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[Guide] MSBT and Additional Slot

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. (3DS)


Update #3 1mo
  • Removal One Slot Voice Clip as guide for it is super outdated
  • Addition MSBT Editor
Update #2 1y Tweak Update #1 1y Addition Tweak
So alot of newbies didn't know that 3DS and Wii U are almost the same. Tutorials on adding costume slots or custom nameplate for the result screen are already on Wii U. So in this guide, I will add at least some part that is somewhat exclusive to the 3DS.

1. Requirements:

2. Preparation:

  1. Download the latest Smash Forge build
  2. Follow the Smash 3DS dumping guide

3. Editing:

3.1. Aditional Costume Slot:

Basically, you just open Smash Forge and drag ui_character_db.bin to the program. Smash Forge already have labels for the param. So go ahead and change it from 8 to whatever number.
Once you're done, you place ui_character_db.bin on smash\param\ui\.

Next thing you're gonna need is the files on character's cxx and hxx.
*left is cxx and right is hxx

Place them onto the new slot's folder(which is c08 and h08) which can be found on smash\model\fighter\<character>\body\.
*Use the dump as your guide

So it should be like this:

As for UI for the additional slot(which can be found on ui\replace\chr), change the number into 9. So it's like this:

Do that to the rest of the chr folders(except for those that already have one per fighter; check your dump and see if there are for costumes or not).

As for DLC characters, they should be in ui\replace\append\chr.
You're good to go and you're free of crashes(unless there's something wrong with your save or the UI is corrupted).

3.2. Custom Nameplate Result:

So if you want custom nameplate, here's a program that you can edit.
Download Kuriimu here: kuriimu-v1.0.13-5c8e72b.rar
If Kuriimu is difficult for you, use MSBT Editor. Download here:

Next is locate the nameplate for the result screen. It's on ui\message\melee.msbt. Then, you drag melee.msbt to Kuriimu/MSBT Editor and then use the Find Tool(CTRL + F) to find a character that you want to change.

MmelCharaR_01 is the result nameplate
MmelCharaO_01 is the Pictochat nameplate
MmelCharaC_01 and MmelCharaN_01 are used for nameplate for battle portrait and Screen name(Boxing Ring's screen) but ends up unused as nameplate for battle portait can be found on ui\replace\chr\chrn_00 and Boxing Ring doesn't show names on the screen.

Save it and done!
As for one slot nameplate, you need to edit ui_character_db.bin and melee.msbt. I can't explain on how to do it. But it's already on the Wii U. Just search it up.

That's all for this guide.

4. FAQ:

Q: Where do I get ui_character_db.bin?
A: Go to Preparation and no. 2. Dump your own.

Q: I'm trying to dump my game and I don't know how!
A: Please go to this tutorial here and read the instructions. Also, I suggest you use this instead the one on the tutorial.

Q: I put everything up but still crashes on additional slot.
A: Either mod is broken, UI is corrupted, or you didn't put everything right. Any issue of model not working, use this and put it on any cxx and hxx. HERE Also, make sure you download the recent updates for fixes.

Q: Is additional slot Wifi-Safe?
A: Yes. In fact, players who don't have mods(just play vanilla) will see a default skin of that character.

Q: Where's the model freeze/fly fix code.ips?
A: DEAD! Don't use that!

Most of it are already on the Wii U, as I said. But at least I noted some newbies who don't know about it.

For those who hate reading and prefer watching an outdated video guides:
Please don't be this!

If you are too lazy to read, no one will help your problem and just move on to other stuff. Also, don't misinform others as well.
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    I'm trying to get Shadow to have his result text but it's still showing up as Sonic. What do I do?
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    Oh Lol apparently Fortnite is not appreciated... But very good guide!
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    So I managed to get all 8 of the Mr. L costumes on the 9th-16th costume slots, but I couldn't figure out how to get the Mr. Krabs or the Bowsette model swaps to work just the 9th character slot, without any others. I temporarily put both of them on the 8th costume so I could test the custom nameplates, and so far I have the custom name plates for both Bowsette and Mr. Krabs working perfectly, along with the nameplate for Mr. L (which is included with the mod download). I also got  the one slot voice clip working for Mr. Krabs, and it is working flawlessly. When I try to load up any other character past the 8th costume slot, same with the Bowsette/Mr. Krabs, it crashes the game. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
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