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Create sound/music mods for BotW (Switch)

A Tutorial for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

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Create sound/music mods for BotW (Switch) 2y
  • Addition Added methods for .bfstp files

Custom audio for BotW


This tutorial is going to cover multiple different types of audio replacements, such as music, voices, and sound effects. Some programs you will need to find on your own, but can be found with a quick Google search.

What you'll need for either

  1. Switch BotW dump of basegame, update + DLC (This tutorial by CraftyBoss will help)
  2. BCFSTM-BCFWAV-Converter by Aboood40091
  3. Sarc_tool by Aboood40091
  4. Foobar2000 and the vgmstream plugin
  5. HxD
  6. Python 2.7 and 3.7
  7. Notepad++


What you'll need:

  1. MK8 Voice Tools
  2. BotW Tools ( by Aaaboy97
  3. Switch .bars extractor QuickBMS script by RandomTalkingBush

Assuming you have your dump of the game, you first want to find the .bars file you want to change. PlayerVoice (Link's voice) and others are in TitleBG.pack, and others can be found in other .packs. (romfs\Pack) To extract a .pack, drag it onto sarc_tool.exe, and it will output a folder with the contents. Other sound effects and voices can be found in romfs\Sound\Resource. To extract a .bars file, open QuickBMS, and open your script with it, then the .bars file, and a folder to save your files in. It should extract your sound effects. You can open these .bfwav files with foobar2000. Now, you need your sounds that you want to add into the game. They must be in wav 16-bit format and the same Hz as the original .bfwav. (you can check by opening the .bfwav in foobar2000, it says at the bottom) They also need to be the same name and be shorter than the original. Once you have your files ready, convert them to .bfwav using NW4F_WaveConverter.exe, and remove .dspadpcm from all of them. Now they need to be converted from big endian to little endian with BCFSTM-BCFWAV-Converter. If you open up an original .bfwav in HxD, look at the first line. It will say FWAVÿþ (or FF FE in offsets 04 and 05 respectively.) This is a little endian file. Open up your newly converted .bfwav and it will say FWAVþÿ (FE FF) which is big endian. Put all your new .bfwav files into the same directory as Create a new text file, open it with notepad++, and put this into it.

for /r %%i in (*.bfwav) do -format FWAV -bom 1 "%%i"

Now, save it as a .bat file called something like convertFWAV.bat. Run this file, and it should show every file being converted. If not, and it says it will close in 5 seconds, open the .bat file and add python between do and, so it looks like:

for /r %%i in (*.bfwav) do python -format FWAV -bom 1 "%%i"

Now, every file should be converted to little endian. To make sure, open your new .bfwav with HxD and it should say FWAVÿþ (FF FE) at the beginning. We are now ready to inject the new .bfwavs with Create a new folder, call it something like NewFiles, and put all of your NEW .bfwavs in it. Put all of the ORIGINAL .bfwavs in a new folder called something like OldFiles. Put the original x.bars next to those folders. Open the BotW tools and find, shift click the window and open command window here. Type, drag x.bars into the cmd, then drag your OldFiles folder into the cmd, put a space, then drag your NewFiles folder into the cmd, and hit enter. It should list every .bfwav in the .bars file and whether it's being replaced, and create output.bars in the same folder as the script. If it doesn't work, add python before and try it again. Rename output.bars to the original .bars file name. Skip to the end if this was what you wanted to replace.


Some .bars files may contain .bfstp files instead of .bfwav files. You can listen to the .bfstp files by converting them to .bfstm with BCFSTM-BCFWAV-Converter. Put your .bfstp in the same directory as Create a new text file, put this in it, convert it to .bat and run it.

for /r %%i in (*.bfstp) do -format FSTM -bom 1 "%%i"

There should now be a new file with the same name but with the extension .bfstm, which you can listen to in foobar2000. To convert your .bfstm to .bfstp, create a new text file, put this in it, convert to .bat and run.

for /r %%i in (*.bfstm) do -format FSTP -bom 1 "%%i"

You should be able to use the method at the end of the previous section, but have the .bfstp's instead of the .bfwav's.


What you'll need:
  1. Looping Audio Converter
This is a lot easier than modifying sound effects. Open the dump of BotW, find the music clip you want to replace. Most .bfstms can be found in romfs\Sound\Resource\Stream. I don't believe any are in .pack files, but you can extract .pack files by dragging them onto sarc_tool.exe. You can open up the .bfstm files in foobar2000. When you find the music you want to replace, take note of the Hz the file is in foobar2000, at the bottom bar.  Get your custom music and make sure it is about the same volume as the original, and the same Hz. Use looping audio converter. Change the output format to BFSTM, choose an output folder, and loop it if you want. Open the original .bfstm in HxD, and on the first line it will say FSTMÿþ (or FF FE in offsets 04 and 05 respectively) which is little endian. Open up your newly made .bfstm with HxD and it will say FSTMþÿ (FE FF) which is big endian. We want the new file to be little endian. Put the new file in the same directory as (BCFSTM-BCFWAV-Converter) create a new text file, and open it with notepad++. Put this in:

for /r %%i in (*.bfstm) do -format FSTM -bom 1 "%%i"

and save it as a .bat file called something like convertFSTM.bat. It should list the file and close fast. If it says exiting in 5 seconds, add python between do and so it looks like this:

for /r %%i in (*.bfstm) do python -format FSTM -bom 1 "%%i"

Now it should be converted to little endian. To check open the new .bfstm in HxD and it should say on the first line, FSTMÿþ (FF FE) Rename the new file to the same name as the original.


If your sound effect or music file did not come from a .pack file, skip this. Find sarc_tool, and your extracted files. Find the original file in the filesystem, and replace it with your new one. Now drag and drop your folder onto sarc_tool.exe. Wait for it to close automatically, and it should create a file called x.sarc. You can just change the .sarc to .pack and it will work.


Open your sd card, and go to atmosphere\titles\01007EF00011E000\romfs. Now, put the new file you created where the original file was. Most .bars files go into romfs\Sound\Resource, and most .bfstm files go into romfs\Sound\Resource\Stream. If you needed to edit a .pack file, it goes in \Pack. You can use this tutorial I made to use LayeredFS.
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  • Evolnotion avatar
    Evolnotion Joined 2y ago
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    I just wanna say thank you for writing this guide. I was able to get Linkle's voice from the 1.6.0 WiiU version working on my Switch thanks to this, but I'm having an issue with modding the music.

    The custom music itself plays fine in game, but not before a distorted version of the original music plays for like a second or so. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here.
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  • LandisSeralian avatar
    LandisSeralian Joined 2y ago
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    This tutorial needs to be updated to include instructions about using the compiled version of the bfstm converter rather than the source code.
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  • ttgalax avatar
    ttgalax Joined 1y ago
    access_time 1y edit 1y
    hi it won't work when i want to convert the bfstm file fron big indian to litle indian help me plz i do excatly what it sayed
     in the tutorial for replace music. thank  :)
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  • access_time 1y
    quite usefil indeed

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    access_time 2y
    I'm trying to make a music mod and I followed all the steps and I have both Python versions but the both versions of the scripts and they don't work. Please help
    Vienna Schnitzel
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    access_time 2y
    What tools can be used for converting to BFSTP? Some BOTW sounds are in BFSTP format, like the "Npc_DressFairy_00-03" sounds in Sound/Resources 
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BotW Tools
Sarc_Tool, BCFSTM-BCFWAV-Converter
Switch .bars extractor QuickBMS script
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Guide for dumping BotW update + DLC from Switch
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BCFSTM-BCFWAV-Converter .bat Script


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