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What we currently can do in Pikmin 1

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A quick list of things we can/can't change.

While Pikmin 2 gets the most attention out of all the games as it is the one with the most progress in hacking. Pikmin 1's simple gameplay premise has caught the attention of me and some other people in the community.  Thus, I present a list of everything we can currently hack at the moment in Pikmin 1.

Object placement in levels:
Currently the only thing we have that lets us edit the .gen files is PikBinGen, a rudimentary .gen to txt editor that allows for conversion back to .gen.  This lets us move existing objects and even add more if you know what you are doing.

Model work:
Pikmin 1, unlike many other Gamecube games, uses a special model format known as .MOD, I along with other members of the community have created a tool that allows us to extract most of the data from this file format with the P1Toolset. However, we are still unable to fully recreate .MOD, just replace it, we also cannot extract bones and mesh data from rigged models as well.  Currently, with the discoveries of a modeling dev tool in the x86 build of Pikmin 1, using another special model format known as .dmd, we can import them into this tool and create a .MOD.

(lois i am in dev tool eheheh)
There is a program that lets you convert obj models into a dmd format but it is not a part of P1Toolset and I was still in the process of applying the methods it used for the tools own converter.

Text when Olimar is talking in game and the journal logs are all easily editable via hex editing, you just need to make sure you follow the control codes(which sadly I dont think were put down so just stare at the .blo files and experiment).

Music in Pikmin 1 is weird, because you can edit it because its in the bms format, but all the tracks are in a single file: pikiseq.arc.  This means that if you can deal with a track not using the proper instruments you can hex edit a custom bms into the file using flaaffy and a hex editor and then make sure you account for the file size changes in the header(which i currently forgot as well).

ASM Edits:
Believe it or not, there are some people that have made simple ASM edits to this game, most of them are dumb little things but the same person who made the initial PAL code for 2 Player Multiplayer in Pikmin 2 AND Luigi's Mansion(KIRBYMIMI) has also made a code for PAL Pikmin 1 (which somehow has huds for both players). This is mostly due to the fact that Pikmin 1 has a usable symbol map which makes editing specific parts of the game much easier. So if you know some PowerPC, try your hand at some edits maybe!

Pikmin 1 uses SCRNblo0("compact"), a documented file format for its huds, this means there are tools out there that can look at and edit these files, which includes the primary blojob.  I haven't seen too many people mess around with the hud but if you want you could try using this and make some edits.

That's pretty much everything we can do currently. If you are interested in helping make tools that let us do more in this game or help improve tools we currently have, come over to the Hocotate Hacker discord as it is the only place with an active hacking community for this peculiar series. Thanks for taking the time to check this out!


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