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Character Modding Puyo Puyo Champions

A Tutorial for Puyo Puyo Champions

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  • The files you're going to edit
  • A LEGITIMATE copy of the game (as said on the PPT tutorial i will not provide help to anyone who is using a cracked/pirated copy of the game for both it most likely being the original build and it being an illegal download, please do not ask for help if your copy is illegitimate.)
  • Narchive (now this isn't really needed anymore, but the method i use uses both Narchive and TPPKtool together so in the sense of me being able to fully help with this i will be describing this extraction method.)
  • TPPKTool 
  • puyotexteditor

File Namings:
These are common character references in the gamefiles, it's best to learn and remember what correlates to who

arl - Arle
ami - Amitie
alx - Alex
aly - Ally
car - Carbuncle
cie - Ciel
dra - Draco Centauros
hed - Hed (pretty self explanatory there)
hrp - Harpy
hra - Penglai
htm - Hartmann
lgn - Ragnus/Lagnus
mag - Maguro
raf - Raffina
ris - Risukuma
rng - Ringo
rng_2p - Ringo (alternative textures for when facing the opposite direction, i.e. her hairpin is on the opposite side)
rul - Rulue
sat - Dark Prince/Satan
shz - Schezo
sig - Sig (again, pretty explanatory)
sig_2p - Sig (alternative textures for when facing the opposite direction, i.e. his arm and eye colors are mirrored)
srr - Serilly/Seriri
suk - Suketoudara
srt - Sultana
wch - Witch
make note of these for what character you are intending to change.

Character Files:
searching the abbreviations will find their solo files, but thats not all of their textures they have
Player Cards: \gameAsset\steam\gameAsset\common\playericon_LL.narc, playericon_M.narc, playericon_S.narc, playericon_SS.narc
now these differ between languages, but they all have the same filenames for the most part outside of their abbreviations.
character select, pre-game, and the icons can be found in \gameAsset\steam\gameAsset\menu
look for files with the names charaselect and pregame

Text Editing:
lets cover the basics first, first you'll want to look into the tenp folder in champions' files and go to text. for character bios you'll find the in the charatext folder and right there you'll see the font files and the text itself, select the charatext(language you're editing).mtx you're editing, drag the mtx file over PuyoTextEditor's MTXtoJSON and let it do the conversion. You'll then want to open the .json in something along the lines of Notepad++, make sure its properly formatted! or you'll either crash or have broken text. when finished and you know its properly formatted, save the .json and reconvert.
heres an example of a working edited character bio:

as you may encounter, some letters don't show up, this is because the font file used does not have full unicode. if so, your best bet is to test switching around font files till you find one that best suits you.

Texture Editing:
now this is where things could get a bit complicated if you lose track of what you do, but don't worry, its not very hard once you do it successfully a few times (or hundreds in my case but don't let that scare you)

lets start with extracting what we need. first, move a copy of the narc to the folder that contains narchive. and then drag the .narc over the extract.cmd, enter a name for the folder and press enter (make sure it isnt the same name as another folder in the directory or you'll have big issues.
with the new files from narchive, open the files in Notepad++ and look at the top left corner to see what filetype it is, if its a .dds or a sound file then you're good to go, but if its a tppk file we need to do additional extracting, drag the .tppk over TPPKTools' extract.cmd and do the same process as before (personally i use numbers that correlate with the file's number at the end so i keep track of whats what, but do what you feel is best.) once thats done you're ready to go.

open the texture in your preferred .dds editor and work on the textures however you see fit, but be sure to keep in mind keeping the same file dimensions as the original or you'll run into issues

once you finish editing your textures its time to repack them and test them. copy the name of the original tppk and then delete the original file, drag the folder onto tppktools' create.cmd and paste the file's original name as the complete packing's name. then move all of your tppks/dds files from the original narc and put them into a folder, do the same thing for the .narc as you did the tppk.

now boot into the game and go to the part where you edited textures, either being character select or pre-game, etc.
if all went well you should have a finished edit such as this:

Sound Editing:

now that textures are done lets move to the final aspect, their voices.
assuming you havent gotten the files already, go to \gameAsset\steam\gameAsset\sound\voice to aquire the character's voices you want to change and \gameAsset\steam\gameAsset\sound\se for the character select voices, ALL files with "_e" at the end are the ENGLISH voices, if you want to edit Japanese voices be sure to get the files without the _e at the end.
extraction is the same as textures, move a copy to the narchive folder and extract with extract.cmd
here are the voice usage guide
files 0 - 19: the counting (1 - 20)
20: 20+ Chain A
21: 20+ Chain B
22: Spell 1 (i.e. Fireball!)
23: Spell 2 (i.e. Ice Storm!)
24: Spell 3 (i.e. Mind Blast!)
25: Spell 4 (i.e. Judgement!)
26: Spell 5 (i.e. Bayoen!)
27: Game Win 
28: Nuisance Hit (light)
29: Nuisance Hit (Heavy)
30: Fever Mode Start
31: Character Select (goes unused in character files, not in this order for the actual character select file.)
32: Single-Match Win
33: Match Loss
34: Fever Success
35: Fever loss
36: Counter

replacing the files with pre-made .wavs will work fine, no need to edit them, just use whatever .wav you please.
Once done with that, repack the same way you did with textures removing the tppk part

and that (should be) it! hope this tutorial helps, please be sure to comment for troubleshooting, but for more advanced help please don't hesitate to join the PuyoModding Discord!


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