How to mod Baldi's basics

A Tutorial for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

Alright, here we go. First things first, this will work with all Baldi's basics versions. Another thing: Everything you will need (An example game, dnSpy, UABE) will be here in this download (Which you MUST have)

For textures, I already extracted them. Go to the "test" folder and go into one of these folders: Mod Stuff, Game Over Screen, you win, and Title Screen. Then go into a picture editing software (MS Paint, Photoshop,, etc) and get to town! Make sure to make them the exact same size or you could get some pretty glitchy results!
Once you are done messing around with the textures, open up UABE (You need WINrar) and click File. Click open, go into BALDI_Data, and click one of these four,

Ignore savedassets 0. That is unity garbage.
savedassets 1 is the title screen.
savedassets 2 is everything (floor, walls, items, characters, the MM2 logo)
savedassets 3 is the Game Over screens
savedassets 4 is the "You Won!" screen.

Now, shift-click all of the texture files (Arranging them by file would make this much easier) and click Plugins. Click on Batch Import and click on the folder depending on what you are editing:

savedassets 1 = Title Screen
savedassets 2 = Mod Stuff
savedassets 3 = Game Over
savedassets 4 = you won

then click save, and save the new savedassets file anywhere but the BALDI_Data folder. Then, cut and paste it into BALDI_Data, and then run the game! If UABE tries to save another savedassets 0, another globalgamemanagers, and another Unity Default Resources, just don't save them (Hit Cancel).


Time to edit Item Text!

First things first, open up dnSpy. Then go to "File" and click Open. Find the Assembly-CSharp folder in the Managed folder. After opening it, find the - folder and open it. Then go to the Game Controller Script, and find ItemNames. Then right click on the script and click Edit Method.  Go to the very top of the script and the item names will be there. Change them to your heart's delight! Then, delete the red ctor thing, and click "Compile." Then go to File, click Save Module, and then save it! Done!

That's all, see you later! Hope this helped!
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