How to dump and edit MC:NN3DS (Basic)

A Tutorial for Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition

If you want to create texture hacks or any other modifications for Minecraft New 3DS Edition, you will need a dumped Game. It will be extracted content you are able to edit, such as text files, textures etc. 

There are 2 methods, the legal and illegal one, i will only show the legal one because i don't promote piracy, so there we go.


-Minecraft New 3DS, Physical or Digital copy (Note: I will only list the guide for EUR and USA Region game, so if you use any other Region i suggest to install one of those two)

-New Nintendo (3DS/3DS XL/ 2DS) (You will need to have Luma 3DS CFW installed, this is almost the base for mods of 3DS Games. It is also possible to dump Games with Homebrew, but i won't explain this and CFW Method is 

anyways better.)

-A Computer, needed to manage the Content of the ROM and run Ohana 3DS Rebirth

-Ohana 3DS Rebirth (Import/Export textures in/out .3dst archives

-GodMode9 (Open up ROM and extract content, is in most cases already installed on 3DS with CFW)

Dumping MC:NN3DSE

Step 1. Booting GodMode9

This Step depends from what .firm s you have on your 3DS. Hold START while booting your 3DS to enter Chainloader or GodMode9. If you enter directly GodMode9, skip the Next Step, if you enter Chainloader, follow the next one.

Step 2. Chainloader process

In the Chainloader Menu, navigate to GodMode9 using D-Pad and select this one with A or START, i'm not sure what button because i'm not in this case.

Step 3. Dumping Process

a) If you bought virtually

Once you entered GodMode9, Use the D-Pad to navigate. Go to the Drive called : SYSNAND SD

Now press A to confirm. Once you entered SysNAND SD, move to the /titles folder. Now move to the Folder that Name matches the ID of your Game. Enter it by pressing A once again, then go to the .tmd file and press A 2 Times to enter the "TMD File options". Move to "Mount CXI/NDS to Drive" and confirm. It will ask if you are sure, so confirm again to proceed. You can now see what the ROM contains. Move to the /romfs directory. Hold R and A at once to proceed to the Directory options. What we wanna do is "Copy to 0:/gm9/out/" It will copy the complete /romfs to the gm9/out/ folder. It will take some time so be patient. It will tell you when it's done, so simply confirm the message. You can now put off your System by Holding R+START at once.

b) If you bought Physical

Once you entered GodMode9, use the D-Pad to navigate. Go to the Drive called: GAMECART

Now press A to confirm. Once you entered Gamecart Drive, move to the file ending with an extension: .trim.3ds

Press now A 2 Times to enter "NCSD Image options"  Move to "Mount image to Drive, then A to confirm. go to /romfs, then hold R and A at once to enter "Directory options" Select "Copy to :/gm9/out" It will take some time to extract the RomFS to the /gm9/out/ folder.

(Note: You can do Cartridge and Digital with any Region. Just boot FBI, go to "Titles" menu. Then, search for your Minecraft

Step 4. Copying the /romfs to your Computer to able to access without 3D

Now, insert your SD card to your PC. You will need an adapter to insert it, New 3DS have MicroSD format Cards. The adapter you'll use depends what Removable Drive Ports your PC has, if you are unable to insert the SD card one way or other you can't proceed. You can also use the Network connection on 3DS. Once you are able to access the SD Card's content, move to the /gm9/out/ directory and copy /romfs to your Computer. You now completed the guide, but it's useless to dump the Game if you don't want to mod it. 

This is basic CFW knowledge, so this is made for people who absolutely don't know basics of CFW and ROM extraction.

Editing textures

Exporting and importing the textures from 3DST archives

Open up Ohana. Click on "Tools", then, "BCH texture replacer" In the next menu, go to file open, and open up any .3dst file in the romfs. You should copy the original to your PC and edit the copy. Well, once opened you can select the texture included make sure it's selected, then click "Export". You will have to set up the Export Path and Name the PNG file. You can now edit the texture in any Photo editing software that supports PNG import/export. Make sure to keep the same image size at saving. Now start again BCH texture replacer and open up your copy of the .3dst archive. Select the standard texture and click "Replace". It will open up file explorer to select a texture. Move to the location you've saved it and select. It must be a PNG texture or else it won't work. Then, click "Save" in BCH Texture Replacer. It isn't possible to import models into 3dst so you are warned.

 The Person who'll make it possible will get alot Points from me.

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