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A Tutorial for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

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German Tutorial:

Sorry for bad english is done with google translator

Step 1: files

First we need original textures

since I could not find any, we take that

HD Remake:

Unpack Zip folder  In the ZIP folder is a file called 'G8M' we only need folders because the others are unimportant for the Tourtorial

Steep 2:Own Textures

create on the desktop a folder name does not matter. Search for one or more textures in the G8M folder copy the textures! 

Now it gets more complicated!Go into your created folder and create because folder where the texture comes from

Example: Party / Mario and then copy in the folder the texture (I did not know how to explain it well)

Change the texture to your liking

Steep3:Dolphin Emulator set up

Install the dolphin emulator from here: or
I can not link Paper Mario 2 rom google is your friend
Click on the graphic above, then expanded, then click load custom textures

Step 4: Textures import

Press on your paper Mario Rom in Dolphin right click and select Properties
Click on Info, copy the game ID

Go to files! Go to Documents / Dolphin Emulator /Load / Textures Create a folder there with the name of the Game ID!Copy the content from the created folders from the Desktop in your Game ID Folder!

Start the game! Finish!


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