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How to inject custom music

A Tutorial for Pokemon Sword & Shield

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1. Prerequisites

2. Dumping the Stream.pck

Download NXDumpTool from here and put it on your SD card.
Run it. If your copy of Sword/Shield is on a game card, select "Dump gamecard content". Else, select "Dump installed SD card / eMMC content".
Then select RomFS options > Browse RomFS section
The Stream.pck is located in bin/sound/NX64/wwise/bank.
If you get an error message saying that prod.keys cannot be found, run Lockpick_RCM, then try again. Then (obviously) copy the Stream.pck to your computer.

3. Converting and injecting

If you run Sound Editor 2018 for the first time, you will be prompted to install Wwise. Click OK and it will run the Launcher installer. Then you need to login or register with your Wwise account. Click on install in the Wwise Launcher. After everything is done, return to Sound Editor 2018 and select Settings > Settings.

In there, set the main Wwise directory to the folder you installed Wwise into. (Typically Program Files\Audiokinetic\Wwise  2017.1.2.6361) and set the WEM-Export directory to the folder you want to save your files in. Now you're done with the setup. Click Save.

Select Tools > Sound Converter. Click the button next to Select sounds and select your .mp3 file. (it must be an mp3 file). Then click Convert and wait for it to finish.

4. Now the actual injecting

Press File > Open and select your Stream.pck file. I typically sort by size so the music files are at the top (Press on Size).
Right-click on an entry and hit Play to hear the sound file. If this is the sound you want to replace, Right-click on it and hit Import. Then select the converted .wem file that is in your export directory you selected earlier. Wait until it says "File data injected" in the bottom left.

5. You're done!

You now just need to copy your modified Stream.pck to your cfw's LayeredFS directory (contents or titles). 

Example with Atmosphere 0.10.1 and Pokémon Sword:

Note: Since this tool is meant for WWE 2k18, the injected music is not perfect, but it works.

(Sorry for bad formatting or other stuff, this is my first tutorial.)
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  • Drakogalaxy12 avatar
    Drakogalaxy12 Joined 18d ago
    access_time 18d edit 18d
    there's a way to deactivate loop music?, the music restart in a part i dont want
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  • Frinkeldoodle avatar
    Frinkeldoodle Joined 2mo ago
    access_time 27d
    This worked perfectly! Glad that this is doable now.
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  • TheLetterKaeh avatar
    TheLetterKaeh Joined 29d ago
    access_time 29d edit 29d
    After some very thorough digging, I've found that all of the music is split into several parts. The whole gym leader theme, for example, is in 5 parts; The intro, the first bit of music, the techno beat, the transition to the final half, and the actual final half music. This applies to all songs, including the pokemon center, which is 2 parts, and Bede's theme, which is in 3 (I think?).

    The "intro" for the pokemon center should be located at ID 965478329. There are several different kinds and another intro I've found is at ID 974851316. Have fun with this info!

    PS: I'm getting a "failed to inject file data" error when trying to import my custom WEMs. Any ideas?
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  • Loric avatar
    Loric Joined 1y ago
    761 points Ranked 42560th
    access_time 1mo
    Worked for me, thanks!!
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  • CelsiusSiren avatar
    CelsiusSiren Joined 2mo ago
    access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    So I found that if you inject a sound file that is shorter in duration than the initial wem file, you wont get any sound(during the duration difference) until it plays the intial duration before it starts the loop again. And if you inject a sound file that is longer than the initial sound file, it will just get cut off and loop from the beginning.

    I am really bad at explaining, but did that makes sense to anyone? If so, what can be done?
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  • kobalt avatar
    kobalt username pic Joined 1y ago
    SWSH Manager
    107 points Ranked 67696th
    7 medals 1 rare
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    access_time 1mo
    Awesome tutorial! thank you. 
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  • tom avatar
    tom username pic Joined 18y ago
    End Boss Ripe Supporter TBS2 Manager Super Admin
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    tom avatar
    End Boss
    access_time 1mo
    Added a table of contents for you.
    testing 1234 222
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