Making Water to Reflect Entities

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

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Update 1.1 11d
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Hello and Welcome to My Tutorial for the Water to Reflect the Entities (e.g. Players).
Follow These Easy Steps to Make Water to Reflect Entities!

(Sceenshots are From the Map "35hp_kosar_final".)

METHOD 1 - In the Windows Registry...

1. Go to Windows Registry and Open the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" Folder.
2. From There, Open the Software Folder, Find and Open the "Valve" Folder.
3. Navigate to "Source" Folder and Open it. Then Find "cstrike", Open it and Then Move to Settings.

So Now You Should be Able to See Your CS:S Settings.

4. Find the Key "r_waterforcereflectentities", Double-Click on it and Change the Value to 1
5. Go and Test in-Game. Now if you are Looking at Water, You Should See that The Players are Reflected.

METHOD 2 - Usin' User Config File...

1. Navigate to Your CS:S Folder. Then Find the "cstrike" Folder and Open it. Look for "cfg" Folder and Open it. Now You Should be Able to See Some CFG Files.
2. Find the File "userconfig.cfg" and Open it. ATTENTION: IF YOU CAN'T FIND THIS FILE, Make Text File Named "userconfig" (Without the Quotes!) and Change its Extension to "cfg". Your File Name Should be "userconfig.cfg".
3. Add This Text to the userconfig File Without the Quotes:

"r_waterforcereflectentities 1"

4. You Are Done. Save and Close the Userconfig File and Open the Game. See the Lovely Water that Reflects the Players and Enjoy!

Hope This Simple Tutorial Helped :)
Also, Feel Free to Like, and Post if You Have Any Problems!


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