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Fortnite: The Best tips & tricks

A Tutorial for Fortnite

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The Best Tutorial for Fortnite Gamers

This is how you win the game Fortnite

Fortnite is currently the most popular video game in the world, but it's not that easy. We'll show you how to win in Battle Royale mode and win the epic win.

Epic Games Hype

No game could generate as much hype as Epic Games' Fortnite in 2018 and 2019. Especially the free Battle Royale mode is very popular: The developers recorded a total of 200 million registered players in November 2018 - and they are getting more every day.

Although the by far most popular game mode is free to play, Epic Games generates about $ 300 million each month through in-game purchases such as avatars, outfits and dance moves, according to the online magazine "Benzinga". The available contents are all purely cosmetic in nature - you will not get an advantage on the field by them. Rather, the skills of the gamers are in demand: particularly talented players often stream their Fortnite rounds on Twitch, while thousands of fans watch them. According to "Twitch Trackers", over 100 million hours of Fortnite are streamed each month - the audience is huge.

Gifted gamers can also take part in eSports tournaments and compete with the best Fortnite players in the world. Epic Games is attracting $ 100 million in prize pools spread across the various tournaments of the Fortnite 2018-2019 season, making it by far the largest pool ever in eSports. But to succeed in the competitive arena, you have to bring a lot of skills to the gamepad or keyboard and it's hard to get started, especially in Fortnite. We'll show you a few essential tips and tricks to work your way up to epic victory in Battle Royale mode and help you avoid annoying rookie mistakes.

Survive longer by clever play

Although you can assign Fortnite to the shooter genre, it's not about collecting the most kills in a round. In the Battle Royale wins the one who is the only one still standing at the end. Up to 100 players jump from a flying school bus at the beginning of a lap. The game card shrinks in the course of the match continues until in the so-called Endgame all survivors meet in a narrow area. Your tactic plays a huge role, whether you end up as the winner or already dead after 15 seconds.

Survivors are in every case more successful than haphazard daredevils. Ordinary headphones are almost a prerequisite: Characters in Fortnite move very loud, so you can hear with a suitable headset before a firefight, from which direction an opponent could launch. To be able to call this advantage your own, you should always pay attention to the background noise and react accordingly.

The strength is to be found in serenity

However, you should assume that other players with headphones go into battle. It is therefore advisable to minimize your noise level in the game as much as possible. Sprinting, using vehicles, or smashing loot boxes makes noise that attracts other players - so always try to stay as quiet as possible and pay close attention to your surroundings. Especially within buildings, it is also advisable to always have a Plan B that allows you temporary protection or even escape. Still, you should not run away from every fight. Because who spends the entire round of camping and escaping, is in the decisive endgame without strong weapons and equipment there and is a found food for players with good loot. Instead of evading any opponent, you should therefore select your firefights well considered.

The right entry point

In Fortnite, however, your very first decision in the game can decide on your chances to win. At the beginning of each round, the school bus flies across the map with all players in a random direction. However, where you drop out, it is up to you. Particularly trigger-happy gamers land in the big cities in the middle of the map - these provide the most valuable loot - but the risk of being shot right at the beginning is also significantly higher. So to increase your chances of survival, you should choose a more remote place to land. Many professionals recommend jumping out of the bus as late as possible.

The power of looting

With the right equipment, you can give yourself a tremendous edge over your opponent in the Battle Royale. As for your armament, a balanced loadout consisting of a melee shotgun, a medium-range assault rifle, and a sniper rifle for a long-range combat is always advisable - keep the same order in your inventory at best for all rounds , So you can blindly switch to the appropriate weapons later in the battle, without panic - because here every fraction of a second decides on your success.

Equally important is the quality of your looted weapons - there are five different levels of rarity: Gray Weapons are the most common and weakest. Green, blue and purple are followed, while oranges are the rarest and most powerful. Especially at the beginning of a round, however, every firearm is better than none - because you alone with your mining tool you are also helpless against opponents with gray items.

If you defeat an opponent, he also drops his entire loot, which you can use hack to get. But beware: Gunfights can attract a lot of enemies because of the extraordinary noise, which only lurk on how you are weakened by the fight, defenseless, depending on the loot of the fallen. Always secure your environment and build a few walls around you with the construction tool before looking at the dropped items. The same principle applies to the seductive supply drops. These big boxes, which fall from the sky with a strong loot, are very lucrative and attract a lot of players - that makes you directly to a (still) living target. A few protective walls can help you here extremely.

Headphones have a decisive advantage in the Battle Royale anyway. A single, quickly raised wall or stair can already decide on life and death. So you should use a few rounds to learn the building tool inside out so you can master it blind. For surprising battles against other players, there is a well-tried combination that you should also study well: Build four walls around you as fast as possible so that you are completely enclosed. Do not you know, from which direction your opponent shot at you, you see it now at the latest at the wall, which took damage. Now you can attach a staircase to that wall and fire it from your cover. However, for this tactic to work, you must make sure in advance that you have enough of the appropriate materials in the hindquarters.

In general, Fortnite says that raising your position can give you a big edge. Especially in the endgame, a well-built tower can even help you win quickly. Remember, however, that the different materials have different durability. A metal wall withstands much more than a wooden wall - but the latter is built much faster. If you want to build a higher structure, a stable foundation is absolutely crucial: if the base of a tower is destroyed, the entire construct collapses. Choose your materials wisely.

The storm is your friend

Throughout the game, Fortnite is raging over the map, which slowly but surely feeds on your life bar when you're in it. Meanwhile, the main action takes place in the eye of the storm - but this area gets smaller as the round progresses. Although you suffer little damage outside of this sector, especially at the beginning, the storm can well be your doom if you underestimate it and are too far from the safe zone to make it alive. He also gets so strong in the endgame that you prefer to stay away from him - but not too far in the best case: your opponents must also watch out for him. So if you keep the storm close to your side, it can give you a very helpful backing, which could save you the butt in the endgame.

But now off to the game! As with almost all other games, Fortnite is the same: Practice makes perfect. Take life-saving measures to your routine and practice firefights in the cities to improve your coordination. The team is even more fun in the team - so collect a few friends as a teammate around you and collect the epic victory together!


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