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A Tutorial for Pikmin 2

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Since 2017 a whole slew of tools have been made for hacking Pikmin 2(The most editable out of the series).  Though this once again suffers from how little the outreach of the community actually has.  My goal in this tutorial is to act as a starting point to help others find tools and documentation for almost everything they need to start hacking Pikmin 2.

The Pikmin Technical Knowledge base is the most informative source of information for technical information for ALL games.  Also has links for the most important tools such as a cave creator, text editor, and model creator for regular models and maps.  It is not completely updated however which is why there is the...

This server(created by Youtuber Jimble, another Pikmin hacker and streamer of hacks) is currently the most active Pikmin hacking server out there.  It has links to ALL the tools and channels for discussing hacking for ALL games(cause someone wants to put Toad in Pikmin 1 believe me).  Joining is easy and requires reading the rules and getting the member role, after that you have access to the tools!

What if I don't want to join a discord server?:
Thats ok, a list of tools will be linked down below grouped by what purpose they have.  But it's recommended to join the discord as you will get better assistance for any problems you have and always nice to have some fresh blood in the scene as we are always finding new stuff to do! 

I was inspired by the efforts made by QuoteBalrog and Pidi64 a few years ago and now I feel it's right to pass down the torch to newer folks.  Good luck to-be hacker!

General Tools:
Lunaboys RARC Tools(For extracting and repacking the many .szs and .arc archives which contain lots of goodies)
GCRebuilder(Used to repack iso's when you wish to share your hack or create an iso for a hack after placing the modified files, for testing it is recommended to run from file system as it cuts down time when you want to test any changes)
Notepad++(Has Shift_JIS support which is what many of the text and ini files in Pikmin 2 use)

Text Editing:
PikminBMG: Converts the .bmg message format found in message/mesRes_[language].szs to a json format.  Allows for complete editing of text with no length restrictions and use of control codes.

Cave Editing:
Cave Creator +: A nifty tool created by Jimble that makes creating new caves and challenge mode caves a breeze.

Model  Work:
Pikmin 2 Level Importer:  A tool that condenses multiple tools into one, makes replacing maps in Pikmin 2 very easy.
SuperBMD:  A model converter that supports numerous model and conversion types and allows for models to be shaded(recommended to use SimpleShading with Pikmin 2)
MaxBMD:  A plugin for 3dsMax that allows for bmd importing into 3dsmax, works with any current version
Blemd: Same as MaxBMD but for Blender
J3DView: A fork of J3DView that allows for viewing of custom bmd's, injecting textures

Music Imports:
Flaaffy: A tool created by arookas that supports converting a midi to a .txt format which is then converted into a bms which is used for the sequenced music in Pikmin 2.  Doesn't support bms to cotton however.
AST Converter:  A tool that allows for the creation of .ast's from .wav and mp3 files, allowing for the replacing of streamed music in Pikmin 2(e.g Title Screen Music)


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