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Make your own Smash custom music! (nus3banks) - A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. (3DS).

I was informed by jarbar3000 that using the wayback machine, you can still download some nus3banks or brstm files from the smash custom music website! Keep in mind that it does not matter if its not a nus3bank, if it is a brstm file, you can go from step 4. If the song you want it's still not available, you can follow this tutorial.

The link to the latest archive of the site can be found here (archive from July 15, 2019).

So, after a quite sad turn of events, BrawlBRSTMs3 famous custom music website "Smash Custom Music" got closed down for good, to prevent any future complications with DMCA laws after their YouTube channel got terminated for (manual, by the way) copyright claims from Nintendo.

This is quite sad to hear since this was the go-to website to get your custom music needs for Smash, so now if you want a specific (video game) song in your game you have to make your own Nus3bank files.

Well, thankfully, the modding community has made easier methods to make your own Nus3banks, and in this tutorial I will try to explain to you how to make them.

[Insert 1st tutorial thing here]

1. Programs You'll Need
You'll also need a .nus3bank file from the game, you can grab it from your game rip, one of your previous music mods or if you don't have one, go to the Sounds section of the site and grab any music file, you just need a nus3bank that you'll modify in some moments.

2. Getting Started (Amplifying your song)
Of course, the first thing you will have to do is get the song you want to be in the game, you can get it in many ways, like mp3 converters or OST websites (which im not listing for copyright reasons), but once you got your song, launch Audacity and open up your song.

For this example I will use a song from Jet Set Radio Future.

After you opened it, select everything (with Ctrl+A), go to Effects and choose Amplify.
My recommended settings for amplifying are these, but you can try other effects as well, such as normalizing.

After you did all of this, export your song as a .wav file.

3. Converting and Looping your song
Note, if you don't want to loop your song, you can skip this step.

First, open up BrawlBox, go to File → New → Audio → BRSTM Audio Stream, and choose your previously exported .wav file.

Now here comes the tricky part, looping your song.

Now, I say this part is tricky since you have to make it sound natural in game, now, making a loop It's not obligatory, since if you dont put one the song will automatically restart, but I still recommend doing it to get the song more in-sync with the game.

You can make this part a little bit easier by looking up extended mixes of the song you want to loop, and by using the asterisks in the looping menu, which choose the beggining/end part where the song timeline is currently at, taking the extended mix as a reference.

Once you think your loop is good enough, press Okay and it will take you back to the BrawlBox main tab, with your listed Brstm; right click it and go to export.

Note: dummy little me exported this as a .bcstm, but it is almost the same thing.

Now that you are in the export menu, I will say it: export the file as a .brstm, and proceed.

4. Modifying your nus3bank file
We are almost done! (sort of), now, go to the folder where you have the NUS3BANK-Editor and open the .pyw file, this will open up the program (that needs the Python libraries by the way), it should look like this:

Now that it is open, go to New → Open NUS3BANK and choose your dummy file.

After you opened your nus3bank, it will show the contents of the file, choose the .idsp file and click replace.

In this menu, select the file type as VGM files and the select your looped .brstm.

In the case that your song has a loop, the program will ask if you want to disable the loop; just press no and let the encoder do the process for you.

After that, it will ask you if you want to replace the .idsp with your song. just press yes, save your file and vualá! You now have your custom nus3bank!

5. Choose your destiny song
Now, this is the final step, choose the song which the nus3bank will replace. Sadly, unlike Wii U mods, Smash 3DS does not have any way of adding custom slots (yet) so for now you have to replace a song in the game with the new one you want.

You have to rename your nus3bank to one of the filenames of the songs in the game, just go to this useful nus3bank list made by One1ovesJp, copy the name of the song you want to replace, rename the nus3bank to that copied name and that will do.

It should look like this.

After that, just peacefully insert the file into the sound folder of your saltySD (or modmoon) folder for smash mods and, that will be it!

Well, I think that is all; if any of you have any tips or facts you can comment them below, im planning to update this in the future.

Also, I must adress one thing, the 3DS sound quality is quite lacking, so if the music sounds a little bit low on volume, it is most likely the console; if you want it to make it a little bit louder, try going to the options menu in the game or play around with the sound mixing part in Audacity.

Anyways, thanks for reading/trying this/proving me that im wrong

And have a good day, afternoon or night.

This tutorial was made in loving memory of and BrawlBRSTMs3 works, may they rest in peace.


K bye
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    I followed every single instruction, yet when I try to open Smash, it crashes instantly with an exception. Know how to fix this?
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    I really try, for example, I used a test Master Core song as a base, and I do the step 4, but at the time of testing the same song remains even though I have already replaced it, any help?
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  • Bro I'm having problems with the tutorial. I wanna open Nus3BankEditor but it wont start. I installed that thing Python with all the options it say you can install but i can't make Nus3BankEditor Launch. Help dude
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    I'm having trouble with the python bit, could anyone perhaps help me out?
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    Gracias por la guía Bro!
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  • Thanks for the refresher! it's been awhile since I last modded smash 3ds.
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    Hey, did you know that you can access the smashcustommusic website using the web archive and still download (at least most of, it SEEMS like all of the .brstm's are there, but .nusbank downloads are really hit or miss) the music that was available? Even than you can still just convert it using the method seen from step 4 onwards to convert the .brstm's.
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