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A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Custom BG Injection

Be warned, I will try to cover all the steps I made myself while making the menu mod you see on the preview. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE, that you mastered the Basic menu guide before continuing. This tutorial will not cover BG animations... yet.


Big thanks to the Gamebanana staff for allowing me post this mammoth of a project here. Lets begin.

This tutorial has a total of 60 steps with pictures on each one. Lets begin, and take a break if you feel discouraged but power through! The first time modding is the hardest one.

What you need:

Brawl Crate:
I prepared a practice ZIP here, download it and use it for now:

Section EX: CSS (Character Selection Screen) [sc_selcharacter]

You usually find this file in pf\menu2.

1. Export any BG or object in .mld0 format, the example .pac I provided has this cave scene we are gonna be using. Be sure to put it in a place youll find it.

2. Export all the cave's textures.  as seen here.

3. A new window will open up, you need to make a new folder for future steps and convenience.

4. Export all as PNG

5. Now lets go back to our menu, let us delete the objects/pollies that belong in the BG, in my skytear menu, the BG objects are these ones. A new window will pop up, say yes to all.

6. Right click the object shown here, and select Import existing Object.

7. Select the exported .mld0 from earlier.

8. 1 by 1, you are gonna import every polygon from the cave. (In my case however, I did NOT import polygons 5,9 and 10, for sake of tutorial reason dont import these specific pollies for now)

9.Open the materials folder as shown here, verify what are our new textures that should be added or replaced on the menu.

10. Lets head to the texture section.

11. Before adding new textures, lets see what old textures we can replace first to save file size. Lets see this sky texture right here, right click and select replace.

12. Lets use this doukutu_sodoku_002.

13. Since Im lazy, lets copy paste the name by right clicking and rename.

13.5. Like so.

14. Lets rename the original dekutu tuti texture references into our sky01 (yep thats their name, shown bellow pointed by my mouse)

15. Ready? Lets preview what we have

16. Navigate around and you can see that the sodoku yoshiro texture is being shown, this is due to our material renaming to an existing texture in the .pac

17. Close the preview window, lets go ahead and replace the other textures while keeping the same resolutions as the original. Heres a video summary:

18. I went ahead and replaced these textures.

19. Now rename all the material references to the names of the exiting textures we replaced.

20. Lets preview the model and observe the textures so fr, we can see some are missing and some textures "seemingly" dont appear on the model.

21. Heres a filesize saving tip:

22. Well without any other textures to replace, might as well add the new ones we are missing. Right click the model data, import, texture.

23. Hey we have some stars in this cave for some reason, why not import that starry texture and rename the material references of all the grids like shown here?

24. This is what I ended up with once you imported missing textures and rename the references.

25. Save! And check current filesize.

26. OOF, a bit big aint it? Well here lets size it down. Right click encode one of our new textures

27. Like so, you need to use resolutions on power of 4. If you dont know what that means, stick to the one I recomend for menus here.

28. And thats more like it!

29. This menu is now stable enough to be tested. Pop that in your build and marvel in awe! You should have this.

30. Now lets work our magic. SAVE. This is the half way point, the first 30 steps was to restabilize the menu. The other steps should be easier by comparison. Lets begin making the menu look good now.

31. Open the top tab and enable vertices.

32. On this video youll see how to vertex edit. Hold the ctrl key to mantain all highlighted vertices highlighted even when changing the selection to another polly. Then at the end I selected the BG anim (CHR) file that relocates all assets as they would be placed in game.

33. This CHR I meant. Once we finished vertex movin the chr, save the .pac.

34.  Now with the same preview window opened we see what the stage would start to look like.

35. Sparkles are ugly huh? We can tone them down in many ways, lets edit the texture, this is what I did to mine.

36. Kinda better.

37. Lets "cull all", all the grid models 

38. On the bottom of this preview window, open the tab, theres a big play button on the bottom right corner. While the CHR animation is still selected you can see the animations!

39. Lets make that BG sphere dark. Select the BG material and change its coloring.

40. See? Its getting there.

41. Remember that one texture that seemingly was nowhere in the model? You can easily find its location by using culling, and turns out that Tree texture was indeed used:

42. So lets go right ahead and redo it. 

43. Save! Test ingame, seem theres... alot missing isnt there? Well al thats missing is proper bone binding.

44. Open the objects folder and make all the new pollies have a "doesnt matter" tick on.

45. Rename the new added pollies so you can find it better later

46. Example

47. Now do the following settings for all these new renamed pollies.

48. Save! Test in game! And look at that!

49. Lets return to the preview

50. You can still vertex edit on this stage to adjust the BG. Remember to save before and after your edits.

51. Move around and test ingame every time until you get a desired result.

52. Seems a little bright, lets tweak the shaders. You can see what shaders are tied to each material by viewing the info here.

53. Here are the shaders for those new materials

54. To make these a bit darker, tweaking this setting by half (multi 4 to multi 2/ multi 2 to multi 1/ and multi 1 to divide 1). Do these to all the shaders.

55. Looking better, but how bout we make the gems brighter. 

56. Youll find out which one is wich by comparing info here:

57. Lets up the multi scale on that shader to the max, multi by 4.

58. BTW, you can also edit the tile that are behind the character icons. is this texture here

59. SAVE! And test ingame

60. Congrats! this is all you need to know, step 60 is just to be creative, add other objects, vertex them into place, change textures to your linking, cull and do whatever! You are done with tutorials, time for you to apply what you already know and discover other stuff on your own.

Conclusion and other stuff

Dear myself;

Please remember to write a conclusion and other stuff and thank everyone for the support and congratulate everyone, also encourage that if any snags where hit they can post with images  of their problems so we can easily assist you.

With love; Me.


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