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Sonic Adventure 2 Model Import Guide - A Tutorial for Sonic Adventure 2


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If you must use Blender, here is a link:
The process is nearly identical though I am not working on any of these. Ergo, problems should be directed towards the maintainers of these tools.

The attached video is a tutorial by me on how to import models into Sonic Adventure 2 PC, with a focus on character models. It covers the basics although there there's a lot more than can be done by expanding on the ideas presented here.

A rough text guide is as follows:

Basic Text Guide:

-Grab your character model and texture from SA2's resource/gd_pc directory

-Use SA Tools/SA2PC/SplitMDL.exe to split the model's sections out.

-Open SAMDL, Load Texture prs, Load first model in split model folder

-Export model as Assimp DAE

-Import to your program with default units (Optional: use node rename script to fix bone names)

-Edit model, rig it, and delete unused parts


-Add new textures to texture set, save as pvm, save as pak as well

-Load the pvm textures in SAMDL

-Import your fbx model to SAMDL

-Save model (not in split folder)

-Place split model folder and saved model in SA Tools root folder (where model relabeler is)

-Navigate to Sa Tools root folder in command prompt

-Run "modelrelabeler myModel.sa2mdl splitFolder/firstModel.sa2mdl", replacing names appropriately

-Copy split model folder (firstModel.sa2mdl will have changed) to your mod's resource/gd_pc folder and your texture .pak to resource/gd_pc/PRS/ folder


-Change LOD node names in the split folder ini to the main model's first node name. 

-Create lightdash and upgrade models.

-Render bounce texture from new model.

For blender, the steps are similar, but you can use Justin113D's addon to directly import and export:

Here are the downloads for the various things I use here as well as some premade parts for reference:

Latest SA Tools:

ModWorkspace (No longer available)

Testing Bed Example Mod (Remove the DLL from mod ini to reenable hair physics; this may crash Mario) (No longer available)

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