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[Guide] Modding on Yuzu Emulator (UMM Method) - A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This emulator still have issues regarding Homebrew and its deemed unsafe to use Ultimate Mod Manager on Yuzu as it corrupts data.arc, causing the emulator to softlock (stuck in Launching), and other nonsense that Yuzu and UMM breaks. Please move to Ryujinx for better mod support.

Also, I will not entertain your questions, don't ever DM me this! If you want to ask questions, please go ask them on Yuzu Discord Server.

Look. I know the emulator is still on its early infancy and not everyone is able to play it at full speed, but just in-case that day comes, I will present this guide since this is one way to do so unless...
Skyline for the emulator like how Citra 3DS got SaltySD!

If your Nintendo Switch is not modded, please read this guide first to install CFW on your Switch. DO IT PROPERLY!
Come back here once you're done modding your Switch.

Also, be careful with outdated video tutorials.


Many of the mods here on this website don't actually work on Ultimate Mod Manager. But some might but haven't tested. If you like to test it, go for it. But if you get a compression error, then the mod don't work at all. Please understand that modding Smash Ultimate on Yuzu using Ultimate Mod Manager isn't easy as there are still limitations. You can't install Skyline or ARCropolis or SaltyNX as they don't have full support yet. So don't expect Goku over Terry or any of the mods after ARCropolis' release to work for Ultimate Mod Manager. I think it's better for you to mod your Switch than have these limitations. If you don't have a Nintendo Switch or your Switch is patched, there's nothing we can do to help. Thank you.

tl;dr: Modding on an emulator is poor yet. Go mod your Switch. You won't get banned unless you pirate games and you won't brick your system unless you drop it 5ft above.

2. Requirements

For the record, the latest version of Ultimate Mod Manager added Yuzu support and fixed some of the bugs that plagued people who got "Data.arc does not match your game version". There's even a small guide on where to place files so it would be direct. I prefer you guys to check out the changelog on UMM for a DIRECT instruction. Still, no ARCropolis/Skyline/SaltyNX/Minecraft-skin support atm. We have to wait for RyujiNX Emulator to deliver that new spicy feature.

3. Preparation

Mod the Switch and follow this guide on setting up for Yuzu. This also includes dumping the .keys, games, the emulator, and everything.

4. Obtaining data.arc

Do note that Yuzu is capable of dumping romfs. Although you could do that to your Switch console but I'm certain that what Ultimate Mod Manager does is dump the current update of the game and not a specific update. NOTE: TRYING TO DUMP DATA.ARC USING UMM WON'T WORK ON YUZU!
Also, keep that in mind that you will get "Data.arc not found" if you only have stock version (1.0.0 aka you did not install an update) or incorrect file path.

  1. Right click your game and go to Dump RomFS and press Dump RomFS from SDMC
  2. Select Base
  3. Select Full
  4. Dumping takes at least 25-30 minutes. After you're done dumping, the emulator will open the dump folder.
Move on to Installing Mods.

5. Installing Mods

5.1. Startup (Yuzu)

  1. Go to File and click Open yuzu Folder
  2. Go to sdmc and create a folder UltimateModManager. Then, open UltimateModManager folder and create another folder mods
  3. Go to UltimateModManager\mods and place your decompressed mod folder
    UltimateModManager\mods\[Mod Folder]\
    Example: sdmc\UltimateModManager\mods\sanic_april_fools_update\fighter and ui
  4. Open Yuzu
  5. Boot Ultimate Mod Manager, and install mod

5.2. Startup (Ryujinx)

The Ryujinx step is if Ultimate Mod Manager becomes a nuissance to install/uninstall mods due to data corruption and you don't want to continue redumping or copying your dumped 17GB data.arc, right?
  1. Make sure you download Ryujinx as Yuzu have problems with Homebrew
  2. Please move data.arc from yuzu\sdmc\atmosphere\contents\01006A800016E000\romfs to Ryujinx\sdcard\atmosphere\titles\01006A800016E000\romfs (please create these folders if you haven't)
  3. On Ryujinx Emulator, go to File and click Open Ryujinx Folder
  4. Go to sdcard and create a folder UltimateModManager. Then, open UltimateModManager folder and create another folder mods
  5. Go to UltimateModManager\mods and place your decompressed mod folder
    UltimateModManager\mods\[Mod Folder]\
    Example: sdcard\UltimateModManager\mods\D_oh_\fighter and ui
  6. Go back to Ryujinx
  7. Boot Ultimate Mod Manager, and install mod
  8. After installing, move data.arc back to yuzu\sdmc\atmosphere\contents\01006A800016E000\romfs

After you're done installing the mod,

5.3. Loading

  1. Go to Emulation and press Stop
  2. Boot the game.
  3. If it crashes or freeze, please close the emulator, reopen it, and boot the game again.

There you have it! You finally got mods in Smash Ultimate! It's somewhat useful to test your mods before releasing. Here are some screenshots I took on the emulator:

(Super Mario Party Waluigi over Captain Falcon and Homer over Ryu are available on my Discord server. You may distribute it here on Gamebanana but you have to be a Redistributor)

6. Things that you CAN'T DO on Yuzu

Added this since many people who are new to modding and new to [REDACTED] and emulating thought that everything on this section should work for Ultimate Mod Manager. It's true that mods work IF it was created in 2018 to mid 2020. Anything after that date, even now, expect PLENTY OF COMPRESSION ERRORS.

Here are list of things that you CAN'T DO when following this tutorial:
  1. You can't load mods that were created after July 2020. Always check the date of the mods before installing.
  2. You can't load SaltyNX plugins.
  3. You can't load Training Modpack.
  4. You can't load Minecraft Skin Plugins.
  5. You can't load Turbo Mode.
  6. You can't load anything ARCropolis.
  7. You can't load ARCadia.
  8. You can install custom intro, custom final smash, custom music, additional music packs.
  9. You can't use Quazar as it did not notify if files are too big to compress.
  10. You can't load "all" Pyra/Mythra mods due to fixed textures when created.

6.1. What is a Compression Error?

To any newcomers who ignore all the errors that Ultimate Mod Manager gives you, here's what a compression error looks like.
Courtesy to Tohsaka#0329

Anything that says "bytes too large compression failed on" means that mod will not work. I recommend you to uninstall the mod and delete the mod in sdmc/UltimateModManager/mods. If you want to use it badly, mod it on your Switch or mod it on Ryujinx. Still complaining on Ryujinx, sucks to you. Your loss if you keep complaining on Ryujinx for having poor performance and lack of Gamecube support.

6.2. Why no modder fix it or make it compatible to Ultimate Mod Manager?

It's because we mod our games on our Switch and the current modding advance is ARCropolis. We will NOT go back to the old method just to make you satisfy.

6.3. Why Gamebanana do not have an Ultimate Mod Manager section or have a list of mods?

Kinda redundant since Yuzu will have ARCropolis support anytime soon. Why would we make a section for an old method? Plus, there are COUNTLESS of mods during UMM's time and making a duplicate category for it is pointless and time consuming, especially having nearly 90 characters to consider in every category (skins, animation, effects, moveset, etc. Do these with 90 characters, that would create 450 sub-categories). There are also offset mods that are WAY OUTDATED and not compatible for both UMM and ARCropolis unless being decompressed and renamed properly.

For list, it's up to the mod creator or you guys to list THEIR mods and see if it's compatible to UMM or not.

7. FAQ

Q: Is this emulator legit?
A: Yes ofc. Yuzu Switch Emulator is made by the same team that made Citra 3DS Emulator.

Q: Can I run mods on RyujiNX Switch Emulator?
A: Yes but method might be different and will be on a separate tutorial to not make any confusion.

Q: So I don't have a Switch and I downloaded it online/got it from a friend, can I still get data.arc?
A: I don't support anyone who admittedly pirate games by downloading them on the internet. But if you got it from a friend who OWNS a modded Switch, then yes. You can dump.arc. Just follow the guide. Any issue on dumping and loading the game without mods might be caused by your ROM being corrupted while dumping.

Q: Will SaltyNX be compatible with this emulator?
A: Sadly no since SaltyNX requires it to run in the background while playing Smash.

Q: Will Skyline be able to run on the emulator?
A: Unfortunately, it will not, just like SaltyNX because it also requires it to run in the background while playing Smash. The sad truth is that Yuzu Team's high priority is not modding games but optimizing the emulator so that it can play games. 
However, the Skyline/ARCropolis team are working with the Yuzu Team to implement that on Yuzu. So far, ONLY Skyline works but loading any .nro plugins will not work. For now, it's impossible to have moveset modding montage on 4K Resolution on Yuzu. If you want to do it on emulator, follow the Ryujinx guide.

Q: What about Arcropolis? Will it work?
A: Arcropolis is a plugin for Skyline. If Skyline NRO loader don't work on Yuzu, then Arcropolis don't work on Yuzu.

Q: The emulator freezes when I press X in Ultimate Mod Manager after installing.
A: The emulator doesn't have support to open another app from an app. Please follow the guide and don't launch the game via UMM.

Q: Can I use the emulator to test my mods?
A: Yes you can! Some of my screenshots in my mods were taken from the emulator. But however, no moveset modding or mods that requires SaltyNX/Skyline.

Q: Will there be a Switch Emulator for mobile devices?
A: NO! Phones aren't really powerful to play Citra 3DS Emulator and now you're asking for an Android port of the Switch? I prefer buying the console while it's hot than throwing your money for a really expensive gaming phone. There's the Skyline Switch Emulator but that still not able to render 3D games properly, including Smash Bros.

Q: When I install a mod, I got "bytes too large compression failed on ".
A: That's because the mod that you probably installed is for ARCropolis. I'm sorry but current mods don't support Ultimate Mod Manager.

Q: Can I use ARCadia to load mods?
A: No. Since there's no Skyline/ARCropolis support, ARCadia will not work. However, it will open normally but will not function properly.

Q: Can I use Smash Minecraft Skins to load a custom skin for Steve/Alex/Zombie/Enderman?
A: No because this is a Skyline plugin.

Q: When are we going to have Skyline/ARCropolis support on Yuzu?
A: They're still working on it. Be patient.

Q: I got " does not exist please check directory" error.
A: Make sure that you update your game so that it match and make sure that the mod path is correct.

Q: I am using Vulcan and I can't open Ultimate Mod Manager.
A: You can't open UMM on Vulcan. Switch to OpenGL in order to open the application. You can still use Quasar Mod Manager but it does not detect any compression issue. If you see textures or models gone corrupted, then the mod you installed is for ARCropolis. No fix, just uninstall the mod.

Q: When I dump romfs, it did not get the correct data.arc size (17GB) but I install them on NAND.
A: No clue. Best to try dumping it on a clean yuzu folder (backup and delete or rename your NAND folder) and install the update again. If problem persist, go to the Yuzu Disscord Server.

Q: Booting Ultimate Mod Manager takes too long to boot (Stuck in Launching screen) || I got this issue when opening UMM.

A: I've recently got a talk with Yuzu Team and they said that Yuzu Emulator is unstable with Homebrew Apps. To fix this, try disable MacroJIT.
If that doesn't help, close the emulator>open it again>open Ultimate Mod Manager.
If that still doesn't help, backup your current yuzu folder (in Roaming) by renaming it other than yuzu, open Yuzu, add NAND and keys (you can move/copy them from your backup), and launch Ultimate Mod Manager.

Any questions regarding installing mods or setting up Yuzu, please take screenshots and upload them on Imgur. Thank you.

So yeah. That's all. Maybe come back once Yuzu is fully playable to everyone.
Maybe in a year or so on certain computer specs
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    According to the last yuzu progress report, skyline support is being worked on, is it possible we may see an update in the near future?
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    Mods say there too big for yuzu help!!!
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    when i try to open UMM, yuzu just crashes

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  • I booted umm to install the mod, but it doesn't go to the mod install screen just like the image
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    Also, all of the mods that I try to download through UMM don't work including the sanic one, saying "("Whatever Mod") does not exist, check its path". This is the place where ive got my mods stored in too: yuzu\sdmc\UltimateModManager\mods\(then mods go here). If I'm doing something wrong, please tell me. Thanks!

    Edit: I also don't know how to change the mod load path directory. If that is what I need to do, please tell me how to do it. Thanks again!
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    Every time I try install a mod using ultimate mod manager, I get a bunch of lines of text saying the same thing: "ARC magic does not match". It also happens with the sanic_april_fools_update mod so I don't think it is because the mods need ARCropolis or anything. Any help to fixing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the tutorial! I'm having an issue though. Only a few textures that I'm trying to install are actually installing. The issue remains the same all around for the ones that won't work, like for the one in this screenshot: it's saying that it's too large. Is there a way I can fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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  • it seems that the guide is now incomplete, i used it a while back but coming to try use it now its missing what you do with the data.arc folder and since i also cant find a video on this i cant really do anything
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    Hey this is a stupid question but can I delete the folder ".nrr" that comes after you dump the romfs? It is the only other thing that is dumped other than the data.arc.
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  • I keep getting the file does not exist, please check it's path error, despite doing everything right.
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