/Video (tab)
* Write down the following:
  * Resolution
  * Display Mode
  * Any checkboxes that are checked and unchecked

[Step 2]
In Steam/Library, right-click  Day of Defeat, choose Properties, Set Launch Options

**Write down** what is there (so that you can change it back when you are done) and change to:
-nojoy -console -developer -dev +sv_cheats 1 -windowed -w 1024 -h 768

Click [OK] [CLOSE]

[Step 3]
Click [Day of Defeat] button to run the map
Spawn as either side
Tap you [m] key until the map/minimap is gone

Go into console and type:
 hud_draw 0
 r_drawviewmodel 0
 dev_overview 2
 sv_cheats 1

Take a screenshot [F5] (your bind may be different)
Hit the tilde key [~] to open the console and type:
 dev_overview 1

Hit your up arrow and backspace once character then type 0 and return"
 dev_overview 0

Copy one line from the console to the notepad
Typical example:
 Overview: Zoom 1.51, Map Origin (-608.00, 288.00, 136.00), Z Min 577.00, Z Max -305.00, Rotated 1

All numbers from that line are used except for Z Min

Below that put the data into the areas like I did (I use CUT and PASTE of the numbers so that no typos occur), inserting your map's information:
Note: Anything after // is considered a comment and is ignored by the game

 // Overview description file for CHANAGENAME
  ZOOM 1.51
  ORIGIN -608.00 288.00 136.00
  IMAGE "overviews/CHANGENAME.bmp"
  HEIGHT -305.00

[Save as] mapname.txt into the dod/overviews folder (use the map's name instead of "mapname")

I use a overview description file template (the blank line at the top is where I paste the copies info from the console:

// Overview description file for CHANAGENAME
// Overview made by YOURNAMEHERE
 IMAGE "overviews/CHANGENAME.bmp"

To get the name of the map, hit your period key (.) while in the game, like you are going to change teams. The name of that map will be there.

[Step 4]
If you are NOT done making overview minimaps, continue onto Step 6
* Go into console and type:
 hud_draw 1
 r_drawviewmodel 1

[Step 5]

* In the Steam Library window, click the Menu [View] and choose [Screenshots]
  * Choose [Show on disk]
  * Usually the bottom/last picture that is mostly numbers (like 20190907021558_1.jpg) is the picture you want
  * Right-click the picture rename it to the mapname with the same extension that it already has (jpg)
  * Right-click the picture and choose [Open with...] GIMP

> The picture need to have indexed colors:
  Once GIMP opens the picture for editing, in the menu, choose Image/Mode/Indexed
  * Choose [Maximum number of colors] 256
  * Click [Convert]

> Let's make the green background transparent:
  * Below the menu, there is are an array of tool icons. Click the Color Picker Tool (2nd row, 2nd from the left - looks like an eye-dropper)
  * Use the tool to click on the green part of the picture (background)
  * Below the array of tools, there is the foreground/background color selector
  * Left-click on the green (Active foreground color)
  * The HTML notation should be [font=Lucida Console]00ff00[/font]. That is what we need for transparency. If it has a different number, change it to [font=Lucida Console]00ff00[/font]
  * Click [OK]
  * If you had to change the HTML notation number, then from the tool array choose [Bucket Fill Tool] (4th row, 4th column)
  * On the left below the tool array you will find the Bucket Fill options area
  * Make sure that "Fill similar colors" is selected (left side, about 3/4 down)
  * Left-click on the green background in the picture to fill with the transparency color (00ff00)

> Now we need to change the resolution:
  * In the menu, click Image/Scale image...
    * Change the X resolution and Y resolution to 72 pixels/in
    * Click [Scale]

> Almost there. Time to save our work by exporting the picture:
  * In the menu, choose [File/Export as...]
  * Change the name of the picture to have a bmp extension instead of jpg
  * In the Save in folder line (2nd line from the top of the window), click Steam
    * Then scroll down to find steamapps/common/Half-Life/dod/overviews
  * Click [Export] then [Compatibility Options]
  * Make sure the "Do not write color space information" box is unchecked
  * Click [Export]

> If you are NOT done making overview maps:
  * Close the tab of this picture and minimize Gimp
  * Go to Step 7

> If you are done converting maps:
  * Close Gimp, [Discard Changes]

[Step 6]
* Open your file browser and navigate to dod/overviews
  * Right-click on the map you just saved (yourmap.bmp) and click Edit
  * This will open the picture in MS Paint
  * In the menu, click [File] [Save as] [BMP]
  * Click [Save to overwrite]

I do not know why this step is needed, but it seems to be needed in order for the oveview picture to work on all maps. I did notice that the file size is different. If you just save as a bmp with GIMP the file size is:         787,578 bytes
And when you resave as a bmp using MS Paint the file size is: 787,510 bytes
It probably needs to be saved with MS Paint because the header info is different. It could be that there are some configuration setting in Gimp that I need to adjust.

[Step 7]
* Run the map to see if the map/minimap works. This is a very important step.
* Check the console (hit ~) to see any error messages

[Step 8]
* If you are done making overview map/minimap pictures do the following:

* In Steam/Library, right-click  Day of Defeat, choose Properties, Set Launch Options
   * Enter what you wrote down in step 2
   * Click [OK] [Close]
* In the game, go to [Options/Video] (tab)
  * Uncheck [ ] Run in a window
  * Adjust the video settings to what you wrote down in step 2

*This is what I have in my Launch Options:
 -nojoy -console


ERROR: Error parsing overview file overviews/dod_youmap.txt. (, unkown)
FIX:   There are commas, in the ORIGIN field. Remove them.

ERROR: Error parsing overview file overviews/dod_yourmap.txt. ( unkown)
FIX:   Possibly missing the ending quote (") on the IMAGE line.

ERROR: Unsupported image file format.
FIX:   Check that the file extension is bmp for the IMAGE.
       You did save as a bmp using GIMP to your dod/overviews folder, right?

ERROR: Error loading overviews/dod_facifrag_mtek.bmp
FIX:   Did you remember to do Step 6? (Re-save as bmp)

If you have any problems, just ask me and I will help you.
You can reach me through Steam chat.
My Steam name is TheScaryGuy and it has a picture of Jack Nicholson from the movie, The Shining, as the avatar.

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