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A Tutorial for Super Mario Sunshine

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v3 13d
  • Addition added a ton more tools
v2 14d Addition
  • The Super Mario Sunshine modding community's growth has been severely stunted by a lack of clear information and live links. I was around during the peak of Sunshine mods back in 2015, so I'm going to re-distribute everything I can to fill in the gaps.

GCRebuilder 1.1 
  • This tool is used to extract and import files from GameCube ISOs.
  • For the purpose of Sunshine modding, make sure both the "Modify system files" and "Do not use 'game.toc'" tick boxes are enabled.


Super Mario Sunshine Bin Editor
  • Blastsoft's scene.bin editor for Sunshine.
  • It's very buggy and hasn't been updated since 2016. There have been a lot of times when I've encountered a specific crash, which would be averted by switching to an older version. For that very reason, I have included an archive of 6 different versions.
  • There is also an improved fork by AugsEU. It is recommended to use that one if possible.
Scale Mario model

SZS and ARC Tools
  • ArcPack - A tool for packing folders into .arc format.
  • rarcdump - A tool for unpacking folders from .arc format.
  • yaz0dec - A tool for decompressing .arc files from .szs format.
  • yaz0fast - A tool for compressing .arc files into .szs format.

If you want to extract everything without dragging and dropping one by one, copy yaz0dec and rarcdump to the root folder, then run these in cmd:
for %i in (*.szs) do yaz0dec "%i"
for %i in (*.rarc) do rarcdump "%i"

  • In Super Mario Sunshine, all the game data is compressed in Yaz0 format, with the ".szs" file extension.
  • When the Yaz0 compression is removed, the archive becomes ".arc".
  • To unpack an .szs, drag and drop it onto yaz0dec.exe. This will result in a ".rarc". It is important to know that .rarc and .arc are the same format.
  • Interestingly, the game can read all of the game data in .arc format natively, without any yaz0 compression required. If you don't want to wait to recompress your .arc edits into .szs every time, you don't have to!
  • For example, if you have a file named "yoshi.szs 0.rarc", the game can fully interpret it if it is renamed to "yoshi.arc".
  • To unpack .arc, drag and drop it onto rarcdump.exe. This will result in a folder.
  • When you're done making your changes, drag the folder that you want to re-compress into .arc onto ArcPack.exe.
  • If you want your game archives to be in yaz0, you can drag and drop your .arc onto yaz0fast.exe, and it will compress it back into .szs. This can take a really long time, and because it is optional, I would recommend ditching yaz0 entirely.

FIX94's GameCube ISO Compressor v0.3
  • There are a million different tools that do the exact same thing, but I can't seem to find one as verbose and simple as this one is.
  • It's just a CLI tool that does exactly what it says on the tin, and it supports drag-and-drop to boot.

  • Untested. Sourced from SMSRealm before it died.
  • Converts .obj to .bdl, as well as creating .kcl collision data.

Texture Tools (.BTI)
  • btidump - A tool for converting .bti textures into .dds.
  • png2bti - A tool for converting .png to .bti. Works very well, with one odd quirk: the textures convert into .bti flipped on the y-axis. You have to flip it on the y-axis pre-emptively or it will  appear upside-down.
  • tga2bti - A tool for converting .tga to .bti. Only 24 and 32-bit TGAs are supported.

  • A 3D model viewer.

Sunshine Model Importer
  • A GUI model importer that supports OBJ to BDL, OBJ to COL, and BDL to BMD.
  • Untested. Sourced from SMSRealm at one point.

  • flaaffy is a simple audio toolchain for Super Mario Sunshine. At its core, it is a runtime library for loading, utilizing, and playing the various audio-related formats of the game. There are also a series of tools and utilities to convert and create these formats.

  • blojob is a simple, to‑the‑point BLO toolset for various GameCube games. At its core, it is an API for loading, saving, rendering, and manipulating BLO elements. Tools are included to view and convert BLO files.
  • Please note that in its current state, dependencies are not properly detected, so textures cannot be displayed.

SunScript Compiler (ssc) by arookas
  • ssc is a work-in-progress compiler for SunScript. It supports all of the byte-code functionality of Super Mario Sunshine's SPC interpreter. The compiler can compile to the SPC binary format (.sb files) used by Super Mario Sunshine, allowing for completely new and custom scripts.

BTPxT by masterf0x
  • A BTP tool, for texture animations. Converts to .txt and back.

btk-conv by RenolY2
  • Converter between the BTK format and JSON. BTK is used for texture animations (by transformation) in some Nintendo games on the GC, e.g. Super Mario Sunshine and Pikmin 2.

Corona by shibbo
  • A toolkit designed for custom C++ code injection in Super Mario Sunshine. This kit can be used to create new enemies, objects, bosses, items, anything you can imagine.

BlenderCol by AugsEU
  • Blender plugin based on Blank's obj2col that lets you export collision files for Super Mario Sunshine. Also you can edit collision values.

  • A 3-D model viewer for BMD/BDL files.

  • A library to import and export various 3D model formats into the Binary Model (BMD) format.

If you have any requests for tools I should add here, let me know and I'll see if I can dig them up.


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