Installing Wii U BotW Mods With FTPiiU

A Tutorial for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Disclaimer: THIS TUTORIAL USES AN APPLICATION THAT COULD BRICK YOUR WII U IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL! If you brick your Wii U because you modified some files on sysNAND with this, then it is your own fault. If you are aware of the risk and want to continue with the tutorial then read on, otherwise leave now. I take no responsibility for what you do with FTPiiU_Everywhere.

If you use coldboot Haxchi the risk for brick is greater as modifying your DS Title that Haxchi is installed to will result in a brick. You have been warned.

Things you will need:
    1. Homebrew enabled Wii U
    2. SD card
    3. FTP Client (I use FileZilla)
[Note: The Wii U and the FTP Client must be on the same network]

Step 1 (Setting up the SD card): 
Download and install these homebrew apps to your SD card:
FTPiiU_Everywhere - This will allow you to change files on your Wii U SysNAND and external HDD. Be sure to get FTPiiU_Everywhere and not just FTPiiU or you will only be able to access your SD card on your Wii U.
Mocha CFW - FTPiiU_Everywhere requires CFW in order to have permissions to access internal Wii U files. You will still need this even if you have another CFW like Haxchi. This version of FTPiiU_Everywhere requires this specific CFW.

[Note: If you use Haxchi (including CBHC) you can use a different version of FTPiiU_Everywhere that doesn't require Mocha CFW. Just replace the elf from the FTPiiU_Everywhere download above, with the elf from this link, renaming as necessary. Later in the tutorial you can skip the part that says to launch Mocha. Just be sure your Haxchi CFW is applied before launching FTPiiU_Everywhere.]

After you are done installing those apps your SD card should have at least these files:

You can also install these through the WII U Homebrew Appstore

Step 2 (Obtaining the mod and knowing where to put it):
Mods installed directly to the Wii U need to be placed differently than with SDcaffine or CEMU. Download the mod you want to install and look at it's individual files. Compare them with these lists:
Base Game File List
Update Data File List
DLC Data File List

If the file is in the 'Base Game File List' it will go into the base game folder. If the file is in the 'Update Data File List' it will go into the update folder. If the file is in the 'DLC Data File List' it will go into the DLC folder. And finally, if the file is in both the 'Base Game File List' and the 'Update Data File List' it will go into the update folder as well. If you have custom files not in any of the lists, those files can be placed into the update folder.

You could alternatively use a python script I wrote to auto sort the mod's files into different directories for base game, update data, and dlc. The script is available here. Assuming you have python installed, just extract the zip, then place your mod's content folder into the same folder as ''. Open a command prompt in that folder and type 'python content'. It may take a while for mods with lots of files or with large files.

[Note: This script was written for Python 2.7]

After the script is done you should have a 'FTPiiU_Easy_install' folder with sub-folders for Update data, Base Game, DLC data, and/or Custom data depending on the mod's contents. You can install the files from those folders to your Wii U.

The base game folder, update folder, and DLC folder will be in a slightly different location on your Wii U depending on a few factors.

If your BotW is on sysNAND then:
Base Game Folder - /storage_mlc/usr/title/00050000/101c9X00
Update Folder - /storage_mlc/usr/title/0005000e/101c9X00
DLC Folder - /storage_mlc/usr/title/0005000c/101c9X00

If your BotW is on an external HDD then:
Base Game Folder - /storage_usb/usr/title/00050000/101c9X00
Update Folder - /storage_usb/usr/title/0005000e/101c9X00
DLC Folder - /storage_usb/usr/title/0005000c/101c9X00

And depending on the region the X will be:
  • 3 for JPN
  • 4 for USA
  • 5 for EUR
You should see code, content, and meta folders in the game and update folders.
Keep all this in mind for the next step.

Step 3 (installing):
Insert your SD card into your Wii U and load up your preferred method of launching homebrew.
Launch Mocha CFW and when that finishes launch FTPiiU_Everywhere. Mocha CFW is not permanent and will need to be relaunched upon restarting the Wii U or opening the system settings (Only if you want to edit installed mods with FTPiiU_Everywhere. It's not needed for playing BotW).

After FTPiiU_Everywhere loads you should see an address, connect to that address with your FTP client. For each file of your mod, with your FTP client navigate to the folder we talked about in step 2 and find the file that you wish to replace. The mod should say where in the content folder the mod should go.

BACKUP THESE FILES BEFORE REPLACING THEM. There should be a download option or similar on your FTP Client. If something goes wrong with the file and you do not have the backup you will have to reinstall the update or the entire game.

After backing up the files replace them with your mod files. DO NOT JUST ATTEMPT TO PUT EVERYTHING INTO THE UPDATE FOLDER. Remember to use the linked lists above to determine where to put the files. 

For example:
My BotW is installed to a HDD (storage_usb) and is a USA version (101c9400) so if I was installing an armor mod for Armor_001 I would place Armor_001.tex1.sbfres into /storage_usb/usr/title/00050000/101c9400/content/model/ because Armor_001.tex1.sbfres is in the base game list. And Armor_001.sbfres into /storage_usb/usr/title/0005000e/101c9400/content/model/ because Armor_001.sbfres is in the update file list.

If you get an error while trying to replace or download specific files in the update folder double check the game and update file lists. Some files should not and cannot be replaced.

After replacing the files double check that their file size changed, sometimes FTPiiU_Everywhere will not copy over the file correctly. If so just try again.

When you are done press home a few times back to the Wii U menu and launch BotW. After loading, the models should update instantly, while textures will take a sec to update.

If you are a mod author consider adding a "FTPiiU easy install" download option. Using the lists provided separate the base game files, the update files, and the DLC files into different folders like this:
FTPiiU easy install/Base Game/content/<your mod here>
FTPiiU easy install/Update Data/content/<your mod here>
FTPiiU easy install/DLC Data/content/<your mod here>
This will make it so that every user won't have to tediously look through the file lists for every file. Especially for mods that contain lots of files. An easy way to sort the files is to use the script I wrote about above.

If you have questions or comments feel free to post below.
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  • Zuhan avatar
    Zuhan Joined 15hr ago
    I keep getting an error message stating I don't have permissions to transfer or modify files. I followed the steps correctly and I cannot add all the files required for some mods (E.X. Linkle). It will only transfer 40-45 out of 88 files. Any suggestions?
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  • Paynamia avatar
    Paynamia Joined 10y ago
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    I assume that this is only possible for digital copies of the game, correct?
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  • tom avatar
    tom username pic Joined 17y ago
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    tom avatar
    test 1 2 3
    I wonder if GameBanana could add 1-click install integration for ftpiiU?
    testing 1234 222
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  • ElKameleon avatar
    ElKameleon Joined 6d ago
    6d 6d
    Hi, I've modded my game on Cemu with the 'unbreakable weapons mod' found on this site, and it works awesome, but when I follow these instructions to make it work on my Wii U, the game loads, but there are no weapons or anything available in the game, including mobs. Started a new game, same deal. Any clue on why this might be happening? I confirmed that my files do indeed match.
    URL to post:
  • Lye avatar
    Lye Joined 8d ago
    I'm very sorry to bother you again, but what do I do when I have mod folders that don't pre-exist in the update, base, or dlc? "ActorLink", "DamageParam" and "Physics" are folders in "sdcafiine/00050000101C9400/MODPACK/content/Actor" but they're not in the actual game. I have more folders without pre-existing directories that I don't know where to inject.
    URL to post:
  • Lye avatar
    Lye Joined 8d ago
    Problem. I have multiple files from a mod that's not actually in the game, update or dlc? What do I do?
    URL to post:
  • Nice Tutorial. I'll try it later.

    But I need the "DLC file list" to add others mods too. Could you add the list to the download please?

    I was searching a file database for a long time. You save me. Thanks bro.
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