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Hello and Welcome to my Tutorial for Displaying Text in-game Using the game_text Entities.
Follow These Easy Steps to Make your Own text to Appear in-game in your Custom Map!
Useful if you Want to Credit yourself in Your Custom Map by Yourself :)

One Map I Made With the in-game text is aim_maze.

1. Open up the Hammer Editor, And Make an Entity in Your Map. It Doesn't Matter Where you Put it.
2. Tie it to "game_text".
3. Edit the Properties, The Most Important Ones are:

Name - Choose a Name for this Entity. (Let's Use "gametextct" Without the Quotes for this Tutorial.)

Massage Text - The Other Important One. This is the Text that Appears in your Map. (I will Use "exampletext" Without the Quotes in this Tutorial.)

X - Horizontal position on the player's screens to draw the text
Y - Vertical position on the player's screens to draw the text
Text Effect - Mode that the Game uses for Fading the Text in.
Color1 - The Color of the Text.
Color2 - Possibly Same as Color1.
Fade in Time - Sets How Long the Text Should be Appearing. (Fading in)
Fade out Time - Sets How Long the Text Should Fade out. (Disappear)
Hold Time - Sets How Long the Text is on the Screen Before it Disappears.
Scan Time - If the 'Text Effect' is set to Scan Out, this is the time it should take to scan out all the letters in the text.

Text Channel - ~
Master - ~

All Players - Makes the Text Once Triggered to Appear for All Players in the Map.

4. Make a Brush using "Trigger" Texture Where You Want the Player to Be and once the Player is in that Brush, The Text Shows Up.

5. Go to the Trigger Brush Properties and Click the "Outputs" Tab. Then Add an Output using Add... Button.

6. Fill the Properties. If You Don't Know How to Properly, Fill the Properties With These Things:

TARGETS ENTITIES NAMED: gametextct (or Any Name You Used in the game_text Properties.)
Optional - AFTER A DELAY IN SECS OF: # (Makes the Text to Appear with a Delay of # Seconds.
Optional - FIRE ONLY ONCE: Make the Text to Appear Only Once When Triggered, Not Multiple Times.

7. Once You are Done, Click Apply. Compile and Text Your Map.

Now You Should be Able to See The Text When You Start The Map.

(See Screenshot 2 For the Results.)

Hope This Tutorial Helped you. If you Have any Problems, Feel Free to Post about it.
If you Liked the Tutorial, Feel Free Givin' a Like :)


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