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Mod Manager ~ Mod Installation Guide (Emulators) - A Tutorial for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

A mod installation guide for emulators using Sonic '06 Mod Manager

Welcome to the (official) Sonic '06 Mod Manager modding guide!

Before we proceed, please get the latest version of Sonic '06 Mod Manager. This guide is aimed towards users of Version 2.0 or above who are aiming to install mods for use with emulators such as Xenia and RPCS3.

If you're looking to install mods on real hardware (consoles), a guide will be available soon.

1. Setting up a 'mods directory'

If you're new to Sonic '06 Mod Manager, here's the place to start! When you launch Sonic '06 Mod Manager, you will be instructed to select a 'mods directory' - to be very clear, this is not the folder for the mod you just downloaded (e.g. 'Legacy of Solaris'), but this can in fact be any empty folder.

Once set, you're in! If you have no mods inside the 'mods directory' you just set, the mods list would be looking pretty empty.

2. Downloading mods

If the mod you're downloading is from GameBanana, you can use the GameBanana 1-Click Installer built into Sonic '06 Mod Manager - this option must be enabled in the Settings tab first, however.

Any mod supported by Sonic '06 Mod Manager will appear with a 1-Click Install button on the mod's page. If GameBanana 1-Click Install was enabled successfully in Sonic '06 Mod Manager, you can click that button and the mod will be installed with your consent.

If there is no 1-Click Install button available, or you're downloading the mod from an alternate source, it may not be compatible with Sonic '06 Mod Manager and may need to be formatted correctly (please see the 'Creating mods' section for more information).

3. Installing mods for emulation

Now that you're hopefully familiar with the concept of downloading mods, now we get to the good part... Actually installing them! First of all, you need to set your 'game directory' in the Settings tab.

Before we do that, however - it's worth noting that you must have an extracted copy of Sonic '06, rather than an ISO. If you do have an ISO, please download Sonic '06 Toolkit and go to File > Extract Xbox 360 ISO...

  • If you're using Xenia, set the 'game directory' to the folder containing default.xex.
  • If you're using RPCS3, set the 'game directory' to the folder containing EBOOT.BIN.

Once you have the paths taken care of, you should be good to start installing mods now. To do so, select the mods you want to use in the Mods tab and click Save and Play. Depending on how the mod is optimised, the installation time can vary (please see the 'Mod Manager Optimisation' section for more information).

4. Installing patches for emulation

Before we proceed, please get the latest version of Java. This is required for the Lua decompiler, which Sonic '06 Mod Manager uses to apply most patches.

If you have Java installed, the Patches tab will be available to you - it's just as simple to use as the Mods tab; just choose what you want and click Apply Patches. These Patches are applied when you click Save and Play and will be installed after all of your selected mods are installed first, as to not conflict directly with them.

4.1. Patches

  • Action Gauge Fixes for Sonic - this patch restores some of Sonic's Action Gauge functions; when using the Gems, the Gauge will deplete and replenish automatically.
  • Disable Bloom - this patch will disable the bloom effect when light bounces off terrain.
  • Disable HUD - this patch will disable the in-game heads-up display (e.g. time, rings, lives, etc).
  • Disable Music - this patch is more for convenience for Xbox 360 players, since the Xbox 360 version of Sonic '06 does not save audio settings.
  • Disable Shadows - this patch will disable shadows.
  • Omega Blur Fix - this patch changes some of Omega's shaders so Xenia doesn't render sprites incorrectly.
  • Unlock Mid-air Momentum - this patch unlocks all vertical momentum, making it easier to control the characters in the air.
  • Unlock Tails' Flight Limit - this patch removes the height cap, so Tails doesn't constantly fly into a ceiling.
  • Use Dynamic Bones for Snowboard States - this patch will enable Sonic's dynamic bones for the snowboards (which is disabled by default, for some reason).

4.2. Tweaks

  • Default - the default renderer used by the retail game.
  • Optimised - the Optimised Renderer developed by HyperPolygon64 that improves performance without compromising graphics fidelity.
  • Destructive - formerly known as 'Vulkan API Compatibility,' it does as it says; destroys the renderer in favour of Vulkan API support for Xenia.
  • Cheap - Sonic Team's bizarre render script that disables tons of visual effects.
  • Disabled - disables all real-time reflections.
  • Quarter - divides all real-time reflections by 4.
  • Half - divides all real-time reflections by 2.
  • Full - no real-time reflection compression.
      Camera Type
  • Retail - the default camera used by the retail game.
  • Tokyo Game Show (TGS) - a reproduction of the camera used at Tokyo Game Show 2005.
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) - the same camera used in the Xbox Live Arcade Demo.
      Camera Distance - the distance the camera is from the player.
      Field of View - the camera's field of view.

5. Creating mods

To create a mod through Sonic '06 Mod Manager, click the Create New Mod button to open the Mod Creator window. Fill in the information for your mod and once you click Create Mod, a new folder will be created in your 'mods directory,' named after what you titled the mod.

This new folder will be the catalyst for creating your mod - to make it work correctly, you must simulate the Sonic '06 file system in the folder (e.g. Mod\xenon\archives\, Mod\ps3\archives\, Mod\win32\archives\, etc).

We won't go into full detail here on how mods themselves are developed, since that isn't entirely relevant to Sonic '06 Mod Manager.

6. Mod Manager Optimisation

6.1. Standalone Mods

Standalone Mods are developed by the mod creator to work with Sonic '06 regardless of supporting Sonic '06 Mod Manager. They are intended to be larger, containing more of the game's data to simply be dragged over to the game files and that be it - no installation time required.

6.2. Merge Mods

Merge Mods are developed by the mod creator to be the exact opposite of Standalone Mods - they're intended to be used exclusively with Sonic '06 Mod Manager, or manually merged into the game files. Merge Mods are created by removing all of the files from the ARCs used in the mod, except for the modified ones - in turn, making the mod itself smaller, but making the installation time longer (depending on the ARC).

6.3. Read-only Merge Mods

Read-only Merge Mods are developed by the mod creator to work both like a Standalone Mod and a Merge Mod. In the Read-only field in the Mod Creator window, you can specify what files are not to be merged - this is mainly useful for stage or character mods; where merging those types of ARCs is not ideal.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and we will try our best to clarify where we can - more frequent questions related to this guide's topic will likely be added if necessary.
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    How can I get the xex of iso of sonic 06? I don't wanna install any viruses on my computer so what link should I go to?
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    Thanks for a wonderful tutorial - I switched on the table of contents feature for easier navigation.
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    Hi, I'm having an issue here... I've used multiple mods on Game Banana before - including mod managers for SA1 and SA2 - so I'm not a complete newb or anything... but when I download the S06 mod manager, unzip it (with 7zip, if that matters), and try to run the .exe like this guide says, it says that I can't run the file because it contains a virus or "potentially unwanted software", and then it's deleted from my computer. I can keep unzipping it and trying... I've tried running it as an administrator, my firewall/virus protection is already off... I don't know how to get around this 
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