How to Fix Westward Assertion Failure Error

A Tutorial for GameBanana

Hello. I have Found Something Special: How to Fix ASSERTION FAILURE Error Without Losing The Savegames! (Thanksfully, I tested them on Westward 3 and Westward Kingdoms and it Worked! But 1 Problem Exists: YOUR TROPHIES WILL BE GONE! It isn't too bad!)

I Found these Steps by Accident. If you Wanna Know it, Here they are!

1. Go to your Westward Savegames Dirctory. (Go to Computer or My Computer\SystemDrive\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\Sandlot Games.

Here Select your Westward game Folder you have The Assertion Failure With it.

2. Once you are in your Westward Savegames Folder, Go to Profiles and Delete these Files and Folders:



*ingamename* Folder.

NOTE: Don't Delete anything of Slot Folder! Because they are the Main Saved games Folders!

Then Copy/Cut any Slot Folders (Slot 1, 2, ANYTHING!) to another Directory.

3. Open your Westward. Once you Opened it, There Should be No Problems for Assertion Failure...

Then make a New Profile and Name it anything you Want!

4. Go to the Folder you Pasted the Slot Foler(s) if you have saved more than 1 Slot. and Cut/Copy it Back to Westward Savegames Directory\Profiles.

5. Run the Game Again. This Time i hope that There will be No Errors again. Then Click Load Game and Load your Saved Slot! (As you See, The Slots are Unnamed. Becuase you have Deleted the Settings File!, But no Problem, Load and Save the Slot again and it'll be Named Again. And Forget your Trophies!)

I Hope that My Introductions Helped Some People Who Bought Westward and Saw This Error and I Hope This Works on Westward 1, 2 and 4 (IV) Just Like this!

Thanks For Reading!
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Made The Tutorial :)


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